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“When you get free from certain fixed concepts of the way the world is, you’ll find it is far more subtle, and far more miraculous, than you thought it was” – Alan Watts

Nomad RV living Family
Nomads felt at home wherever they went because home was inside of them…It also helps to have a home on wheels

Welcome! We’re the Adventure Travel Family!

Our family of 7, has been RV living and full-time traveling for more than 6 years. Back in 2015, we were caught up in the rat race and saw our life flying by too quickly and before we knew it, our kids would be grown up. So we jumped. Not for publicity or attention, but because it felt right. We sold everything we owned (except for surfboards, climbing gear, and mountain bikes of course), ditched conformity, and began traveling in 30 foot RV. Since then, we’ve traveled to 26 countries and live nomadically to this day.

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#DefyTheNorm With Us

Calling all dreamers, and doers, and anyone who allergic to the rat race. We’re here to inspire you to boldly and unapologetically live outside the box, dream big, and question everything.

Defying the Norm isn’t just about traveling, and adventuring, and tiny living. It’s about seeing the world as an endless sea of opportunity and constantly telling ourselves, “Well maybe I CAN.”

DEFY the NORM is a vibe of bravery inspiring others to go against the grain and pursue their dreams. It’s a movement for reclaiming our radical nature and unlimited potential.

Shop merch now and be leader in our live outside the box revolution!

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