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Manifesting Your Purpose

Amid life’s complexities and constant hustle, many of us find ourselves grappling with the eternal quest for purpose and meaning. The pursuit of a fulfilling and purpose-driven life is a journey that transcends the ordinary, requiring a deep understanding of oneself and a deliberate effort to manifest one’s true calling.

This blog is a compass for those who are ready to embark on the transformative voyage of self-discovery and purposeful living. Unraveling the secrets of manifestation, we delve into the art of aligning our thoughts, actions, and intentions to unlock the doors to a life filled with passion, fulfillment, and the realization of our true purpose.

Manifesting My Purpose of Family Adventure Travel

In 2015, I asked my husband if we could move into an RV and travel for just 5 months. I told him, “Hey! We could save some money by not having to pay in rent and it would allow us to take a few longer road trips over the summer.”

He said, “Sure.” After all, it was only going to be for 5 months…

9 years later, we are still living in an RV and traveling the world. We’ve traveled to 26 countries and get to spend most days exploring new places and doing epic adventures together as a family.

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Is Family Adventure Travel Really My Purpose?

In a way, yes.

I believe we live in a code based world.

Is it truly a SIM like the Matrix depicts? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the more I learn about chakras, numerology, astrology, enneagram, and gene keys, the more convinced that it is all codes and frequencies.

When I got married and started having kids, almost 30 years ago, I never imagined that I would be able to achieve such an exciting and purpose-filled life.

While I’ve always been goal-driven, I believe my success in manifesting my purpose had to do with more than just writing out a plan for where I’d like to see myself in a year, five years, ten years, etc.

I believe the joy and abundance I have experienced over the past 30 years have manifested through my ability to create a clear vision of how I want to feel in the future and script it out.

Don’t know your purpose? Start here.

The simplest strategy for manifesting your purpose is to:

Act as if you already live your purpose.

This totally works for me. I think about how I want to feel and what I want my day to look like to create this feeling, and then I act from a place of certainty, knowing that if it truly is aligned with my purpose, it will become part of my reality.

I can see it, believe it, think it, and act in alignment with it all while holding a high frequency.

Because it excites me and makes me feel like it was what you were put on this earth to do, it’s easier to embody the emotions before it actually comes into my reality.

Here are some steps you can do to manifest your purpose too.

1 | Be Focused

Have you ever heard the term, See it with your mind’s eye?  That’s really the key step in achieving any manifestation. Knowing exactly what that outcome looks, smells, sounds, and most importantly, feels like.

Having all the details scripted out in your mind’s eye makes it easier to identify and hold the emotional vibration of that dream reality.  

Plus, the clearer the picture you have of what you are trying to achieve, the easier it is to make choices that align with your purpose.  

When you can picture how your manifestation will make you feel, you will be more motivated to take the steps needed to turn those thoughts and desires into reality.  I find that it helps to write your manifestation out and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you can read it every morning and night when you are brushing your teeth. You can also put it in your phone as an alert that goes off 3 times a day.

2 | Maintain Focus

Now, once you can see it, you MUST not forget it.  

Maintaining that focus is what will set you up for success or failure.

Whether you condition the mind to stay focused through meditation, yoga, or prayer, it’s important not to let discomfort or negativity create obstacles on your path to your goals.  

Just because it’s hard, takes too much time, requires organizational skills, hurts a little, or isn’t fun, shouldn’t give you a reason to abandon your goals and choose the easy path.

The only way to grow, to change, to modify, to recreate yourself, is through focused intensity over time.

Sustaining your focus is often the biggest challenge so the more opportunities you create for deepening your focus, the easier it will be to sustain that focus.

Personally, the more times a week I can step onto my yoga mat, sit in meditation, slow down my breath, and observe my mind, the better all the other aspects of my life fall into place.

Instead of getting distracted, overwhelmed, and feeling helpless, I almost always step off my mat or bolster with more intention, more direction, and an even larger passion to pursue my goals.

Also, having daily affirmations taped up around your house can help you stay focused and motivated.

3 | Staying Motivated

Happiness becomes a result of self mastery.

Motivation is your reason behind action. It is your “WHY”.

When you are clear and committed, you have a high level of motivation.  

How do you get more motivated?  

One way is to feel like you have a choice. Feeling boxed in is one of the hardest things for me. But when I feel like I have a choice, I am much more motivated to work towards something.

As a nomad, we are constantly having to choose if it’s time to move on, what we want to do, and where to go. Because our life is a blank canvas, we get to constantly assess our happiness and have the ability to change things to feel more alignment with our purpose.

Creating a life where I was time-rich was an important part of the manifestation process for me. Because I have time in my day for intention setting, reflection, and meditation, I can maintain a high frequency that draws toward me opportunities to live my purpose.

Happiness is a choice and being able to direct your mind to choices that serve you will heighten your motivation.

4 | Stay Disciplined

You will also need discipline to make your manifestations come true.  

That doesn’t mean you have to overwork or be busy doing tasks all day long.

It means you have to prove to the universe that you really do want the thing you are manifesting.

While holding a high-frequency emotion and belief is important, you do need to take steps in alignment with your dreams.

How you act now needs to mirror how you’re

I find that looking at your numerology, astrology, and enneagram provides great insight into not just what your purpose is, but what type of disciplined actions you need to take.

It doesn’t matter the goal, whether it’s travel, better relationships, writing a book, weight loss, adventure, or starting a new business, it all requires aligned discipline.

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5 | Input Self Affirming Beliefs

Gabi and I coach people on manifestation and we find that the number one limitation is their beliefs about themselves.

Because I believe I’m worthy and capable of living my best life, I don’t let fear and self-doubt stop me. They might enter my thoughts but I can quickly and easily drown them out with empowering mantras and a positive mindset.

Everyone deserves to live a life of fun, happiness, and fulfillment. But most people didn’t grow up with parents, teachers, and friends who were natural at manifesting.

Most people’s programming created self-limiting beliefs that make it harder to manifest your purpose.

If you find yourself struggling to hold a high-frequency emotion throughout your day, it might be that you have energetic blockages due to your childhood programming.

If so, sign up for Know Your Soul coaching with Gabi or Architect Your Dream Life with me.

You can also start with our free Chakra Healing Course today and see which chakra is limiting your ability to manifest your purpose. Also, join us inside Be The Hero Academy to learn how to have a creator mindset for all areas of life.

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