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3-Week New Zealand Itinerary

Are you thinking of taking a trip to New Zealand? We took a one-month road trip through the awe-inspiring landscapes of New Zealand back in 2018 and found adventure around every corner. If you love exploring the outdoors, immersing yourself in nature through hiking, feeling the adrenaline-pumping thrill of backpacking, want the exhilarating rush of surfing, or just enjoy the tranquil beauty of camping beneath the stars, then this 3 week New Zealand itinerary is for you.

If you are looking for a blog with the best restaurants, hotels, and pricey excursions, you won’t find that here.  We travel on a budget and love the outdoors.  Our travel focuses on ways to be active in nature so these are the top destinations if you are looking to hike, camp, or surf. I felt that experiencing New Zealand through camping allowed us to access beautiful spots in New Zealand that we might have missed if we just did hotels or BNBs.

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From the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps to the sun-kissed beaches of the North Island, New Zealand offers a playground for outdoor enthusiasts unlike any other. So grab your gear, embrace the spirit of adventure, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through some of the most breathtaking terrain on Earth.

3 week New Zealand road trip itinerary

A month was way too short of time to spend in New Zealand and we knew it when we booked it. But I love the saying “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.”  If we only had a month, we were going to make the absolute most of it.  But in doing so, I discovered that the best parts of New Zealand can absolutely be crammed into an epic 21-day road trip.  Here’s how I would do three weeks in New Zealand if I were to go back.

When I was planning our trip I was overwhelmed with all the places to visit because it seemed like all the blogs said that every destination was a spot you had to see. After spending a month here I realized not every destination is worth the effort. I hope this helps you narrow down where you want to go so you don’t spend as much time driving as we did.

Day 1 & 2: Fly into Auckland; Drive to Raglan

I’ve surfed a lot of places in the world and this one is special. In a good way and a bad way. It’s good because it really is a perfect wave.  It sets up in a perfectly peeling left that can give you a couple hundred yard ride across the bay. It’s also a very forgiving wave, making it easy to catch.

Raglan, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Whether you surf or not, Raglan is a must visit on your New Zealand itinerary

Catching a wave is the bad part. Because it breaks so predictable, the competition at the point in the lineup is fierce and mainly from the groms who don’t like to share.

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Raglan, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Seeing the perfect lines of Raglan from above makes you want to hit the water ASAP

Beware that getting in and out requires navigating a fierce field of lava rocks. Booties are certainly helpful but will also stamp KOOK on your forehead and make fighting for the peak even more of a challenge. With or without the wave,  I loved this town and found as much joy, if not more, just walking through town, eating delicious gelato and homemade fig sourdough bread.

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Day 3 & 4: Drive to Rotorua; Mountain bike Whakarewarewa Forest

Mountain biking in the Whakarewarewa forest was one of the top highlights for me in New Zealand. Check out the YouTube video below to see how much fun it was for our entire family. 

We rented our bikes at the trailhead from Mountain Bike Rotorua.  I can’t emphasize enough how incredible their customer service is.  They were so helpful in getting everyone sized up (there are a lot of us) and made sure our experience was top-notch.

The trails in the redwood forest here are so great for kids and adults alike. My two youngest, who aren’t always excited to go hiking, begged us to do this again and again. I was amazed at how good my 7 year old got at bike handling in just an hour and the trails were so fun and flowy that even my older kids had a blast on them.

Rotorua, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Mountain biking through New Zealand ferns in Rotorua

If mountain biking isn’t your thing, you can opt to hike in the Whakarewarewa forest or head over to Blue and Green Lake.  There is a nice trail that goes around Blue Lake and at the far end of Blue Lake there is a nice view of both lakes.

