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Top 10 Anchorage RV Rentals + Why You Should RV in Alaska

10 best Anchorage Rv rentals
The 10 best Anchorage RV rentals for an amazing trip to Alaska! No time? Save this for later and PIN IT!

Getting an RV rental in Anchorage is one of the best ways you could explore Alaska. You’ll make epic memories, get to stay at the most beautiful places, and you’ll have the freedom to go at your own pace. We’ve delved through all the RV rentals in Anchorage and have picked the top 10 rentals for any type of traveler.

We went back and forth many times on whether we should RV in Alaska or not. Now, we own an RV ourself so if we wanted to RV in Alaska we really had to drive the entire Alaska Highway. We weren’t super stoked to drive 1,400 miles through Canada to get to Alaska but in the end, the reason we did end up driving it was because we wanted to RV in Alaska.

If you own your own RV, first you need to consider if you should drive the Alaska Highway rather than renting. If you don’t own your own RV, then you’re in the right place!

Our crazy RV journey started ten years ago when my mom was bored with our resort style Hawaii vacations and so, she rented an RV and made my dad drive us to the Sequoias. It was our first road trip and our first time to ever visit a national park. You can say that this first trip was the spark we needed. Since then we’ve been to dozens of national parks and road trips close to a hundred thousand miles. RVing is our favorite way of travel and Outdoorsy makes it so easy for you to get a taste of this epic lifestyle we’re kinda obsessed with.

This is is the ultimate guide to renting an RV in Alaska and we’ll cover everything you need to know to have an amazing RV adventure.

Why You Should RV through Alaska

The first reason you should RV in Alaska is because it’s freaking Alaska, The Last Frontier. It’s raw, it’s rugged, it’s wild. Alaska is nature at its finest and what better way to explore rugged America than by camping. Camping puts you in the most pristine locations, allows you to take your time, and saves you a ton of money on accommodation. The best part about RVing is that you get to experience stunning campgrounds but you have nearly all the comforts of a house. RVing is amazing and it’s probably why we’ve lived and traveled in our RV for almost 5 years now.

Alaska is no exception to all the awesome parts of RVing, in fact of all places to RV in the world, Alaska is probably the best. What Alaska lacks in civilization it makes up for campgrounds. You could drive hundreds miles in Alaska and not run into a single hotel, hostel, or B&B but there’s a good chance you’ll pass multiple campgrounds. And they’re not just any campgrounds, they’re beautiful campgrounds.

Why You Should Rent an RV in Anchorage

A lot of people decide to road trip to Alaska, ourselves included. The Alaska Highway is rad however if you read our blog on Everything You Need To Know to Drive to Alaska, you’d know that while we loved the process of driving the Alcan Highway, seeing so much wildlife, and exploring the stops along the way next time I go to Alaska I will probably opt to fly into Anchorage.

If you want to know the details of comparing driving versus flying to Anchorage, check out the full blog post. To sum it up, the Alaska Highway is beautiful but it’s nothing compared to Alaska.

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Now, I know some people opt to rent an RV out of Fairbanks but here’s the thing, Fairbanks is not nearly as good of a basecamp as Anchorage. It’s really far to get to and from Fairbanks and while Fairbanks can be cool, there isn’t much in Fairbanks besides Fairbanks. In addition, flights are going to be way cheaper to Anchorage rather than Fairbanks. I’ve already got my eye on Skyscanner to snag cheap flights to anchorage next summer so we can go on an RV trip again.

You may find it hard to believe but just the Anchorage area is one of the best destinations in the world. Why? Anchorage is surrounded by some of the most incredible nature on earth and you’re definitely going to want to spend some time in the area on the way in and out of Anchorage.

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Planning Your Anchorage RV Trip

Best Time For an Alaska Road Trip

Prime time in Alaska is no doubt summer. Alaska season runs from May through September however note that each season brings different benefits.

May has fewer mosquitos and let me tell ya, those buggers are demons, but the negative is that nearly every hiking trail is snow covered. June is still uncrowded and most (but not all) hiking trails are snow free. June is when we visited and it’s definitely one of the best time’s to visit Alaska, but we certainly had a lot of mosquitos to deal with in some areas.

July and August are the most crowded season but you’ll never have to worry about snow covered trails. This is also peak of mosquito season so prepare to bathe in Deet. In addition, this may come as a surprise but these are the rainiest months of the year. Come prepared with rain gear if you visit during this time.

September, like most places in the world, is probably the best time to visit Anchorage and Alaska. It’s warm, much less crowded than July/August and the bugs are dying away.

Note that anytime you visit in the summer months will bring lots of daylight. In an RV it’s not too much of a problem since most windows have shades. Ask the RV rental owner if the RV is equipped with blackout shades.

Tips For Your First RV Trip

While some RVs provide add-ons so you don’t have to deal with sewer, water, and propane yourself, I still recommend that you have a small understanding of basic RVing.

