Adventure Bigger University- Why You Should Join
What if there was a school for those of us who love nature and the outdoors and want to take the next step in adventure?
 A school designed to teach us new sports.  A university that pushed you to live more adventurously—that provided easy solutions to overcoming your fears and the problems that are preventing you from taking bigger adventures. 

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Whether you want to take your first camping or backpacking trip, to taking bigger adventure road trips or road trips abroad, to trying new outdoor sports like kayaking, SUPing, hiking, or trying even more adventurous sports like surfing, climbing, mountain biking, or canyoneering.  Well, that day has arrived.  

Welcome to Adventure Bigger University!

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Adventure bigger university

But first, let me ask you something…

How often do you take a risk and fail? 

For me, it feels like a regular occurrence.  

You see, when I designed Carve Your Path a few years back, it was the result of me being very frustrated and overwhelmed and honestly, really jealous of what I saw other people being able to do.

I had opened a business at 20 years old and started having kids at 22.  No complaints because I loved my job and I loved that I could do it with my kids.  But then the inevitable happens, and I did what so many people seem to frown upon…I changed.

I wanted more.  

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By the time my my fourth baby was born, I was itching for the outdoors.  I needed adventure.  I needed diversity in my days.  But mostly, I needed a new challenge.  

Being pregnant and having babies was a HUGE challenge, but I wasn’t going to live the rest of my life trapped in that bubble of thinking that being a mom was enough.  I needed my own self fulfillment, my own development, my own failures, my own successes, basically my own individual challenge.  So by the time my fifth baby was done breastfeeding I started actively chasing more.  

I picked up a surfboard and taught myself to surf.  Then, I bought a Groupon for outdoor rock climbing, when I had never even gone indoor climbing, and instantly fell in love with the sport.  

Well fast forward a few years later and now I’ve traveled to 26 countries with my five kids in search of trails to hike, waves to surf, and rock walls to summit. My sports and the connection I share with my kids has become the focus of my days.  

But it’s not really about just playing (like my dad teases me for), it’s really that my sports, raising kids, and travel are how I choose to learn and grow as a person and that is my true purpose.  

To constantly improve my knowledge, my skills, and my capabilities through experiences.

But guess what?

I fail all the time.

Seriously, you have no idea how much I screw up.  And I’m really happy about it because I look at who I was five or ten years ago and I feel so much satisfaction in how much I’ve grown as a person.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always a W-I-N.  I look back and think a lot about the things I’ve had to give up along the way or things I used to do better, but I can easily dismiss this negative thinking because I know I intentionally gave them up for a greater sense of purpose.

How about you?

  • Do you look back and think of what you used to be good at?  
  • Do you feel like you are changing for the better?  
  • Do you feel like the things you’ve had to let go of were necessary in order to get on the path you were meant to be on?  
  • Do you look at the path you are on and think, This is where I needed to get to so that years from now I won’t have to wonder what if?

Whether you already feel like that or want to feel like that, ABU is created to help you grow even more. Click here to head over to the school and get started with our free course, Adventure Bigger 101.

Ok, back to that risk I wanted to tell you about.

Gabi, my 17 year old daughter, and I plan all our trips and when we planned our Pacific Island trip to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Bali, we really didn’t think the whole thing through very well.  We jumped so fast on booking tickets that we spent the next nine months debating if we should even go to Bali.

As it got nearer, I became really worried that Bali was going to feel like a trip we took to Nicaragua a few years back.  I like going to off-the-beaten-path locations in first world countries, but I quickly learned that in third world countries, I need to stick on the path well worn.

The only reason we were going to Bali was because I really wanted to surf Medewi.  To save money, we ended up renting a house in Medewi for a whole month.  Big mistake.

As soon as we arrived I knew I would be reliving our Nicaragua trip, except this time it was even longer. And I knew I just wanted to turn around and fly home.  Except that I couldn’t.  We were out of money except for the $50 a day we had budgeted for food for the month.

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I tried to reframe my thinking, to have a more positive mindset, to find the silver lining, but every morning I woke up thinking How am I going to endure being here for an entire month? How can I get through the day as fast as possible? How can I focus on the silver lining?  

Normally, I jump out of bed so excited to start my day, but here, it was so hot, it took twenty minutes to paddle to the surf in order to not cut up our feet, there were no grocery stores so we had to eat out every night and I hated how they fried all the meat.  I felt like such a failure for bringing my family here and asking them to endure the lack of comforts.  Seriously, the water and electricity went out every day for the first week!  At least when we vagabond in our RV in the States I make sure we have food and water.

After a week I couldn’t take it any longer.  I did something even more irresponsible. I rented a car from a guy who took my cash and shook handsNo paperwork.  No insurance. 

I didn’t really think much of it at the time.  And I really didn’t care that we’d have to rack up the credit card debt to rent Airbnb’s for the next few weeks.  I just wanted to get out of Medewi and go somewhere wit