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4 Beautiful Bali Waterfalls: Epic 2 Day Waterfall Itinerary

beautiful Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary

We explored a lot of the lush island of Bali from north to south and east to west but the thing that amazed us most about Bali was the beautiful waterfalls. We’ve put together a guide to visiting the best Bali waterfalls in a 2 day itinerary.  Hope it helps and if you have any questions be sure to let us know in the comments section at the bottom!

This is a great 1 night trip to take from Ubud but is also great if you are staying on the Bukit Peninsula.  Even if you are not staying in Ubud, I highly recommend staying in Ubud on either end of this Bali waterfall itinerary.  

Day 1 – Waterfalls from Ubud

Nungnung, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
Nungnung’s beauty and power will truly blow you away

Nungnung Waterfall

The Draw: We’ve traveled to many beautiful waterfalls throughout Oregon, Yosemite, Norway, and Switzerland but Nungnung still managed to blow me away…literally. The sheer quantity of water pouring off the 125 foot cliffside creates a huge amount of mist at the base.  It makes for a stunning golden aura surrounding the falls but you also may get a bit wet.

Nungnung, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
The entrance to Bali’s Nungnung waterfall

Getting there: Once in the parking lot, you’ll head down the hill to a very Balinese looking entrance.  Walk through the temple looking facade and down 500 stairs.  It may be easy on the way down but be warned for the way back up isn’t easy for some. Follow the trail over the river to the base of the falls where you will be greeted with an incredible sight.

Price: 10,000 IDR + 5,000 IDR for parking

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
The famous floating water temple
Photo credit:

Next Stop: Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

The Draw: Perhaps the most scenic temple in all of Bali is Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.  This is an iconic photography spot in Bali as the temple lies in the middle of Lake Bratan. It can get quite touristy and crowded in the middle of the day so be warned. If you want to avoid the crowds, go at sunset or wait until you head back to Ubud to check it out.

Getting there: The temple is hard to miss.  As you head north to Munduk there will be plenty of signs on the right. There is a large parking lot right by the temple entrance.

Price: 50,000 IDR for adults, 25,000 IDR for kids

Munduk Moding Plantation Resort, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
Photo credit:

Stay at: Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation Nature Resort

Ever seen those photos of luxury resorts with infinity pools overlooking the hillsides? tT Munduk Moding you can experience a luxury Bali resort with a restaurant, spa, infinity pool, and tons of scenic views in the rich landscape of Munduk.  Click here to book your stay.

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Optional: Add in a trip to North Bali before heading to Munduk.  Sekumpul Waterfall and Aling Aling are other beautiful waterfalls on Bali but they need a more than a 2 day itinerary to explore.  If you are interested, check out this blog or scroll down to the bottom of this blog to learn more about Bali waterfall tours.

Day 2: Explore Waterfalls in Munduk

Munduk, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
Love how the pure white stream of water contrasts against the lush green walls

Munduk Waterfall

The Draw: This Bali waterfall will once again strike you with it’s power and beauty.  The waterfall stands out vividly against the moss covered rocks beside it and the force of water pouring down is entrancing.  This waterfall also lies in a very unique land of Bali.  Munduk is well known for it’s coffee plantations so I highly recommend strolling along the trails and motorbike roads to explore the culture, farms, and coffee.

Munduk, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
Strolling through the coffee plantations

Getting there: It can be a bit of a challenge to find this waterfall.  As you head into Munduk from the west, you will ascend a steep switchback with a mirror and the parking lot will immediately be on your right.  The Google Maps’ location provided is accurate.  You will need to pay the people at the shop next door to watch your car.  After that, head across the street.  There should be a sign for Munduk Waterfall right next to the mirror signpost.  Follow the obvious path down a motorbike road until you reach a booth.  Do not head right at the booth (see below).  Head left instead but continue towards the waterfall which should now be in sight.

Price: You DO NOT need to pay to enter Munduk waterfall.  They try to trick you by placing a ticket booth at the fork right before the waterfall.  Simply take the left fork down to the waterfall.  Take the right fork fork and they’ll try to say you need to buy tickets.

Golden Valley, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
Drinks with a view of Golden Valley Waterfall at the ECO Cafe

Golden Valley Waterfall

The Draw: While the other 2 waterfalls are up close and personal, this waterfall is viewed from afar at the Eco Cafe.  We enjoyed sipping pineapple, mango, and dragonfruit smoothies while admiring the vivid white water falling between lime green forest on the cliffs. 

Golden Valley, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary
Head left here

Getting there: From Munduk Waterfall, I recommend taking the short 1 mile hike along the hillside to get to Golden Valley Waterfall.  Head back up to the junction with signs and head left toward Golden Valley waterfall.  The short walk is filled with lovely sounds of wildlife and takes you through pretty forest.  When you get close, there will be lots of signs for the waterfall and Eco Cafe. Enjoy the views of the waterfall while grabbing a drink at the cafe.

Price: Free via Munduk Waterfall.  May charge from the Golden Valley carpark.

Drive back to Ubud

Hopefully you enjoyed this Bali Waterfall route.  If you are staying in Ubud be sure to check out our blog 15 Cool Things to do in Ubud

Bonus: Tegenungan Waterfall

Take a short 20 minute detour south of Ubud to explore this popular waterfall and swimming hole.  It’s not on the way to the other 3 waterfalls on this itinerary but it’s such a short drive out of the way that it’s worth seeing.

The Draw: One of the more hidden waterfalls in Bali and only a 20 minute drive from Ubud.  This is a great photo spot and a swimming hole.

Getting there: From the parking lot, there is a big obvious sign that says “Tegenungan Waterfall.”  Head past the sign down some stairs upon which the waterfall will come into view.  Head either right or left at the unction wroth signs to Waterfall or Temple.  From here you can explore different vantage points or jump in for a swim.

Price: 15,000 IDR + 5,000 IDR for car parking

Nungnung, Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary

Tips Before You Go

  • Driving in Bali is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s complete chaos yet somehow I’ve never seen any accidents or issues on the roads.  To see these rad waterfalls, you have two options. You can either rent a motorbike for 2 days.  They’re super cheap and you can easily find rentals in any part of Bali, especially Ubud.  If you are not comfortable driving here, you can also get a driver very easily.  This way, you don’t have to worry about the traffic and chaos on the roads and your driver may also bring you to some other hidden waterfalls that they may know of.
  • You must have cash on hand to pay for these waterfalls.
  • Though we do our very best to keep this blog up to date, admission prices may change.  That being said, bring a little more cash than our blog may say just in case.
  • Want to hire a driver, head over to Viator and take a Bali Waterfall Tour.
  • We find our favorite Bali accommodation on  Click here to find hotels, villas, and homestays.


Got questions about our Bali Waterfall Itinerary?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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beautiful Bali waterfalls: epic 2 day itinerary

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