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About Nomads

We’re The Adventure Travel Family

We all want to live our lives to the fullest. To live without regrets, to have memorable moments and rich experiences, to be happy, to connect with our families, and to enjoy our lives

We wanted no regrets.

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Our Mission

To inspire you to boldly and unapologetically live outside the box, dream big, and question everything. Check out the podcast and get inspired to find your purpose, chase your passions, and live your life to the fullest👇

Our Purpose

To live a life that we are excited to wake up to. For us, that means being active, strong, and pursuing challenge through adventure and newness. We love connecting with each other, to nature, and together through healthy eating, mindful activities, and fitness. 

We live with a dedication to intention. We strive to wake up each day with intention—with purpose—to experience new things, to learn new things, to challenge ourselves, and therefore grow as people.

We love to rock climb, surf, mountain bike, and hike, because not only do those adventure sports bring great challenges upon us, but they also give us intention when we wake up and they bring us to destinations where we experience new and exciting things.

That also happens to be what the word adventure means, an unordinary, exciting experience.

Active adventure travel is our purpose. It’s the reason we wake up excited because we can always continue to push ourselves and learn by traveling to new places and escaping our comfort zones.  Most importantly, we live this life of adventure with our family by our side through it all.

We’re a full-time travel family, but not your typical family. For starters we have five kids, making travel a little more hectic.  We also sold all our stuff and moved into our thirty-foot motorhome to travel back in 2015.  Well, not all our stuff …we kept our surfboards, climbing gear, and any other camping/hiking gear that would fit. We love adventure and the outdoors and that’s what all our travels center around.

We weren’t always this crazy

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Robyn and Victor met in high school. While still in college, we opened Island Tumble, a gymnastics studio and personal training facility, way back in 1997, 3 months before we got married. We were still in college at the time, but we loved exercise and working with children and saw an opportunity and went for it.  

Over the next 18 years, 1997 to 2015, we followed the rules. We got married, had five kids, put them in competitive sports, nurtured a business, etc. We “got by” nicely until one day, Robyn suggested they move into an RV just for 5 months to “save money” and travel a little more.

Five months has turned into 8+ years and counting. But it hasn’t been all fun and joy. This type of lifestyle triggered a complete unraveling and eventually, an up-leveling, for Victor.

From 2015 to 2021, Victor struggled with all the travel. It made Robyn happy, and he wanted to support her dreams, plus he knew it was good for him, but due to childhood trauma, travel would often trigger anxiety and fear. This put a lot of stress on their relationship.

Things began to change in 2021. While our family still traveled frequently, we also rented a home base in Montana where we were pretty isolated from society.

We spent our days doing yoga, meditation, and breathwork. This mindfulness journey led to us attending a festival where we experienced our first holotropic breathwork session.

Over the next 2 years, Victor focused on rewiring his brain from fear and anxiety to happiness and joy. Now, we not only get to enjoy our travel lifestyle, but we also share our story and coach others on their own journey to emotional liberation.

You can learn more about Robyn and Victor’s personal story here. But below is what our travel and adventure life has looked like for the past 8+ years. Click here to jump down to learn more about each one of us.

2015: We jumped

tati jumping at beach

We loved the business we had and we lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Coronado, California. But we saw our life flying by too quickly and realized that before we knew it our kids would be grown and off on their own adventure. On top of that, we were fed up with the cost of living.

So we decided to create a big adventure for them to remember their childhood by.

We sold almost everything we owned, bought a 30-foot motorhome, and began living out of our RV and traveling.

That year we took our RV on road trips up the California coast in April, a Colorado and Utah trip in June, and a two-month road trip up to Vancouver and back stopping in many places in the PNW.    

In September, we returned home to San Diego and lived out of our RV in local campgrounds in order to save up for bigger adventures the next year.

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2016: Chasing dreams

family photo at beach

To kick off seven months of travel, we spent a month chasing waves together all around Costa Rica. Then, we jumped on a plane to Europe and spent six months traveling through Norway, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal.

This was the year we realized we wanted to be full-time nomads and created our travel blog to help others experience more adventure in their life.

We returned briefly to San Diego in November before turning around and flying west, this time to surf the North Shore of Oahu. We got our stoke in the warm waters and a heavy dose of fresh air while tent camping on the East side of the island.

We then returned home to finish the year with family back in San Diego.

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2017: A leap of faith

family photo at the beach

The year of our great leap of faith. We closed the doors on a business we had been running for twenty years and dove all-in on this epic journey we embarked on two years ago. We returned to Costa Rica to surf our favorite break, Pavones for a week before setting off on an 11-week road trip with our RV through the Western U.S. and Canada.

