adventurous warm weather winter destinations for when you're sick of the snow

Winter can be beautiful and adventure filled with so many options for snowboarding, skiing, nordic skiing, and snow shoeing.  But sometimes the winter can drag on too long.  If you get the winter blues, here are seven great destinations to head to for warm weather, sunny skies, and plenty of adventure.

Canggu, Bali

Best for: Super warm air & water, cheap and delicious restaurants, nightlife, surfing of all levels, cultural experience
Average high (F): 86 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in):

While the thought of Bali may bring to mind infinity pools and resorts, Canggu is far from that.  Canggu is one of a kind.  The motorbike traffic might give some propel a nervous breakdown, but hey it’s an adventure, right?  Canggu is the perfect combination of locals and tourists so you’ll never feel too far out of your comfort zone.  The beach town in Bali is totally “hipster-fied” and has some of the best restaurants we’ve ever been to and here’s the best part…food is SUPER cheap here.  Not only the food great but it’s an amazing cultural experience to visit Canggu.  Every morning you will see the Balinese set out their offerings at temples, kind of a cool thing to see.  And last of all, this place is the warmest winter destination of them all.  The warmth is like a blanket here but if you don’t like humidity, it might not be your cup of tea.  Don’t worry, you can always go and cool off in the 80 degree (F) ocean.

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Canggu, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations
Riding motorbikes to the beach every day in Canggu, Bali

Oahu, Hawaii

Best for: Good food, epic day hikes, advanced surfing
Average winter high (F): 79 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in): 3

Hawaii may be the stereotypical winter destination, but there’s a darn good reason.  Hawaii is beautiful and has tons of adventures but also plenty of relaxing on beaches.  Hawaii caters to everyone and that’s why it never goes out of style.  If you’re looking for more adventure, Oahu is the island for you. Oahu is bit higher paced life,Oahu has a bunch of epic, adrenaline rushing hikes, great surf (not so good to try for your first time in the winter), and the food is delicious.  Poke bowls, anyone? Want to do Hawaii cheap? Click here to read out guide to visiting Hawaii even if you’re on a budget.

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Oahu, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You're Sick of the Snow
Watching an amazing sunrise when camping on the beach in Oahu

Kauai, Hawaii

Best for: Chilling on quiet beaches, backpacking the Na Pali coast, learning to surf
Average winter high (F): 72 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in): 4

Like I mentioned, everyone loves Hawaii.  If you’re looking for secluded nature and little less adventure, Kauai is for you.  That’s not to say there’s no adventure.  Backpacking the Na Pali coast is a bucket list hike ever adventurer should do at least once.  Outside of that, there are a lot of scenic, quiet beaches great for chilling, snorkeling, and even surfing.  Hanalei and the Bay are a must if you visit.

Kauai, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You're Sick of the Snow
Kauai’s secluded mountainsides

San Diego, CA

Best for: Hipster vibes, good food and restaurants, surfing (all levels), 
Average winter high (F): 65 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in): 2

What’s not to love about San Diego? Year round sun, pretty beaches, tons of hipster restaurants and cafes, traffic, crowds, and more traffic.  Okay so San Diego is definitely not the most adventurous place earth list but there are some cool spots (I would know I lived there for 14 years).  If you’re an adventurous person looking to escape the cold winter and snow, Cardiff CA should be at the top of your list.  With some of the top surf spots in the world, a campground within walking distance of restaurants and grocery stores, and did I mention year round sun, this is absolutely one of the best winter destinations in the world and the best part is, if you just come to Cardiff, you can avoid most of the traffic

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San Diego, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You're Sick of the Snow
Sunset surf vibes on the beach in San Diego

Wanaka, New Zealand

Best for: Any outdoor adventure sport, stunning mountain ranges, and small town, hipster-ish vibe
Average winter high (F): 72 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in): 2

While Wanaka may not be the Warmest winter destinations, it’s certainly a lot warmer than most of North America in the winter.  Wanaka is truly an adventurers paradise.  Surrounded by not just one, but two incredibly blue lakes, dozens of mountains peaks, and a small town filled with an outdoorsy vibe, this is the place to go mountain people should go be visiting in the winter.  It’s got every adventure sport imaginable…hiking, mountain biking, cycling, climbing, SUPing, and more. December and January are prime times to visit Wanaka but it can be crowded.  Avoid the crowds by going closer to shoulder season in March (though there may be a bit more rain.). 

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Wanaka, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You're Sick of the Snow
Hiking one of the many peaks surrounding Wanaka

Costa Blanca, Spain

Best for: Rock climbing, beaches, 
Average winter high (F): 62 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in): 1

Perhaps the most resort-y area of Spain is this small section of coastline filled with cheap accommodations, plenty of tapas, and tons of rock walls to climb.  Whether you climb 5.8 or 5.12, this place could be dirtbag heaven in the winter.  Get climbing beta for Costa Blance here.

Costa Blanca, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You're Sick of the Snow
Photo Credit: UK Climbing
Sun, sea, and lots of rocks…Costa Blanca is an epic destination for travelers of al types

El Chorro, Spain

Best for: Rock climbing, cultural experience, 
Average winter high (F): 62 degrees
Average Rainfall Jan-Mar (in): 2.5

Famous among climbers and great if you want to escape and be alone with just you and the rock.  While it doesn’t have as many options and ammenities as Costa Blanca, if you love climbing, rugged rock formations, and good, cheap food, this is the winter destination for you.

El Chorro, Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You're Sick of the Snow
Photo Credit: Scarpa Climbing blog
Even just the hikes around El Chorro will get your blood pumping

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