Why You Should Visit Interlaken, Switzerland

Majestic.  Baffling.  Vibrant.  Moving.  Breathtaking.  Incomparable.  All words people may use to describe this noteworthy place.  For some, it’s a yearly vacation to this safe haven of sorts; to others, a once in a lifetime chance to see it. Surely you’ve heard of it.

Our 3 reasons to visit Interlaken were driven by wanting to hike and rock climb in the Swiss Alps, but just coming for the beauty and nice people is a great reason too.  Interlaken has so much to offer if you love nature and being outdoors.

The Swiss Alps.  It’s nearly impossible to Google search the world’s greatest hikes without a mention of Interlaken’s Swiss Alps.  

The Swiss Alps are a land of endless possibilities that caters to a number of different activity interests for all ages and capabilities.  Visitors of the region come to ski in the winter, hike or backpack in the summer, and indulge in everything that the world’s extreme sports capital offers year round.


Not only do people come for the beauty, the town and