If you are looking for the best companies with for travel + booking, head over to our Resources page.  This page is dedicated to the radical brands that make your adventures better, safer, easier, or even just more fun.  These innovative brands provide gear that 

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What we love about them: MPowerD creates high quality inflatable, solar lights that actually work.  These clean energy lanterns are suitable for intense adventures or just chilling around the campfire with friends.  We’ve used them on a bunch of our crazy adventures and we are in love with them.   They’ve lit our way when hiking to a 14,00 foot peak at 3:00a m, backpacking in the MAroon bells before dawn, or when hanging out in our RV or tent in the evening.  Our favorite feature about these lights is that they effectively charge up via solar.  We just attach them to our backpacks with a carabiner while hiking and within a few hours, they’re fully charged and ready to light the way.

Favorite product: The Luci Pro Series: Outdoor 2.0.  

Why it’s our top pick: This lantern is lightweight and inflatable. That means when we don’t need it, it packs down nice and small into our hiking packs for later use.  The best thing about this product is that it has a USB charger built in.  With this feature we can always keep our phones charged for photos, videos, and beta when we’re out exploring.

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What we love about them: This is one the most innovative brands out there right now.  This brand specializes in packable adventure travel gear.  Not only is this gear top of line in quality and design, but their products are also complete ly unique to the outdoor industry.  With products like travel soap case, a pocket sized packable blanket, travel dry bag, a travel towel, and a camera base layer to protect your camera on the go.

Favorite product: The Beast 28

Why it’s our top pick: 

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What we love about them: 

Favorite product: The Trekz Titanium

Why it’s our top pick: 

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