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10 Best Meditation Tools to Elevate your Mindfulness Practice

Best Beginner Meditation Tools to Elevate Your Practice
With these meditation tools, you’ll be motivated to stick with your practice and stay mindful!

These 10 amazing meditation tools are guaranteed make your practice more comfortable, fun, and enjoyable! Elevate your meditation practice!

For many years, I put meditation off as something I didn’t really need. I spent a large amount of time in silence in nature and figured it was the same kinda thing. While being out in nature is definitely good for our mindfulness, meditation still reigns supreme on the list of things that make you more self aware and happier in life.

The biggest thing holding us back from meditating is 3 things:

  1. “It’s sounds boring,”
  2. “I have no time,”
  3. and, “It’s uncomfortable.”

One of the 5 hacks to ACTUALLY starting a meditations practice is making your space comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasant. If you can make beginners meditation feel like relaxation rather than rigidity, you’ll be motivated to stick with your practice.

That’s where beginner meditation tools come in handy!

When you’re just getting started with meditating, you might not know about all the great meditation tools out there to make your practice more comfortable and fun.

In this blog, we’re sharing the best tools we used for meditating as beginners and continue to use in our practice to this day.

If you want more mindfulness tips and inspiration, be sure to check out our brand new sister blog Making Mindfulness Fun!

1 | Incense + Smudge Bowl

One for the easiest ways to focus on the present moment during your meditation is to involve the senses. Personally, I can enhance my meditation by limiting distractions by lighting incense in creates a smell buffer to limit what I pick up in my home or wherever I decide to meditate.

Smell is extremely powerful and can help you on your journey. When I light incense, it sends a signal to my body that it is time for me to relax.

Incense sticks are the easiest to use but some incense is spiritually significant as well such as Palo Santo Sticks or Mayan Copal resin. Resins are derived directly from trees and typically have a stronger, natural scent and are said to aid communication with spirits and access to our states of being.

Make you sure you get a burner bowl to go with your incense.

2 | Bolster

Sukhasana Pose for Meditation
Sukhasana is a common for meditating

Let’s be honest, other than the common excuse that we don’t have enough time to meditate, the real excuse going through our head is that sitting on the floor is sooo uncomfortable. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is that they don’t sit in a comfortable position. Bolsters a great and it saves your pillow from booty cooties. We actually use our bolsters more than furniture to sit when we are at home.

3 | Chakra Crystals

Crystals for beginner meditation

Once we had our ambiance set, healing crystals were the first thing we added to our mediation practice.

Crystals are a super helpful beginner and advanced mediation tool. Having something tactile helps me to stay present during my meditation. Our lives are so busy and we are being bombarded by so many other things that holding something in the palms allows us to center ourselves.

Crystals are a very mindful and intentional addition to our practice. We love that each crystal has a healing quality and we can pick based on our needs which one who choose to hold. I recommend starting with a set of chakra crystals to get started with activating your energy hubs during meditation.

4 | Mala Beads

Mala beads are designed for incorporating a mantra meditation to your practice. They help you keep track of the number of mantras you have said to yourself and provide a tactile focus for your meditation.

Mala beads traditionally consist of 108 beads. 108 is a sacred number, said to be the same number of minor chakras in our body. Move the beads as you count your mantras and repeat your mantras in numbers that 108 is divisible by (such as 9, 12, or 36, etc).

For more ideas about adding mantras to you meditation check out our blog on mantra ideas (coming soon).

5 | Prayer Flags

A prayer flag is a colorful and inspiring addition to your meditation space. A prayer flag is cheap and space efficient which is great for us when we’re RV living.

6 | Sound Bowl

sound bowl, meditation tools
A small sound bowl makes for a great beginner meditation tool

The best way to describe the sound from a sound bowl is pure frequency. Pure energy perceived through sound.

Our family has participated in a few sound baths and this instrument has a powerful affect on us. The sound is not only beautiful but it also affects us on a cellular level. Sound frequencies that come out of a sound bowl have even been proven to heal us from physical ailments.

Sound bowls are often played during meditation and can focus on different chakras. You can purchase a sound bowl for the chakra you want to work on really allowing you to personalize your healing.

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In our family we take turns playing the sound bowl with each meditation to allow everyone to experience it both as a musician and listener.

There are 2 types of sound bowls: crystal and Tibetan. We personally enjoy the sound of crystal bowls (especially the heart chakra bowl) more however they’re more expensive and delicate. Tibetan bowls are cheaper and are great tool to add to a beginner meditation practice.

7 | Solfeggio Frequency Music

This is the music you’ll want to play when you meditate. You can use soothing music but what is amazing about Solffeggio frequency music is that it can target and help you open your chakras. Each chakra in our body is associated with a different type of frequency and due to harmonic resonance, listening to corresponding frequencies can trigger certain chakras to activate.

Learn more about healing with sound frequencies here.

If you are new to meditation, opening chakras is a big part of your personal journey. For more on that, check out our blog where we delve deeper into meditation tools and techniques. Personally, this music works as an amazing filter for the outside world, much like white noise, but way more powerful for reprogramming our internal energetic system. Explore more about meditation tools and how they can enhance your practice.

8 | Buddha Altar

Setting up a ritual space is a great way to make meditation a more pleasant and routine experience. Having your own Altar Box is a great center piece for your practice.

Setting up your meditation area is key for getting started with meditating. Picture walking by your meditation room or area. You already have you bolster, incense, sound bowl, and your altar set up. If your room/area is ready to go without setting up you will be more likely to meditate consistently.

Additionally, if you already meditate consistently, an altar can add depth to your practice by visualizing speaking to your deity. Simply choosing a deity gives us a grounding mechanism to train our subconscious belief system with positive prayers.

9 | Oils and Mists

Back to our powerful sense of smell. Smell can lead us on a path of focus and relaxation. Much like the crystals, smells can help open blocked chakras and activate different feelings of clarity or peace.

Oils and mists can be preferred over incense because they lack a smoky scent that some don’t like.

We love to use a wide variety of oils in our diffuser. We love to use lavender in the evenings and eucalyptus during our yoga classes.

Mists work much the same way as our diffuser setting an ambiance for what ever it is your are trying to do in your meditation.

Family Meditating with kids
Family meditating

10 | Chimes or Bells

Chimes are a great way to trigger a relaxation response. You can use them before and after your practice to help set an intention or close your practice. What is truly amazing about the sounds and smells in this blog is that we often don’t encounter them in everyday life. The chimes seem to trigger something deep inside that can be dormant but at the same time familiar. Somehow the body knows what these sounds or scents can do for us and yearns for more.

For more mindfulness inspiration, check out our new blog Making Mindfulness Fun where we share tons of other meditation tips and tricks!

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