Besides the logistical tips of preparing for your first road trip, the more important part of planning a road trip has to do these 14 things that will make your first RV trip a resounding success. This is less about everything going well physically but rather everything going well for each individual so that everyone has the time of their life.

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Where to Stay With Your RV Rental

Once you decide on the RV you want to rent you’ll have to pick where you’re going to camp. That’s not to say you need to worry about not having a place to stay. There are sooooo many campgrounds in Alaska and even if campgrounds are full, there are endless boondocking opportunities.

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The reason you should plan your campgrounds in advance is just so you can score the most scenic camping spots in Alaska. Campgrounds do get packed in the July/August so go check out our guide to the best campgrounds in Anchorage so you can make reservations.

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Another super helpful resource for finding campgrounds in Alaska is iOverlander. From free spots to RV parks, this community based app helped us find tons of amazing campgrounds all throughout Alaska.

Which Anchorage RV Rental is Best For You?

Maybe you’re an experienced RVer, maybe you’ve never RVed a day in your life. Maybe you’re a luxury traveler, maybe you’re a hardcore adventurer. We’ve been RVing for 10 years and have been full time RVers for almost 5 years. Basically we’re experts on RVing so we’re going help you make sure you pick the perfect Anchorage RV rental for your travel style.

Best RV Rentals in Anchorage for Couples + Solo Travelers (up to 3)

When it comes to RVs, it’s hard to beat the simplicity of a van and it’s one of the definite perks of only being 1 or 2 travelers. Vans are comfortable, fit in any parking lot, are easy to drive, and are honestly are way more photogenic than other RVs (#vanlifetotallydiscriminates). Vans are awesome however there are a few exceptions for when 1-2 travelers should opt for a Class C RV (see this section).

For example, do you want your own toilet and shower? A big part of answering that question also has to do with if you plan on staying at campgrounds. Campgrounds have restrooms however if you want to boondock in Alaska (and trust me, there are a lot of boondocking opportunities) you may want a toilet (unless you’re totally cool with the woods). Note that some vans do have portable toilets. Shower wise, it’s totally understandable to want that comfort however you will need to find campgrounds with hookups and those tend to be not as beautiful of campgrounds. After living in a Class C RV for 4 years, let me tell you that paying for a shower at a campground is just easier sometimes.

2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 Van

Anchorage RV Rentals, Mercedes Sprinter

This is basically the dream adventure van. This newly remodeled Sprinter van has a modern, clean, spacious interior with features such as swiveling chairs with tables, a built in kitchen with a mini fridge and sink, plus tons of storage beneath the bed, roof racks, and an outdoor solar shower. This is the most upscale and luxurious van on this list and is definitely suited more toward people who don’t want to rough it.

The usual amenities are also included such as a outdoor camp stove, cookware, linens, camp chairs, a hammock, a cooler. One feature I love about this van is the optional bike rack that can be included upon request. This could be great for avid mountain bikers/cyclists.

The 4X4 feature comes in handy in Alaska and this is one of the few vans that does’ have any restrictions on driving Denali Road, the Dalton highway, Nabesna Road, and McCarthy Road. In addition, the owners are flexible with delivery and can drop-off/pick up in your requested destination.

Check availability and prices here

2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

Anchorage RV Rentals, Volkswagon

This van isn’t chic and luxury however it’s one of the cheapest rental options in Anchorage and you could say that’s it’s pretty retro. Seriously though, at only $129 per night this is as good as it gets if you’re on a budget plus, this van is delivered right to/from the airport and the cleaning fee is waived if you leave as clean as you found it.

All the necessities are included: bedding, cookware, propane stove, camp chairs. This van has a roof rack with straps perfect for paddle boards, kayaks, and more. Fishing poles, firewood, and backpacking gear can be included as paid add ons which can be really helpful if you plan on doing certain activities.

An awesome bonus with this one is the hiking books, maps, and state parks pass that are included. Pets are also welcome in this van.

Note: This van is not permitted on the Dalton Highway.

Check availability and prices here

Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Camper Van “Savannah”

Anchorage RV Rentals, Volkswagon 1983

Fulfill all your #vanlifing dreams by renting this sick, classic Volkswagon Van. Honestly, the biggest reason you should rent this van is for the gram💁🏽‍♀️. In all seriousness, this van is perfect for adventuring in Alaska. While it can fit 4, this van is perfect for 2 travelers.

This van has the vintage pop up feature which makes for awesome morning views. Speaking of vintage, this is a 1982 model with a newer Subaru engine making for a reliable adventure-mobile. There is bedding, cookware, a stove, camping chairs, a cooler, and specific additional gear is provided upon request.

This van can be dropped off and picked up at the Anchorage airport as well as other destinations at no charge upon request.

Check availability and prices here

Best RV Rental in Anchorage for Small Families (up to 5)

If you have 3 or less kids, or 4 adults, then a smaller class C might be best for you.

