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4 Best Campgrounds To Stay At In Central Norway

4 best campgrounds to stay at in Norway

Visiting Norway is incredible in itself but if you feel a little adventurous and want even more amazing experiences, camping in Norway is the way to go.  We loved using these campgrounds as our home base between days of hiking, climbing, and surfing in Norway.  Norweigan campgrounds are also amazing! They are inexpensive, clean, and in the middle of the most beautiful scenery. Most provide amazing campers kitchens and lounges which is awesome for bad weather.  Check out these 4 campgrounds we thought were the best and are close to adventures!

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Camping in Norway is amazing and so affordable!

.The price for 1 night is often less than $30 and most campgrounds have campers kitchens with sink, tables, and counters to prepare meals. Many even have stoves, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers to use for free. The showers are also inexpensive and many are brand new facilities.

Best Campgrounds in Norway: Closest to a town while still being close to adventure

Kjørnes Campground

best campground in central Norway


This campground has all new facilities and sits on the Sognefjord, making it a central location to exploring all the beauty surrounding the Sognefjord (including our favorite hike to do in Norway: Molden).  The owners are very nice and helpful.  The best part of staying here is the bread they deliver in the morning (only $2 USD!).

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Pro Tip: Do you have a comfortable sleeping pad? We spent 2 weeks tent camping in Norway and I have to say, a good sleeping pad paid off.  We love Klymit sleeping pads because they’re comfortable but also quite affordable. Shop and Receive FREE shipping on all orders at!!

Best Campgrounds in Norway: Best jumping off point

Stryn Camping AS

best campground in central Norway

While this campground is not the most beautiful of these 4 campgrounds, it is the best campground to use a base camp for the Stryn area. Stryn has so much raw nature that you could spend a lot of time here.

This campground is also within an hour of the famous Geirangerfjord National Park.

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The owners of this campground were very nice and the kitchen and showers were very clean and maintained.

Best Campgrounds in Norway: Hidden gem close to 3 national parks

Randsverk Campground


This was a great campground in the mountains close to 3 national parks including Jotunheimen National Park, Rondane National Park,and Dovrfjell Sunndallsfjella National Park.  This campground has brand new shower and kitchen facilities (and a great playground for kids) that make it very comfortable even if you are tent camping.  There is great mountain biking, rafting, and hiking nearby.  

We were held back by our anchors (Jiraiya and Tatiana) to do the famous Besseggen hike, but it is on my bucket list of things to go back and do!

Be ready for cold nights even in the summer months, this is the only place we actually had to sleep in the car because temperatures drop so low.

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Pro Tip: If you’re tent camping, buy a dark one for summers in Norway.  It’s only dark for 2 hours during sumer in Norway and if you plan on sleeping, make sure you get a dark tent one with from Kelty. Kelty has lots of really great tents that come with tarps that block out a lot of light.


Best Campgrounds in Norway: Most scenic campground

Gryta Campground 

Best Campgrounds in Norway: Closest to a town while still being close to adventure Kjørnes Campground

We actually didn’t stay here, but when we drove by it I wish we had.  This campground is in the most picturesque setting at the base of the Oldevatnet Lake in Oldedalen. You can view glaciers, high mountains, and beautiful Norwegian nature, directly from your own tent or RV!

This campground is a great basecamp for exploring Josteldasbreen National Park which is only 10 minutes away.

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3 Scenic Drives You Won’t Want To Miss

Driving in Norway is an incredible expereince on it’s own.  You are constatnly surrounded by snow capped mountains, thousand foot waterfalls, and lakes like mirrors, reflecting tidy farm houses, mozerella wrapped balls of hay, and red barns.  There are many scenic roads that you can choose but these are 3 National Tourist Roads we drove in Norway and loved. 

Remember most stores are closed on Sundays so if you end up driving a lot that day don’t forget to stock up on supplies otherwise you will be like us eating hot dogs at a gas station for your meals.


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We drove this route from Stryn on our way to Geirangerfjord.  You can only drive this route in the summer.  There were so many gorgeous places to stop on the side of the road to take pictures and at one plce I made the mistake of getting too close to an electrical fence while trying to capture a perfect shot and ouch! The Rv63 was also beautiful on the way.


We drove this when we left Stryn on our way to Kjørnes and especially enjoyed the stretch of road from Skei to Utvik.  Stop at the co-op market in Byrkjelo for some great specialty foods including Reindeer jerky and delicious jams.


We drove this on our first day in Norway and the vastness of all the ice and snow is incredible!  This drive isn’t a National Tourist Road, but the drive to the beach town of Hoddevikka and surrounding areas is beautiful too! 

There are many picnic areas to stop at on all these drives so stock up on some yummy foods and enjoy a picnic in the most gorgeous scenery you can imagine.

If you love raw nature and the adventure of a new trail, explore Norway.  You can’t go wrong!

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