Best Travel Yoga Mat: YOGO Review

I love yoga! See way back ever since I was only 12 years old, my mom made me go to yoga classes with her on a regular basis and inevitably it it planted the seeds of self love, self care, and self awareness in me from a young age and therefore I built a passionate enthusiasm for the practice of yoga. Even to this day, I go to yoga together with my brother, sister, and mom 3-4 times a week when we’re in San Diego, our home base.

Nowadays, we’re full time travelers (see our story by clicking here) and spend most of the year road tripping in North America and abroad.  When we’re on the road, we travel fast and we have a busy adventure schedule. Most days include mountain biking, rock climbing, or hiking plus a 2-6 hour drive depending on the day.

When we’re traveling, it can be really challenging to maintain a somewhat consistent yoga practice. It’s not like we really want to bust out a “crow pose” or chataranga in the dirt so normally, we can only practice yoga when we’re in a campsite and we can setup our large camping tarp/mat because in case you didn’t know, we travel full time in an RV.

Amidst our fast paced travel and adventure, it can often be more work than it’s worth to make time for yoga. That’s why when I discovered YOGO travel yoga mat, I was stoked. This was exactly the kind of thing we needed.

Travel is great, but I thoroughly believe in the physical and mental benefits of yoga and just because we spend half the year traveling, doesn’t mean we don’t need yoga. It helps us manage stress, stay physically mobile, and re-connect with our true selves.  Yoga fuels our bodies and mind so much that it’s something we still prioritize on the road.

Why Travel with a Yoga Mat?

Yoga is not only a great way to re-connect with the mind, but more importantly, when traveling, it helps keep your body loose, agile, and less tight from all the long rides that travel brings.

I usually practice consistently while I’m sitting still at our home base in San Diego, but the second I hit the road, all my muscles go back to being ridiculously tight because all it takes is one long day of driving, flying, or even hiking.  While having tight muscles doesn’t necessarily inhibit me from enjoying my travels, I like being able to move my body without any subtle pains nor aches in my neck and shoulders from sitting with bad posture (all this and I’m only 18 lol).  I want to be able to travel and still push out my peak athletic performance to rock climb or mountain bike despite the long hours of sitting that tends to reverse your increased flexibility from yoga.

Point being that, you don’t have to travel with a yoga mat, but it surely makes your mind, body, and spirit feel much more light and open to the world.

What’s makes a Yoga Mat Good for Travel?

I would love to be able to lug around my lush, 1/2 inch thick, memory foam-esque yoga mat on my travels, but come on, who has room in their luggage to haul that along.  In addition, I know that the wear and tear of travel will likely ruin my mat.