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Are You A Dreamer?

Are You A Dreamer

Do you catch yourself daydreaming about where or who you’d rather be?  Does your imagination run wild?  Do you catch yourself in far off places, exploring unknown locations, and taking risks you never imagined before only to look up and see the great big blue sky above you in the same destination you’ve always been?  Seriously, do people sometimes refer to you as Walter Mitty?  

Do you catch yourself in far-off places only to look around & be right where you’ve always been?

Or are you more of a Tony Robbins-type dreamer?  Telling yourself the sky’s the limit and that you can be anything you want.  Do you find ways to weave inspirational quotes into your conversations

Are you a hammock dreamer or a garden dreamer?

  • Do you look at the world with curiosity, wonder, awe, and soak in the amazement of possibility?  BUT THEN go on with your normal routine
  • Or do you look at the world as a pile of dirtwaiting for the right seeds to be planted and take root? Do you know exactly what flowers you want to blossom, where you want your shade trees, how you can maximize your growing area?  

Are you both? Are you neither?

We all like to dream. Whether we dream big and then go on with our life, or dream big and make it happen, depends on a lot of factors. 

I spend a lot of time watching the world move. People are busy. Distracted. Overworked. They don’t have time to dream and when they do, they are hoping for that fairy godmother to show up and get them ready for the ball or for that lottery ticket they buy once a year to be “the one”. 

Bali Family Photo, Are You a Dreamer

If you are that dreamer looking up to the sky wishing on the one shooting star, I commend you for taking the time to look up and take notice that you want more. But now, it’s time to get dirty and start gardening. 

Making dreams come true is all about digging holes, sore backs, and a LOT of water. Don’t forget you need the right soil.  Oh, and make sure your garden gets the proper amounts of sunlight. You’ll want to check on them a few times a week to make sure bugs aren’t eating them. 

You know what? Maybe it is better to just go lie in that hammock and daydream. It certainly would be easier!

But then you’d be stuck wondering what if

If you do a good job distracting yourself, you may even be able to forget that dream that required so much work and be able to let it float by like the clouds you are now staring up at. 

If you are a dreamer, come in

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,

A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer

If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire

for we have some flax-golden tails to spin.

Come in!

Come in!

– Shel Silverstein. Invitation

However, there’s a chance that if you eat right, exercise, and sleep well, you’ll wake up with that dream burning inside you again. You may even be so inspired by ideas that it feels like you have ping-pong balls bouncing all over your brain wanting to create this vision you are holding. At least that’s what it feels like in my head.  

I can see it. I can taste it. I can smell it.

Sometimes I plant the wrong two plants next to each other.  A lot of times I spend way too much time on the succulents and forget it’s the flowers that need my attention. 

Okay, you get the analogy. The irony is that I have no green thumb when it comes to actual gardening. I can’t sit still in one place long enough to actually care for a plant.

But I know what I’m talking about when it comes to dreams, visions, intentions, and results. 

You need to be a hammock dreamer and a garden dreamer.

You must lie down on your back completely supported by the fabric of your being & stare off in the distance while letting your mind wander. You need the time & space to reflect on what brings you joy and fulfillment. Then you need to get up & start working.

Dig, plant, water, weed, fertilize. The possibilities are there. You just have to show up every day with the right attitude, the proper mindset, and a willingness to work up a sweat. 

When we opened our business Island Tumble, I barely thought about whether it was the right amount of risk, if my plan good enough, or if I had enough knowledge and skills to own my own business (at 20 years old by the way).  Click here to read our story

I knew I wanted to be self-employed, to work with Victor, and to create an environment that would be fun to bring my kids to. 

I never dreamed of making it bigger than that, therefore, it was only able to grow to what I could picture in my mind’s eye.  I know many more successful entrepreneurs who follow in Napoleon Hill’s footsteps and can dream in large dollar amounts, but I have a tendency to dream in feelings and experiences.

Sure I want money too, but my dreams look more like . . . 
  • Walking through a rice patty field to surf with Victor and Gabi
  • Jumping on trampolines or into lakes with my kids
  • And sharing big meals (that I can easily afford) with my family at the end of each day.  

All of which still requires money, hard work, and persistence

Age tends to zap the risk-taking right out from under us. When I had to decide to close Island Tumble and pursue my new passion of adventure, health, and wellness, I struggled so much more with making the decision that I knew I wanted. I spent months agonizing over the risk, the unknowns, and projecting all the possible failures until it came down to the last possible minute to make a decision. 

The procrastination was PAINFUL. Having the what-ifs ruminating like that made me tired, irritable, and sad. But as soon as I decided to immerse myself in the garden I had been planting part time, I felt light and happy again

They say dream big, but I say “dream dirty.”

Dream with realism. Dream concretely. Dream with the tools you have right in front of you. Most importantly, dream your dream.

The weight was lifted and I was working toward my dream again. I’m sure I will still put the wrong plants together, give certain ones the wrong amount of water, and forget to weed some days. This time I’ll get more help. I’ll also go to the nursery more often to ask advice from the experts. But I will step into that garden every day and work towards that vision

Achieving your dreams requires obsessing over your vision. What’s your hammock dream? How do you plan on gardening it into your own reality?

Don’t let distractions, confusion, or overwhelm stop you from seeing how close you can get to what you really want.

Do you still feel like you are ready to tackle your dreams? You might want to join Power, Passion, & Productivity where we teach you how to use the power of the chakras to reach your dreams!

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Are You A Dreamer

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