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9 Reasons You Need to Adventure More & Bigger

9 reasons you need to adventure more and adventure bigger

Do you enjoy a spending time exploring and adventuring in the outdoors?  Um yeah, that why you’re here.  But technically, adventure is only adventure if you’re trying something new.  So really, adventure is is only adventure if you’re adventuring bigger, right? If you are hiker, biker, surfer, camper, kayaker, or any other adventure lover, here are 9 reasons you should get outside your comfort zone and try a new adventure so you can regain that stoked feeling trying new things and adventure bigger.



It’s the Ultimate Happiness Booster

There’s something magical in feeling like a rebel and that’s exactly what adventure does for you.  Whether it’s jumping in the car and heading off on a road trip or jumping into waterfall pools, the newness, the sense of wonder when you explore your curiosities will make you happier.

Hiking to Plain of Six Glaciers, Adventurers Day Hiking Guide Lake Louise
Hiking to the Six Glaciers

Adventure Fills The Soul

There’s nothing worse than wondering what something you really want to do must be like and then never getting to experience it.  Adventure should start with a burning desire to see or do something exciting and when you actually do it, even if you aren’t good, you fail, or you realize it’s not something you love, there is a huge sense of peace in fulfilling your soul’s curiosity.

Reason to Visit Hossegor, France Is for the surfing
Gabi shredding in Hossegor, France

Teaches Adaptability

Hey, it’s adventure, which means it’s not easy.  If it were, we’d all do it and it would be called…routine, predictable, and boring.  That’s why you need to adventure, to mix it up, learn something new, and broaden your comfort zone.  Our brains love to figure shit out and when you adventure you will be rewiring neural pathways and producing so many endorphins that you’ll have to choice but to adapt and enjoy the new you.  

Best climbing destinations in Europe- Spain
Isabelle climbing near Lleida, Spain

Increases Self Awareness

Who are you again?  What are your favorite hobbies?  How did you use to lose yourself as a kid?  What are you really passionate about?  We become adults with careers, responsibilities, kids, and we lose touch with our own weirdness.  We get so wrapped up into the business of life that some of our edges that make us really shine, start to dull.  Not to fear.  Adventure is going to resharpen those points and remind you of all those badass moments you had when you were younger.

Abel Tasman Coast Track, 3 week New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary

No Age Limit

Who said adventure was for the youth?  Like wisdom, adventure often gets better with age because you start to not give a shit what others think.  Whether it’s looking like a kook learning to surf or traveling across the globe because you really want to see Nepal before you die, adventure has no age limit.  It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and creating a new experience.  

Ups Your Self Confidence

Well you may mess up and fail a bit as you start experimenting with all this adventure crap, but eventually, you are going to nail it. You are going to reach the peak, be alone in the middle of a lush forest, be flying high over the ocean, on a road with no cars in sight, or sitting beneath a million starts and think “Hell ya” I just did that.  I stopped thinking, wondering, dreaming, and I finally went for it.  Trust me, you’re going to feel pretty damn good about yourself for it too.

Climbing near Lledia, Best Adventure in Northern Spain
Gabi on lead 

Nature is the Ultimate Teacher

But right when that confidence spikes, good ol Mother Nature might step in to put you in your place.  Hey, she’s allowed to because if it weren’t for the powerful response our mind and body gets when in her handiwork, adventure just wouldn’t be the same.  So be smart out there, get educated, be prepared, and know that sometimes shit happens.  But what are you gonna do, hide in your cave all your life?

Scrambling on our hike up to the Best Day Hike in the French Pyrenees, Cirque De Gavarnie
Scrambling up to Gavarnie Falls

Makes you Physically and Mentally Healthier

I’m not going to lie, muscles help you adventure more, adventure bigger, and adventure better.  Go ahead and start adventuring where you are at now, but at the same time, up your training game.  A body that can move, bend, flex, pull, push, in many directions, will be able to adventure more and adventure easier.  Plus, exercise will make your brain sharper and who couldn’t use a little boost in smartness?

Bridalveil Falls: Best Day Hikes in the Sawtooth Range, Idaho
Don’t Fall

Gives you a sense of Accomplishment

Do you like to-do lists?  I love checking things off my bucket list.  The only problem is that the more I adventure the longer that bucket list gets, but I’ll take the consequences and roll with it.  Look, I know, we all need to eat, provide shelter for our families, and feel like we are contributing to the world.  Adventure will help you with all this because the more sense of accomplishment you get, the more creative you become and the easier it is to find your purpose in life.  I’m not telling you to sell off everything you own and live like a vagabond.  But I do encourage you to prioritize adventure in your life because it will help all the other aspects of your life fall into place.

Still don’t feel confident enough to adventure bigger? It could be because of your Manipura Chakra! Learn more about it here.

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