Blue and Green Lakes, Rotorua, 3 week New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary
Blue and Green Lakes hike in Rotorua

Day 5: Hot springs and mud pools; Drive toward Tongariro

Getting to Kerosene Creek hot springs from Rotorua is about 45 45-minute drive.  You’ll turn down a bumpy dirt road and take it for 6 kilometers until you get to a large parking area (this is also the start for some great mountain biking if you have bikes).  From here it’s a short 5-minute stroll to the hot spring. Though there are no signs here with warnings, at some other hot springs we saw signs about dangerous bacteria so stay on the safe side and don’t put your head in the water! 

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Lake by Kerosene Creek, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Lake right by Kerosene Creek hot spring

Our next stop was the mud pools. They are cool to see, but certainly not a destination in themselves. Plan on only needing a half hour here. This is right next to Wai-O-Tapu, which we skipped since it cost money and we had just gone to Yellowstone last summer but is home to the Lady Knox Geyser and other geothermal features.

Mud pools by Rotorua, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Mud pools near Wai-o-Tapu

One more quick free sight to see right next to the mud pools is Under the Bridge.  I wouldn’t recommend swimming in it since there are warning signs but it is very pretty to see.

Hot Spring by Rotorua, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Under the Bridge in New Zealand…no really, that’s what it’s called

After exploring the geothermal wonders of New Zealand, try to camp or get an Airbnb close to the Tongariro trailhead to save some time for tomorrows long hike since you’ll need most of the day to do it.

Day 6: Hike Tongariro; Drive toward Wellington

Hiking Tongariro is one of those #GOAT hikes so I encourage you to go for it. It’s a challenging hike but doable for most people. The trail is very well maintained. My 9 year old did it, but it was a lot for him.

Hiking Tongariro, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
The alpine lakes of Tongariro are one of the most mind-blowing things I’ve seen in my life. Definitely a highlight of the whole 3-week itinerary

In the high season, you aren’t allowed to park at trailheads for more than four hours and this hike will take you at least six so you’ll want to make sure you get a shuttle to the trailhead unless of course, you have someone in your group who isn’t hiking and can shuttle you.  

While you can hike in either direction, I recommend starting at Mangatepopo so that Mt Doom is in your view for the first half of the hike. Going in this direction makes the downhill a little more gradual, but I’m warning you, it’s a really long descent.  

Hiking Tongariro, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Hiking Tongariro with Mt Doom in the background

Remember to pack layers of clothing because it can get very cold at the top, but the hike up is strenuous and you will want to be able to take layers off for it.  

Day 7: Cross on the early afternoon ferry

We used both Inter Island and Blue Bridge and while we found both good, we preferred Blue Bridge mainly because it is smaller and felt more kid friendly. Note that it’s usually cheaper to book the ferry ahead of time.  

Wellington Ferry, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Views like this are the best part of riding the ferry

Blue Bridge even gives the kids a bag with an activity book to do while sailing! I also liked that there were bench seats which allowed us to lie down and sleep for part of the journey.

Keep in mind that the entire process of checking in, waiting to board, and sailing is a long endeavor (especially for kids). I recommend having healthy snacks or even bringing a meal on board since the food onboard isn’t good or healthy.

If you can take the afternoon or early evening ferry then you can go explore Wellington for half the day.   I’m not a city girl so half a day here was enough for me, although I enjoyed eating amazing craft food at the farmers market and grabbing some fresh produce and cheese. We saw a cool street performer while walking through the downtown area.  Wellington is the windiest city I’ve ever been to.  I saw parked motorcycles blow over!

Wellington, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
A bird’s eye view of Wellington, New Zealand’s biggest port city

When you get to Picton, get an Airbnb here, or if it’s still daylight, drive along the sound towards Abel Tasman.  If you are camping, there are some great campgrounds and free camping areas along the highway to get there, but I don’t recommend driving this at night as it is very windy and you’d miss out on the gorgeous views.

Day 8-10: Arrive in Abel Tasman; Take the water taxi for a two-night backpacking adventure 

This was my second favorite experience in all of New Zealand, which means you totally should do it.  