We hiked and climbed some epic mountain ranges and got lost down dirt roads and among gorgeous forests.

In the fall, we jumped back on a plane to go back to our favorite spot, Hossegor, France. While in Europe we explored Northern Spain and spent time in the French Pyrenees. Our six-week trip was filled with daily surfing, climbing, and hiking adventures while connecting as a family each day with locally grown food.

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2018: From Islands to Mountains

family photo at the beach

We started 2018 with a Pacific Island trip. On February 1st we flew to Oahu to tent camp, surf, and explore the beautiful island. After two weeks, we headed to New Zealand and spent a month exploring the raw nature of the North Island and South Island via tent camping. We concluded the trip with a month in the surf haven of Bali.

When we landed from Bali in May, it was time to find jobs again. We wanted a change of pace and scenery from our San Diego roots and so we started in Bend, Oregon.

After spending a month and a half in Bend, Oregon living on forest roads, exploring mountain biking trails, and hiking the 3 sisters wilderness, we decided to move on. 

Along our nomadic journey, our RV was rear-ended and we had to move into a house temporarily while we remodeled it.

We ended up in Summit County, Colorado for five months and got a great taste of small-town, ski-obsessed, mountain living. Colorado was amazing for us, but it wasn’t where the money was for personal training, nor where Victor could use his talents to the fullest. And some of us hated living in a house.

We needed the freedom we felt when we lived in our RV!

So by December, with the remodel 90% done, we went back home to San Diego where Victor opened up his personal training and tumbling business in Coronado, California again. And where Robyn and the kids get to surf, indoor climb, and run this blog.

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2019: Happiness + Fulfillment

This was the year of balance for us. We still had some really BIG adventures this year, but we’ve also realized that making sure everyone is happy, fulfilled, and living their purpose takes compromise, adaptability, and effort.

Part of that compromise for us is getting a new (much larger) RV to live in.

Our Class C had been rear ended in 2018 and after the rad remodel, we found a major leak in the pipes (let’s blame Colorado’s freezing temperatures for that one!) and so it was time for an upgrade. We got a 42 foot Open Range 5th wheel and absolutely LOVE IT!

We kept the 5th wheel in San Diego as our home base and drove the Class C 10,000 miles this summer on one hell of an epic road trip through Canada all the way to Alaska.

It was a trip of a lifetime filled with glaciers, wildlife, and so much wide open space. Plus, on this trip, we added in one of our all-time favorite areas, the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia. We highly recommend a trip to Alaska and B.C. and have compiled some pretty darn thorough content to help you plan your own bucket list trip:

Gabi, Isabelle, and Robyn finished the summer by backpacking the Tour du Mont Blanc.  It was quite a memorable experience, to say the least, and provided us with an incredible bonding experience.

Last, we finished 2019 with a Skiing and Snowboarding Mammoth + Utah.

2020: On The Run + Homesteading

We started off the year with a 1-month trip to Hawaii, visiting the Big Island, Kauai, and Maui. In March, we hiked the Grand Canyon and explored Death Valley. We were on our way to ski Mammoth when everything shut down, including our personal training business in Coronado, California.

Like many others, we had to rethink our plans and make big changes including finally establishing residency in South Dakota.

We fell in love with the Black Hills and spent most of that summer circling South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, trying to stay free.

Then, in October, we found a large property with amazing views to rent in Montana. We thought we were going to get cows and pigs and grow our own produce indoors but it turns out, that is not our jam.

I (Robyn) quickly found myself restless and trapped sitting still so we spent most of the next year traveling again but kept the house as a backup just in case.

The huge benefit of having that house was that we were able to spend a lot of time practicing self-care. In fact, it provided a huge breakthrough for Victor in his healing journey. Learn more about that here.

The other great part of having a home base in Montana was that it was only an hour and a half from Glacier National Park and Whitefish Resort. We were able to spend a lot of 2021 adventuring and skiing in these areas.

2021: Restless

We spent this year trying to find balance.

To be honest, Victor loved being in a house, far away from people. Most of his clients from Coronado transitioned into online training and he was finally having time to breathe, stare off at nature, and relax (great self-care for a type 2 enneagram). But Robyn and the kids missed traveling.

We skied Whitefish Resort, as well as Tamarack and Brundage in Idaho. We experienced our first time snowmobiling and ice fishing at Seeley Lake, Montana. In spring, we made a few trips down to St George, Utah.

