Almond flour banana bread (gluten and dairy free) recipe
Looking for the most scrumptious, fluffy, and delicious banana bread recipe? This almond flour banana bread recipe is super easy to make, is low sugar, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, and only requires one-bowl!

This almond four banana bread is fluffy, delicious, and super easy to make! This recipe is low sugar, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, and only requires two bowls! Basically it’s so easy to make, you’ll have no choice besides becoming wildly obsessed with this almond flour banana bread. This recipe makes for a great healthy snack, light breakfast, or even dessert! Now for the grand story of how my baby banana bread came to be….

Hello, I’m Isabelle (the surprisingly well adjusted middle child of a very large and crazy family). Before we get started I must warn you that this is my first every recipe blog. I fear that as a member of Gen Z, I’m officially becoming just like every other millennial in the world. I eat avocado toast (occasionally), drink overpriced coffee, pose like my life is super put-together for Instagram, ride Uber, and am now trying to be a food blogger. (Super original right?) The only difference is that I don’t have to worry about paying rent or dying of starvation so HAH! 😉

I don’t know much about food blogging but I do know a little bit about 3 things:

  1. Health (I am the holy offspring of the evil mastermind/co-creator of Nomads With A Purpose after all)
  2. Wellness (Mediation is in bro)
  3. And last, I know that as a food blogger, I’m required to write a tragic 3000 word backstory for this banana bread so lets start with how this banana bread came to be.

It was a silent morning just like any other. Then the Robledo family started to stir and one of the Robledo’s LITERALLY started to stir because they’re baking… This is me in case you didn’t guess.

I am stirring chocolate at the bottom of a cup for my morning mocha that I make for my sister and I. I’ve recently gotten back from a long (and pretty frickin epic I might add) trip backpacking the Tour du Mont Blanc and I’m now settling into a routine of trying to eat “clean” which entails a morning apple cider vinegar shot and/or lemon water, occasional greens juice, spinach salad for breakfast with hard boiled eggs, and no gluten, no sugar, and no caffeine.

It actually isn’t that bad and I actually kind of enjoy it but today was the day all hell broke loose.

I NEEDED some form of pastry or sweets or carbs!

So I tried to make some small mug cakes but those didn’t satisfy my need to bake. Then I tried some cinnamon rolls and realized that it doesn’t matter if it was a vegan recipe, it was not healthy to eat these on a regular basis.

Then one day, Instagram decided to read my browser cookies and solve my problems.

BEHOLD! A video of a hot, chocolatey banana bread mug cake with a recipe came onto my screen and me being a crazy weird person who LOVES to try new things instead of just making what I know, I decided to make it.

The first few tries didn’t really work at ALL. (Stupid cookies).

On top of it the recipe obviously only yielded 1 mug-worth AND the recipe didn’t use almond flour! We’re not full gluten free but we do limit our gluten and I prefer to opt for almond flour when I’m baking.

I honestly really like the taste of almond flour and I find that unlike a gluten free flour blend, it digests really well and still rises when cooking.

So after some modifications to the recipe, I felt like I had practically perfected it and it satisfied my baking craving…Then of course my sister comes along and decides to make it better than me being the perfectionist she is (no offense) and so now here we are with a incredibly delicious almond flour banana recipe that is worthy of being shared on-the-line (it’s an obscure movie reference).

It’s the perfect go-to snack for your adventures!

The ingredients for this delightful, sweet, heart-warming, tasteful, scrumptious, rich, out-of-this-world, divine, heavenly, mouthwatering, and extremely tasty banana bread can easily be found in your own house (assuming you’re A) A health nut, B) vegan, C) Shop at Whole Foods, or D) are a modern day hipster trying to conform to whatever the latest health trend is. Side note, thank you for supplying me with synonyms for yummy to up the word count on this darn thing!

The ingredients for the recipe are super simple.

The key ingredient: Bananas. I love baking