Abel Tasman, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary

Hiking from Marahau to Anchorage doesn’t do this park justice. You need to experience the areas from Anchorage to Bark Bay and preferably to Awaroa to get the most value out of this park. 

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Day 10: Drive towards the West Coast; Camp at Lyell Campground/Old Ghost Road Trailhead (Optional: add a day mountain biking)

This was one of the coolest places we camped at mostly because of the amount of stars we could see at night.

This is also the trailhead for the famous 85km-long Old Ghost Road trail that is on our priority list to go back and bike although we may need to up our game since this is a grade 4/5 trail and we don’t want to recreate our experience in Jackson Hole WY (click here to read about our epic fail).  You can also walk this as a five-day backpacking trip.

Remember: Driving on the South Island takes a lot longer than most places so don’t cram too much into today. 

There are plenty of gorgeous lookouts on the way to Westport to stop and stretch your legs.

Take a quick detour to stop in Westport to stock up on groceries. Westport is the last town with grocery stores until Greymouth, 100 kilometers away. If you feel like surfing or a surf lesson, go surf Tauranga Bay in Westport before heading to your secluded beach house. Supposedly it can become a really long left but it takes quite a bit of swell and no wind. This, however, is a great place to learn to surf.

Tauranga Bay, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Tauranga Bay is reminiscent of the Oregon coast

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Day 11: Relax and take in the views

After driving so many miles and hiking/backpacking, it was really nice to spend one full day doing absolutely nothing, especially in such a beautiful location. This Airbnb we stayed at has its own private beach!  

West coast AirBnb, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary

Day 12: Drive towards Franz Josef

I don’t think the town of Franz Josef is worth staying in. It is very overpriced but it’s the only actual town, if you can call it that, for a long time and so it can demand the high ticket price.  

The drive from Fox River to Franz Josef Glacier is, guess what, LONG.  Stopping in the cute town of Hokitika is a good place to stretch the legs, grab some food, stock up on groceries, and fill the gas tank because there won’t be much until you get to Wanaka and this stretch from Franz Josef to Wanaka is a great area to spend more days than I put in this itinerary if you can.  

There are also good surf breaks in nearby Greymouth.  We spent a few nights in the area and camped at MacDonald Campground, which was very pretty and had good facilities, and stayed in this Airbnb which I also recommend if you need more R&R or didn’t get a chance to stay at the previous Airbnb.  There isn’t much around here though so I recommend it as more of a rest day than as a home base.

Road Trip Day 13: Hike Franz Josef & Fox Glacier

You brought rain gear right?!  It’s a very easy, but often wet, hike to see the Franz Josef glacier.  Parking can be tough so get there early.  I wanted to hike to Robert’s Point but we didn’t get a chance to because the fog was so dense the day we were there.

Franz Josef Glacier, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
The only thing more magnificent than the glacier was the waterfalls along the valley
Franz Josef Glacier, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
An iconic stop on a New Zealand itinerary. Rain poured the day we visited but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the view

Another popular option is to Heli-Hike Franz Josef meaning you take a helicopter up onto the glacier and then hike around and explore ice caves.  Click here to find a tour.

The road to Fox Glacier was closed due to damage from Cyclone Gita, but if the road is open, this should be your next stop.

Bonus: If you can squeeze in another day or two, stop to hike part or all of the Copland Track.  Click here to learn more

Franz Josef Glacier, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
A Hawaii-esque shot on the Franz Josef Glacier hike

If you are pushing onward, I recommend camping in Mount Aspiring National Park because it too is gorgeous and you’ll want a full day to explore.

I recommend Pleasant Flat Campsite, which is a low-cost campground with toilets, water, and a nice flat grassy area for your tent, but mainly I’d camp here for the view of the mountains.  There is not much accommodation here besides camping so if you are looking for a house/hotel/etc, you’re going to want to stay in a town right before Mt Aspiring such as Haast.  Click here to find accommodation.