We repeated our loops through Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, and Montana again in the summer before towing our big RV out east for an epic fall road trip.

We started with a few weeks of rock climbing in Red River Gorge. Then, we made our way south and spent a month exploring all sides of Florida.

This was also the year Gabi, Isabelle, and Robyn started a new website,

2022: Back on the Road Full-Time, Kids Take Flight, Our Fleet Expands, & Nobody Seems To Care

This is the year that we bailed on having a home base and went back to full-time RVing. This was also a hard year for Robyn as she had to learn to trust and let go (at least temporarily). We also spent a lot of energy this year trying to get our voice out to the world. It felt like no one cared about what we stood for or wanted to learn mindfulness and empowerment from us (I’m sure one day we’ll look back on this and smile though).

We spent that winter skiing a lot at Whitefish Resort. We had left Appa, our 42′ 5th wheel in Florida, so when icy conditions presented themselves in February, we made a quick trip to go get it and finally got to climb Horseshoe Canyon Ranch on the way out and Shelf Road on the way back.

In April, Gabi and Isabelle took Momo, our class C motorhome (the one we moved into in 2015), and spent a month on their own in Lander, Wyoming while the other 5 explored Colorado and ended up breaking down in Cañon City. We had to leave Robyn’s favorite truck, Ang, there and bought a brand new Dodge Ram 3500. Which was great for towing!

That summer, we bought a small 30′ travel trailer and went back to our familiar loop of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and the girls followed us in Momo.

Gabi, Isabelle, and Robyn started doing more big mountain climbs and ticked off Grand Teton and Wolf’s Head. Isabelle pursued more of her music talents by playing live at the Lander Bar twice.

In fall, we headed down to Colorado and spent a month surrounded by fall colors while exploring the mountains around Ouray and Telluride. We recommend adding this epic 5 day fall itinerary to your bucket list.

We rappeled Morning Glory Arch in Moab on our way to chase warmer weather in St George. Danny liked St George so much that we left him there while we spent 2 weeks surfing in San Diego before rejoining him in Utah for December where we spent Christmas Day finally hiking the Narrows in Zion.

We then headed out on December 28th to get Momo, where it was being stored in Missoula, and use our Indy Ski pass for an amazing 2022-23 winter of skiing at over a dozen resorts.

2023: Momentum is Building

This is the year when the pieces of the puzzle that we call our life, feel like they are starting to fit together.

In the middle of our winter ski road trip, we spent a month in Lander, Wyoming in a beautiful Airbnb. The views were incredible, Tatinaa got to do a lot of gymnastics and we were able to squeeze in a dozen days of climbing in between days of -30 degree weather!

From Wyoming, we headed to Colorado for the Winter Wondergrass Festival in Steamboat Springs. Then back to see Danny who has decided to make St George his home town, at least for now. He lives at in our big 5th wheel, Appa, at Settler’s Point RV Resort and we ended up spending a few weeks of spring with him in addition to another surf trip to San Diego and then to Kauai.

In June, we bought yet another RV this time it was a 30′ fifth wheel. We wanted something that was light and nimble for our summer road trip through Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, and Washington.

This 3-month trip was probably my favorite yet. Eight years in and we had finally found our flow!

month of May, November and December there too.

In November, we added yet another RV to our fleet, racking our total now up to 5 RVs! This one is a 26′ brand new travel trailer that will eventually be Gabi’s.

For now, it is Robyn. and Victor’s private suite where we use it for September, Novemeber, and December at Settler’s Point RV Resort. Having the kid’s/adult kid’s in one RV and parents in another has helped spread out all of our stuff (because we’ve accumulated a lot over the years!) and made it easier for us, Robyn and Victor, to work with clients in the morning without waking up the entire RV.

We broke up our St George stay with a month of travel through Colorado, back to our favorite area of Ouray/Telluride, and then a surf trip to San Diego.

We’re finishing out the year in St George before taking off on another incredible 3-month ski trip this time using our Icon Ski Pass. Stay tuned for 2024’s adventures…

Meet Each Member of The Nomads Family

family beach photo

Meet Robyn

Robyn beach photo

Author, mindset coach, and lifelong questioner, Robyn lives life by the motto motto of “wake up to start every day” and it’s what led her to leap into the RV lifestyle so many years ago.

Robyn is a lot of things but boring and normal are not one of them. We tend to joke around that Robyn doesn’t fit into any category because she is all them- climber, surfer, runner, entrepreneur, RVer, health nut, yogi, coffee addict, and mother of five. Yes, she is a little crazy.  But if that’s what it takes to live a life like hers, then bring it on.

