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Out of all the cute towns in Europe, Hossegor, France became our favorite.  It’s surfy, it’s foodie, it’s nature-y.  If you are like us, this too will become your favorite place in Europe after one step into Hossegor. The combination of cobblestone streets, bike paths, french bakeries, and big name surf shops, will leave you feeling like no other surf town could possibly compare to this.  It is reminiscent of Hawaii but with a modern revamp of European architecture. This under the radar town carries with some things that none of the other towns had:

Reasons We Love Hossegor

Reason #1: Surf

The foremost reason you should visit Hossegor is, and always will be, for the surfing. 

Reason to Visit Hossegor, France Is for the surfing
Gabi shredding in Hossegor, France

Along this stretch of beautiful white sand beach, there are six different surf spots, all for different levels of experience.  The southernmost beach, La Sud, is a super fun, peaky wave that’s perfect for beginners and intermediates.

The most famous break, La Nord, just a hundred meters further north, can be a slightly heavier wave on certain swells that only experienced surfers can handle, but on others, can be a peeling point break for intermediates. 

Reason to Visit Hossegor, France surfing
Robyn surfing Hossegor, France

La Gravarie, Le Culs Nus, and Les Estagnots, which all sit side by side, are all fun peaks but can get very heavy on large swells.  No matter your skill level, there is sure to be a wave for you in Hossegor.  

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Reason #2: Pedestrian + Bike friendly

What makes the town so great is how accessible it is.  From anywhere within Hossegor– the beaches, the camper-stop, your hotel room, or even in the surrounding towns, Capbreton or Seignosse, it can be accessed by a pleasant bayside walk or beachside bike ride.

Reason to Visit Hossegor, France- cute beach town