Day 14: Mount Aspiring National Park

Take your time driving through Mount Aspiring National Park.  There are so many points of interest between Pleasant Flat and Lake Wanaka including Thunder Creek Falls, Fan Tail Falls (someday I want to go back to hike from here to the Brewster Hut), and Blue Pools.  

If you are camping, stop before you get to Wanaka and camp at Kidds Bush Reserve, one of my all-time favorite places I’ve ever camped.  If you are not camping, get accommodation in Wanaka.

Kidds Bush Campground, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Views from Kidds Bush Campground

Note: There won’t be grocery stores after Hokitika until you get into Wanaka, other than the overpriced mini market in Franz Glacier, so if you are stopping at all these rad campgrounds, make sure you stocked up yesterday.

Day 15: Wanaka + Isthmus Peak

Wanaka is a cute town with plenty of hipster food options, but before you drive into town, stop and hike to the top of Isthmus Peak.  Yep, it’s another one of our favorites!  We skipped Roy’s Peak and heard it was a good call since Isthmus was better for the crowd factor.

Get beta on hiking Isthmus Peak here.

Hiking Isthmus Peak, 3 week New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary
Hiking above incredible turquoise lakes on Isthmus Peak

If you have time, spend an extra day here to explore the area.  We had reserved tickets for the Routeburn Track so we had to press on.  There’s a free campground about halfway between Wanaka and Queenstown called Bendigo.  If not camping, try to get accommodation between Queenstown and Wanaka or in Queenstown.

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Day 16: Queenstown + Glenorchy

While I didn’t love this town, if I had more money to spend, it may have been a different story.  This is the adventure capital of New Zealand, but here, adventure costs a lot of money.  There are plenty of inexpensive adventures involving hiking up steep mountains, we just didn’t have time to explore them.

Do you have a favorite hike in Queenstown? Let us know in the comments below!

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We picked up our tickets at the DOC office to hike the Routeburn Track and headed towards Glenorchy to camp near the trailhead. 

Glenorchy is very cute but a bit limited in supplies so stock up of food and cash in Queenstown.  There are really nice views on the drive to Glenorchy and even if you aren’t thru-hiking the Routeburn Track, it’s still totally worth hiking half of it from the Glenorchy side.

Mountains around Queenstown, 3 week New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary
Mountains views heading to Glenorchy from Queenstown

Camp at Sylvan Campsite, which is about 30 minutes past Glenorchy and only a few minutes drive from the start of the Routeburn.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and lies in a valley with dramatic mountains surrounding you.  If you’re not camping, click here to see other accommodations in the quaint town of Glenorchy.

Day 17-18: Routeburn Track (or Kepler Track)

This was a highlight of our trip. It was our first backpacking experience and I can’t recommend it enough.

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If you backpack it, you have to reserve your tickets WAY ahead of time and if you can’t get them I recommend just day hiking all the way to Harris Saddle and back. The views at Harris Saddle are incredible whether you backpack or hike it! See our related blog for more info on getting backpacking permits.  P.S. we made our March reservations in November.

Routeburn Track, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Views of Harris Saddle on the Routeburn Track

If you are day hiking, use the remainder of Day 17 to drive toward Milford Sound after the hike.  It’s going to be a very long drive, but there are many campgrounds on the way and plenty of places to stretch your legs on smaller hikes.  Day 18 is then a bonus day and I’d recommend spending it at Arthur’s Pass at the end of your trip (see bottom of this post).

If you do the Routeburn Track like we did and only camp one night at Lake Mackenzie, you should be done hiking by 1 p.m. on day 18. This way, you can use the rest of the day to get a shuttle back to Glenorchy to get your vehicle.

Routeburn Track, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
The stunning Lake Mackenzie on the Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
Incredible views design to the Milford Sound side of the Routeburn Track

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When you finish hiking the Routeburn, head down the road for another 45 minutes to see Milford Sound. You may want to book a cruise into the sound as there isn’t much to see from the harbor, but keep in mind the drive back to Queenstown is about 4 hours.