She is persistent and ambitious which has led her to create this nomadic life. In fact, she is so ambitious that you should be careful about mentioning new travel destinations in front of her. When she gets something in her head, it’s going to happen. She has always been an athlete and sports are what push her to lead a healthy, empowered, and A Playful Life.

Learn more at

Meet Victor


Meet the “Meat Head”. This guy loves lifting iron. We’ve tried converting him into a traveler, a surfer, a climber, and a hiker (and sure he enjoys the time outdoors spent with his family) but his passion lies in the weight room.

It only takes a few minutes of meeting Victor to pick up on how genuine, kind, and compassionate he is (the Sorting Hat at Hogwarts would definitely put him in the Hufflepuff House) and these traits are what set him up to be the best when it comes to coaching.

Meet Danny

Danny beach photo

“Run, Forest, Run!”  Daniel (age 24) is our runner and writer.  The irony is that he didn’t like running or writing when he was younger.  Now, his days revolve around his running training schedule, writing his next book, and taking online writing courses.  At age 16, he ran his first ultra-marathon race, a 50-kilometer trail run in Pacifica, California.  A year later he ran his first 50-mile race in San Francisco. Follow him on Instagram @dannyrobledoauthor.

Danny also follows in his parent’s footsteps as a fitness and nutrition coach. Follow his Instagram @dannythediethacker to learn more about his healthy diet hacks and sign up for nutrition coaching.

Meet Gabi

Gabi beach photo

Gabi (age 22) is an adventure athlete, mindset coach, and the co-founder of adventure travel brand, Nomads With A Purpose.

Gabi has always been passionate is seeking out waves and sending climbing routes in beautiful destinations, which led us to some pretty cool locations around the world. Her desire to research and pursue has taken us to some incredible off-the-beaten-path locations on our travels and it’s also what led her to start this blog with her mom at the age of 16.  Through years of photography, web design, writing, and social media management, Nomads With A Purpose has grown from a small blog to a multi-media adventure travel brand with over 70k readers per month.

Check out Gabi’s Huffington Post article How I Left Behind My Old Life at 14 and Became a Teenage Travel Blogger

Growing up with such an unconventional lifestyle, Gabi cultivated a strong curiosity in consciousness, mindset, and quantum energetics which has led her to become a flow state & mindset coach, a writer, and an upcoming TEDx speaker.

Learn more at

Meet Isabelle

Isabelle beach photo

Isabelle (age 19) is like the wind, and enjoys going with the flow.  Though she’ll do whatever, her heart lies on the trail.  Isabelle loves to hike and leads the way on all our trail adventures.  Don’t let her calm exterior deceive you.  Her mind is a whirlwind of creativity, which has led her to be an incredible charcoal artist, which you can see on her Instagram account,  She is quite the entrepreneur and is now an integral part of our blog and teaches a Kids Mindfulness class online.

Learn more at

Meet Jiraiya 

Jiraiya beach photo

A.K.A. “Mogli” (from The Jungle Book),  Jiraiya (age 15) is all passion and energy … finding ways to funnel that energy in a constructive way is always a challenge when traveling in confined spaces.  But what better way to unleash a kid’s energy then to show them the great outdoors.

We always knew Jiraiya would be a master adventurer one day, and it seems like that future is steadily becoming a reality. Due to his energy, strength, and (a little too much) love for risk, Jiraiya is a beast when it comes to climbing and biking.

For the longest time, Jiraiya was very afraid of heights, but loved indoor bouldering (because the climbing walls are shorter). After a year spent away from the climbing gym where he got to avoid his fear of heights, he finally realized that if he wanted to climb again, he was going to have to tie into a rope and face his fears. Over the course of a year, Jiraiya went from being scared on top-rope to lead climbing 5.11a!

When he’s not rolling in the dirt, Jiraiya is the ultimate debater and we joke that we’re going to kick his butt if he doesn’t become a lawyer because he’s so good at talking his way out of things.

Meet Tatiana

Tatiana beach photo

Tati (age 13) is an insanely passionate, independent, and creative kid.  We always say “that girl will move mountains,” however, I think it’s more likely she’ll climb them due to her upbringing.

Getting Tati to hike is used be a battle, but over the years of repeated exposure to challenging treks, she’s gone from to pulled along 8-milers, to easily completing two 20-mile day hikes within the same summer this year (2021) at the age of 10.

Tati wants to do everything the older girls do in this family do, so we won’t be surprised when she eventually turns a corner, like she did with hiking, and becomes a proficient climber and surfer.

family photo at the beach

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