If your kids are older or you simply want more space to cook and feed everyone, check out the large family RVs or if your kids are younger, take a peek at the previous category.

While you can absolutely van life with kids, take note on whether you’ll want the amenities of a Class C like a generator, toilet, shower, the option to move around while driving, a full refrigerator/freezer, a microwave, and more.

2014 Coachman Freelander – 24′

2014 Coachmen Freelander, Anchorage RV Rentals

This RV is perfectly suited to a small family. It has a queen bed in the back plus an overhead bunk and a convertible dining table making it also great for a group of 4 adults. There is a small slide out to feel more spacious and the extra kitchen appliances it comes with is a nice feature. It’s only 24 feet and has a back up camera which means it will be very easy to navigate when touring Alaska.

I like that this RV has a U-shaped dinette which is something I’ve always loved for families who all want to eat together.

This RV is very reasonably priced at $199/night and will drop off or pick up at Anchorage airport.

Check availability and price here.

Best RV Rentals in Anchorage for Big Families/Groups (6 or more)

2019 Gulf Stream Conquest All Inclusive RV – 30′

Anchorage RV Rentals, 2019 Gulf Stream Conquest

This RV is perfect for families and groups who want a more upscale interior. Being a new 2019 model, this RV is clean and modern with leather couches and a less stuffy feel.

Like all Class Cs, this RV has an overhead bed, a queen in the rear, and this model has a dinette that turns into a bed for 2 for a max of 6 people. This is great for a family of six but only 5 adults. Since 1 of the beds is a dinette, I know from personal experience that these beds really only fit 1 short adult.

The big benefit of this RV is the unlimited miles that are included making it perfect if you want to high tail it though Alaska.

Required bedding and cookware is provided at an additional cost.

Check availability and prices here

2015 Thor Freedom Elite – 24′

Anchorage RV Rentals, 2015 Thor Freedom Elite

This 2015 Thor Freedom Elite is the ultimate mid range RV. It’s reasonably priced, especially in May, September, and October, and also has clean, new interior.

The big pro with this RV is that it’s short and nimble at 24 feet, perfect for your first family RV trip.

Check availability and price here.

2007 Itasca Impulse

Anchorage RV Rentals, 2007 Itasca

This is an amazing cheap option for up to 7 people for only $160 per night We’re a family of 7 so this is probably what we would choose to rent from Anchorage. The RV is 31 feet however length wouldn’t matter for us since we are used to driving an RV. The is a bare minimum RV but for us, that’s all we need.

The Itasca Other is actually the same layout as the Class C RV we’ve lived in for 4 years. It’s not super spacious but it’s functional and there’s just enough room for everything and there is a slide out.

If you’re looking for a more spacious budget-friendly RV, check out the Super C below.

Check availability and price here.

2014 Forest River Fr3

Anchorage RV Rentals, 2014 Forest River Fr3

Maybe you’re thinking the the Class C just isn’t quite stylish enough for you. If so, you’re better off cruising through Alaska in an upscale class A RV.

This class A is fairly short at only 27 feet making it super easy to drive but it also still manages to sleep 6 people comfortably, though note that one of the 2 person beds is a dinette.

This RV is practically brand new and the interior feels just like a house. There’s a king size rear bed which is really nice if you are tall and it’s cool that it has a bed above the cab even though it’s a class A.

Check availability and price here.

2008 Four Winds Chateau Super C

Anchorage RV Rentals, 2008 FourWinds Cuper C

If you’re a big group/family but on a tight budget, this is the perfect Anchorage RV rental for you. With a dinette table and couch that turn into beds, this RV sleeps a family of 8 or up to 6 adults comfortably and is very affordable at only $220/night.

Though it’s an older model, this RV is well maintained clean and bight so you can save money and have a comfortable experience.

Since this RV is a super C, the inside is super spacious at 35 feet long and has double slides. All the necessities are included and the RV can be delivered anywhere within 30 miles of Eagle River which is a suburb of Anchorage.

Check availability and price here

2018 Jayco Greyhawk Envoy 100

Anchorage RV Rentals, 2018 Jayco Greyhawk

This is the ultimate big family road trip vehicle. At 32 feet long and a new model interior with every tech feature you could imagine, this is great for a family who’s looking to take the trip of a lifetime but have lots of space for everyone to relax in full comfort.

Besides the rear queen and the bed over the cab, the way this RV sleeps 8 is with two bunk beds, a couch that turns into a bed as well as a convertible dinette. Technically, you could even squish 10 into this bus.

The RV is fully loaded with outdoor gear as well such as chairs and a grill. A helpful bonus is that the Alaska Milepost is included so you don’t have to purchase your own just for one trip.

Check availability and price here

Hope this helps you plan an amazing RV trip in Alaska! If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments, we’re happy to help! Don’t forget to check out the related Alaska resources below for tips, guides, and inspiration on where you should visit with your RV rental.

Alaska Resources

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