We’re The Adventure Travel Family

We all want to live our lives to fullest. To live without regrets, to have memorable moments and rich experiences, to be happy, to connect with our families, and to enjoy our lives

But not all of us do that.

We wanted no regrets.

family beach photo

Our Mission

To live each day in search of adventure, together as a family, and to inspire you to find your purpose so you can live your life to the fullest. 

We live with a dedication to intention. We strive to wake up each day with intention—with purpose—to experience new things, to learn new things, to challenge ourselves, and therefore grow as people.

We love to rock climb, surf, mountain bike, and hike, because not only do those adventure sports bring great challenges upon us, but they also give us intention when we wake up and they bring us to destinations where we experience new and exciting things. That also happens to be what the word adventure means, an unordinary, exciting experience. Active adventure travel is our purpose. It’s the reason we wake up excited because we can always continue to push ourselves and learn by traveling to new places and escaping our comfort zone.  Most importantly, we live this life of adventure with our family by our side through it all.

We’re a full time travel family.  But we are not your typical family. For starters we have five kids, making travel a little more hectic.  We also sold all our stuff and moved into our thirty foot motorhome to travel back in 2015.  Well, not all our stuff …we kept our surfboards, climbing gear, and any other camping/hiking gear that would fit. We love adventure and the outdoors and that’s what all our travels center around.

We weren’t always this crazy

family beach photo

Robyn and Victor met in high school.  While still in college, we opened Island Tumble, a gymnastics studio and personal training facility, way back in 1997, 3 months before we got married. We were still in college at the time, but we loved exercise and working with children and saw an opportunity and went for it.  Over the next 18 years we followed the rules. We got married, had five kids, put them in competitive sports, nurtured a business, etc. We “got by” nicely until one day an idea took hold.

2015: We jumped

tati jumping at beach

We loved the business we had and we lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Coronado, California. But we saw our life flying by too quickly and realized that before we knew it our kids would be grown and off on their own adventure. On top of that, we were fed up with the cost of living.

So we decided to create a big adventure for them to remember their childhood by.

We sold almost everything we owned, bought a 30 foot motorhome, and began living out of our RV and traveling.

That year we took our RV on road trips up the California coast in April, a Colorado and Utah trip in June, and a two-month road trip up to Vancouver and back stopping in many places in the PNW.    

In September, we returned home to San Diego and lived out of our RV in local campgrounds in order to save up for bigger adventures the next year.

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2016: Chasing dreams

family photo at beach

To kickoff seven months of travel, we spent a month chasing waves together all around Costa Rica. Then, we jumped on a plane to Europe and spent six months traveling through Norway, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal.

This was the year we we realized we wanted to be full time nomads and created our travel blog to help others experience more adventure in their life.

We returned briefly to San Diego in November before turning around and flying west, this time to surf the North Shore of Oahu. We got our stoke in the warm waters and a heavy dose of fresh air while tent camping on the East side of the island.

We then returned home to finish the year with family back in San Diego.

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