8 Ways to Support Nomads Title || Adventure Travel Family

Technology is quickly changing the rules on how we shop, interact, and make a living. If your job doesn’t require these new advances in technology, there’s a good chance you are unfamiliar with all the possibilities it’s creating. Sure there are some headaches and annoyances with this change, but like it or not, this is the direction the world is moving and there are a lot of good people jumping on board and learning how this new interface works. 

We chose to create a business that combines our knowledge of travel, health, fitness, gymnastics, and homeschooling with the fun of blogging while exploring great places our travels are taking us to!

Many of our friends and family ask us how we make a living with this new business model so we wanted to share how exactly our business works, how we help others, and how you can help us. 

Our favorite way technology has helped us is that we can take all our knowledge and put it into online courses where you log in and complete a series of modules. Some are text based, others have videos and PDF downloads. We like them because they allow us to present material in an organized and educational format. There is a wealth of knowledge on exercise and wellness in Vic’s coaching series. If you are a questioner (or wonderer) you will love my Think To Play course.  Our Eat To Play course covers a vast amount of knowledge on what you should be eating in order to have the energy you need to live an active life. We just released our Raising Athletic Kids course that covers all the gymnastics progressions we taught in our 20 years of teaching at Island Tumble. 

Another way we make money is through affiliate links.  Many companies, like Amazon, give us a commission if you shop at their store by clicking through one of our links like the previous one. 

We try to help the world live a healthier life through our blogs, podcast, and You Tube channel.  We teach you the benefits of exercise, what the best exercises are, and show you exactly how to do them.  We vlog our travels to inspire you to spend more time as a family creating adventures and experiences together. 

Here are some ways you can help us:

  1. Sign up for our emails. If you didn’t know, I love to write! Every week or so I send out an email talking about places we are traveling through, life lessons we are learning, and of course, I am always trying to add a layer of health, fitness, and wellness to my writing. These emails are different from our blog posts because I share more of the emotional rollercoaster that this type of lifestyle brings. 
  2. Shop at Amazon through our link. This is the easiest way to support us financially. If you go to our homepage, any of our blog posts, or even here on this email and click on Amazon, we get a commission for any and all of your purchases. Our percentage is very small but can make a huge difference if all our friends take the extra few seconds to google nomadswithapurpose.com and then click through to Amazon … it’s only 2 extra clicks :).  We also have a growing list of affiliates on the resources page of our website for companies like BioTrust, beer clubs, Martha Stewart wine club, Tilly’s, Expedia, Columbia, Skyscanner, Air France, and so many more.  Just click on this page first and then start shopping. 
  3. Chat us up.  Word of mouth goes far. Tell people about what we are doing and remind them of ways they can help and how much great free content we have on our website. Which reminds me, have you taken advantage of all we offer for free?  We have over 50 blog posts that have great travel ideas and tips, tons of free health and nutrition articles, and three free courses to help you train smarter, get better results, and live the life you’ve dreamed of. 
  4. Listen, subscribe, review, and share to our podcast. Victor started his podcast, Be The Victor, earlier this year with exercise and health episodes. Now we are adding the whole family to the podcast and adding more elements of travel, parenting, and living A Playful Life.
  5. Define and create your own playful life. Nothing describes what we are doing better than “living a playful life”.  What’s a playful life you wonder? In a nutshell, it’s aligning your dreams and goals with your talents and passions in a way that prioritizes health and movement.  It’s adding a little pura vida, joie de vivre, and aloha to your everyday routine. 
  6. Get social with us. We are very active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (and occasionally make our presence known on Google plus, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn).  Wherever you like to hang out, mingle with us.  Comment on our posts and share them with your circles. 
  7. Review our content. To be an author, a podcaster, a blogger, your presence depends so much on reviews. It may seem silly because you may never actually look at reviews when you purchase things, but in order for Amazon and iTunes to promote your product, you need reviews. Please review any of our books or podcasts on iTunes, Goodreads, Amazon, Teachable, iBooks, and comment on our posts.
  8. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have videos on exercise, fixing aches and pains, and a lot of entertaining ones of us on our adventures.  

Who knows where this crazy adventure will take us?  Thank you for supporting us and all the positive vibes you’ve sent our way.