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Best Trail Running Shoes for Hiking: La Sportiva Bushido Review

The La Sportiva Bushido Trail Shoes are the best adventure travel shoes I’ve ever had. These shoes will last us for 1 to 2 seasons of hard hiking. We wear our La Sportiva’s Bushidos on a multi-day backpacking trip, strenuous day hikes, trail running, and climbing approach shoes. These shoes will take your adventuring to the next level.

best trail running shoes for hiking: La Sportiva Bushido Review 2

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Let me start off by saying I am extremely picky about everything. My food, my hikes, my house, my clothes, rock climbs, surf conditions, and my coffee. (I swear if you make me coffee and the water isn’t purified from fresh waterfall water and wasn’t heated to 203F in a steel pot that hasn’t been used to cook food and served in a clean glass French press and steeped for more than 3 minutes AND the coffee was measured to a perfect 1/2 cup that was ground in a coffee grinder until it was finer than coarse but not super fine, then I WON’T DRINK IT.)

I Love These Shoes!

When I tell you that these are the only shoes that I’ve worn on all my adventures for the past Nine years, that tells you that these shoes have got to be good. They’re more than good actually, they’re amazing! I’m hooked on them. So are my two girls and so is my husband.

best backpack REI Flash 22
The Best Shoe For Day Hiking is The La Sportiva Bushido

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I am a minimalist. I am not a fan of big and unnecessarily chunky hiking boots that are constricting and stiff. Before I discovered the Bushidos at a REI semi-annual sale I always went with thin trail runners but as time went on and our adventures became more intense, my cheap trail runners just we not doing it.

If you just want to know straight up if you should get these shoes just see if the following sounds like what you’re looking for.

If you’re like me and want a hiking shoe that is versatile, comfortable, and has a lot of traction that you can use for backpacking, day hiking, and running, then La Sportiva’s Bushido Trail Runners are the shoe you want.

Okay, so you get my point, right? I love these shoes. As much as a climber loves his trad rack. That was a weird parallel but I think you know what I’m trying to say. I am hooked on these shoes.

4 Reasons We Love La Sportiva’s Trail Runners…


While some people may find it surprising or even impossible to hike without hiking boots we like hiking in trail running shoes because of the flexibility it allows in your ankle for easy or strenuous scrambling and rock hopping. 

La Sportiva Bushido trail running shoes aren’t like regular tennis shoes. Trail running shoes are a perfect in-between of hiking boots and tennis shoes. These shoes bend and move with your foot while still being supportive on all sides of your foot.

Cathedral Spires from Sylvan Lake trail 4
The Cathedral Spires from a unique perspective

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Supportive + Responsive

These shoes allow you to stay light on your feet while having protection from rocks because of the impact plate that runs in the sole. Using Bushidos allows you to have ankle mobility with some impact absorption of hiking boots.

Bushidos have a moderate heel and absorb impact so they will still support your feet well on rocky terrain but at the same time, they give you more of a grounded feeling when compared to hiking boots.

A much as I love these shoes I will say, Bushidos might not be a good choice for those who need more ankle support and have existing foot/ankle issues.

We’ve done 20-mile day hikes like The Enchantments and Waptus Lake in Bushidos. The breathability of these shoes is awesome and allows your feet to stay dry on long hikes. We even wore them the entire 108-mile trek of Tour Du Mont Blanc!

La Sportiva has used a unique material that breathes well but also is supportive of the feet. Your feet won’t roll off the outside of the shoe like other cheap running shoes. La Sportiva has integrated a spider web of support for the shoe. They used lightweight material for the shoe but then added support by adding light webbing around the shoe to prevent falling off the sole.

If you don’t mind a little less support than regular hiking boots, you will love La Sportiva Bushidos. 

Hiking The Subway In Zion Was Easy With the La Sportiva Bushido Trail Runners

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Versatile for all Active Adventure

Our absolute favorite thing about our Bushidos is their versatility. While our primary use of these shoes is for hiking and backpacking, these shoes also have the freedom to be used in almost any other adventure. We mountain bike in these shoes, use them for climbing approaches, and of course, trail run in them too.

We did The Subway without ever having to take off our Bushido’s because they’re so versatile. 

They’re great for strenuous hiking, they have good traction to grip rock walls on rappels, and they’re so lightweight that they dry fast after being completely submerged in water. 

Bushidos have the best combination of grip, durability, and shock absorption. La Sportiva’s FriXion XT Rubber technology is made of dual rubber soles so that these shoes grip rocks and never slide. This makes them great shoes to wear on even the most difficult rocky scrambles. 

Lightweight & Breathable

One final amazing thing about La Sportiva’s Bushidos is its breathability. When hitting trails in the summertime, we appreciate the mesh cloth of the shoe that keeps your feet cool.

In addition, if your feet are cooler, they’ll get much less swollen on long hikes making you overall more comfortable.

The Bushidos are lightweight so they will also dry fast in rain, full water submersion, creek crossings, and even when hiking in the snow.

We recently wore these shoes on our hike to Devil’s Bathtub which requires many, many river crossings which resulted in shoes that were soaked to the core. One full day out in the sun and they were perfectly dry and ready to go!

We even wore the la sportiva bushido on the entire 108-mile trek of Tour Du Mont Blanc!

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Their lightweight structure is also the only negative for us. We probably average close to 500 miles of hiking per year which means we usually have to replace them annually. This is a minor downside to such fantastic shoes which is why we continue to wear La Sportiva Bushidos.


  • Support But Not Too Much Support
  • Versatile For All Adventure Sports
  • Good Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Have To Be Replaced Often (at least if you rack miles as fast as we do)
  • Not As Much Support As Hiking Boots
  • Expensive


We are huge fans of La Sportiva’s Bushido Trail Runners due to their versatility and comfort.  Bushidos are not as expensive as hiking boots, however, you will need to replace them more often. If you don’t hike that often, they could last 3-5 years. We replace ours every 300 miles so it depends on the person.

Bushidos are not cheap shoes but all their benefits are worth it for us. They’re our absolute #1 adventure shoe and we recommend these shoes to all hikers, backpackers, and adventurers.

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Have any questions, concerns, jokes, stories, or brewery/coffee recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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