Consider camping near Queenstown; while Lumsden Parking Area is free and on the way, it lacks scenery.

Personally, I’d skip Milford Sound unless you can afford a cruise or a kayak excursion.  That being said, a cruise and kayak excursion looks AWESOME!  Click here to check out the top deals on kayak/cruise excursions on Milford Sound.

Day 19: Mount Cook

It’s a long drive again from Queenstown to Christchurch. I would break it up by spending a night at Mount Cook Village. Mount Cook is the closest you’ll get to the Alps without actually being in the Alps.

The glaciers here are mind-blowing, especially the one that you can see from White Horse Hill Campground.  If you aren’t going to camp here (which is almost a crime) get accommodation in Mount Cook Village so you’re within walking distance of the hikes.

White horse hill campground, Mount Cook, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
The stunning valley view from White Horse Hill Campground

Since the hikes can get a bit touristy, I recommend trying to camp here overnight so you can experience the magnificence of the area in peace. Seriously, I think I was the first person awake in the campground and it was a magical feeling sitting under the glacier in silence in the morning.

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White horse hill campground, Mount Cook, 3 week New Zealand Itinerary
The incredible glacier right above White Horse Hill Campground

Day 20: Mount Cook 

If you didn’t do the Hooker Valley Track yesterday, make sure you do it today.  Hiking it early in the morning is better before all the tour buses show up.

Hooker Valley Track, Mount Cook, 3 week New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary
Arriving at Hooker Valley Lake

If you are looking for a less active form of adventure, try out H2 Explore on Lake Pukaki.  If you’ve never been on a hovercraft before (I hadn’t), it feels like a submarine ride above the water.  On a clear day, it provides epic views of Mount Cook.

It’s another 4 hour drive to get to Christchurch from Mount Cook.  If you need to break it up, we stayed in this Airbnb in Geraldine, which is about halfway.  

Day 21: Fly Out of Christchurch

Try to get a late night flight out so you have the day to walk around Christchurch before saying good-bye to this beautiful country.

Optional bonus day: Arthur’s Pass

Do you love mountains?  We love them!  If you have an extra day or two (such as if you day hike the Routeburn Track), I recommend spending one day hiking in Arthur’s Pass.  

The drive up is so gorgeous and you pass Castle Crags, which is a great rock climbing destination but we didn’t bring our gear for this trip.


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Thursday 6th of August 2020

Hi! Love this itinerary and have been dreaming of travel so much lately. How old were your kids when you did this trip? It's a lot of hiking and I am just curious. We only have a 3 year old right now so anything like this is WAAAYYYYY down the road but we live in Colorado and are raising a very active little one. Just wondering how many years I probably have to wait to do something like this (I know it's many years out!)


Thursday 6th of August 2020

Hey! On that trip my husband stayed back in the car often with our youngest who was 7 at the time but my 10 year old did most of the hikes. Tongarriro was his favorite. The whole fam did Abel Tasman and I think if you carried all the gear, you could get an adventurous 5 year old to do it in small chunks of 4-6 miles a day. There were a lot of campgrounds.

Paul Atwell

Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Hi! Just found your 3 Week New Zealand Itinerary. What month of the year did you take your trip? I'm planning a 3 week trip in May and struggling with finding out what will still be doable that time of the year.


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

We took this trip in late February and early March. I think a lot of this itinerary will still be doable in the New Zealand's fall it will just be a little bit rainier than summer, though New Zealand is rainy no matter what time of year you visit. It will really only be the high elevation places where you'll have to be concerned about weather. You could definitely still visit Mount Cook but there's a chance snow could prevent you from hiking. You will be able to partake in all activities in areas like Abel Tasman, the West Coast, Raglan, and Rotorua. If you go at that time I'd definitely just be prepared to skip out on a few high elevation hikes if the weather is too bad and if there's be sure to pack lots of rain gear.

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