Training for Ski Season: 10 Workout

Want to get fit for skiing season? This strength training wokrout program includes the best exercises to build strength, power, and knee stability so you can ski longer, with less fatigue, and prevent injuries.

Fall is in full swing and most ski resorts are opening in just a few short weeks. That means it’s time to check-in and see if you’re ready to hit the slopes and ski your heart out this winter.

A good base of total body conditioning is great, but if you want to be able to ski or ride long days without fatigue, you’re going to want to center your ski (or even snowboarding) training program around these 7 exercise ideas that will get your legs in top conditioning, plus they will help you avoid overuse injuries.

Free Fit to Ski Workout Program

Give this workout a try and if you love it and want more, download our free Fit To Ski program where we give you a week’s worth of dynamic workouts that will get you in tip-top shape for this ski season.  Best of all, this workout program includes everything you need to do to improve fitness and prevent injuries including stretching, myofascial release, foam rolling, cardio, and cross-training. These workouts are also time-efficient for your busy life.

What Makes a Good Ski Training Program?

A good ski training program needs to address these 7 key elements:

  • Strength in the Obliques
  • Knee stability
  • Gluteal engagement
  • Activation of the outer hip muscles
  • Strong quadriceps
  • Muscular endurance 
  • Power production for fast down hilling

7 Best Exercises to Get You Fit to Ski

Trunk Rotation for Strong Obliques