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Best Women’s Climbing Pants of 2023

We’ve compiled a complete guide to some of the best women’s climbing pants. Many of these women’s climbing pants have been personally tested out by us on no less than a hundred routes. Others have been vigorously researched and referenced by other climbers’ reviews to create a comprehensive guide for female climbers.

We hope this list helps you find the best women’s climbing pants of 2023!

Best Womens Rock Climbing Pants
Looking to SEND IT in style or at least replace your old trusty pair of climbing pants? This blog is for you!

Overview of the Best Women’s Climbing Pants

  • Prana Kanab Pant – Best All-Around Climbing Pant
  • Kuhl Womens TREKR Pant – Best Weather Resistant Climbing Pant
  • Black Diamond Women Levitation Capri – Best for Summer Climbing
  • La Sportiva Womens Mantra Pant – Best for Projects & Alpine Climbing
  • Black Diamond Notion SP – Best for All-Around Roped Climbing
  • Prana Summit Pant – Best for All Day Comfort & Versatility
  • Black Diamond Women Forged Denim – Best for Durability with Style
  • Kuhl Splash Roll-Up – Best for Trad & Crack Climbing
  • Prana Becksa Leggings – Best for Gym Climbing
  • Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant – Best for Bouldering & Casual Climbing

First, we’ll break down things to know when shopping for women’s climbing pants and things to consider.

You can skip our Things to Know breakdown and jump straight to the comparison by clicking here and you can jump straight into our breakdown of each woman’s climbing pants by clicking here.

Women Climbing Pant Styles: Pros & Cons

Cargo / Classic Climbing Pants

The women’s Cargo/Classic Climbing pant style provides a balanced combination of comfort, function, and durability. Truly, the best women’s climbing pants fall into this category. However, there are varying combinations of elastic, cotton, and polyester that make each cargo pant have slightly different warmth, durability, and fit.


Leggings are a gym climber’s number 1 choice and a fan favorite of sport climbers and boulders alike. These pants provide ultimate comfort and mobility. Be wary of taking them out on climbs where you may claw nail and tooth at the rock for — the material isn’t always sturdy.


The latest trend in the climbing apparel industry is designing climbing-specific denim jeans.

Haven’t people always climbed in jeans?” I’ve been wondering the same thing.

You see, climbing denim is different, *she says half-jokingly.* Climbing denim is much stretchier and half as heavy as any old pair of denim jeans.

Another pro of these women’s climbing pants is the low-profile waistband that supersedes any old denim. Compared to classic jeans, it’s no argument. the real question is whether climbing-style denim suits your climbing needs or if it’s better to go for cargo or leggings.

Things To Know About Women’s Climbing Pants


When shopping for women’s climbing pants, the inseam is likely the most important thing to keep in mind to make sure the pants fit your build right.

Many of the pants on this list give you options on inseam length but many also don’t. Be sure to measure your inseam in advance that way you know if some climbing pants are not a good choice for your build.

Fabric, Warmth & Durability

Fabric plays a huge role in the function of your climbing pants. By and large, it changes the durability level and the warmth factor, which is something to keep n mind when shopping. There are no bad fabrics, it just depends on what your intention is in climbing.

For example, cotton adds a lot of comfort and breathability but it also absorbs water & doesn’t dry fast. Keep this in mind because you might want to steer clear of it if you’re climbing involves a long approach.

Polyester and nylon are standard fabrics included in pretty much all of these pants. These fabrics add that sweat-wicking feature but Nylon tends to be much more durable than polyester.

Spandex and elastane add a level of exceptional stretch, a form fit, and fantastic durability. These are highly valued features in climbing pants.

Type of Climbing

Depending on the type of climbing you’ll mostly be doing in your new climbing pants will change what style of pants you should buy. Bouldering? Prioritize comfort, you’ll be resting a lot. Multi-pitching? Warmth & moisture-wicking matters more.

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Women’s Climbing Pant Comparison

Note: This table is hard to see on mobile but works well on desktop.

NameRatingPriceFabricWaistbandFit/Leg Cuff
Prana Kanab Pant4.8$8062% Organic Cotton, 36% Nylon, 2% ElastaneElasticElastic Cuff
Kuhl TREKR Pant4.8$9057% Polyester, 43% NylonButton & Fly w/ Elastic DrawstringStraight w/ Cinch Option
Black Diamond Levitation Capri4.7$7587% Nylon, 13% ElastaneElasticFitted
La Sportiva Mantra Pant4.7$10096% Nylon, 4% SpandexElastic w/ DrawstringElastic Cuff
Black Diamond Notion SP4.7$8598% Cotton, 2% ElastaneElastic w/ DrawstringElastic Cuff
Prana Summit Pant4.5$9095% Recycled Nylon, 5% ElastaneElasticStraight w/ Elastic Cinch Option
Black Diamond Forged Denim4.4$12075% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 13% Polyester, 2% ElastaneButton & FlyNarrow
Kuhl Splash Roll-Up4.3$8568% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 3% SpandexButton & Fly w/ Elastic DrawstringRelaxed w/ Roll-Up Option
Prana Becksa Leggings4.1$45-7042% Recycled Polyester, 42% Polyester, 16% ElastaneElasticFitted
Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant4.0$8053% Hemp, 44% Recycled Polyester, 3% SpandexFitted w/ DrawstringPartially Fitted

Breakdown Of The Top Women’s Rock Climbing Pants

Are you looking to SEND IT in style or at least replace your old trusty pair of climbing pants? Here’s the breakdown!

Prana Kanab Pant – Best All Around Women’s Climbing Pant

Rating: 4.8

Pros: It has everything you love about leggings in a tough, rugged design. Padded knees. Breathable jogger style but not too baggy.

Cons: Not the most sweat-wicking. May rip easily on hard rock or gritty climbs.

The Prana Kanab pants are the best overall climbing pants for a reason. The Kanab pant has everything you love about leggings in a tough, rugged design thanks to the canvas organic cotton blend.

Prana Kanab Pant

At first glance, the pants seem too stylish for function but that’s far from the truth. The extra knee padding is helpful for climbers and the 4-way stretch is suitable for even the gnarliest heel hook.

I love the many pockets that maintain a slender fit, great for roped climbing with a harness.

Last but not least, these Kanab pants are a mid-rise jogger style, and have a perfect combination of relaxed-fit and breathable, but also aren’t too baggy. The knit waistband is soft and comfortable like leggings rather than the classic crunchy, scratchy cargo pants can often be.

Prana Kanab Specs:

  • Price: $50-80
  • Fabric: 62% Organic Cotton, 36% Nylon, 2% Elastane
  • Weight: 370g
  • Waist Opening: Knit-Elastic
  • Leg Opening: Knit-Fitted/Elastic Cuff

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Kuhl Womens TREKR Pant – Best Weather Resistant Climbing Pant

Rating: 4.8

Pros: My favorite mountain-specific climbing pants. Most durable pants. Weather resistant. Different inseam options.

Cons: Runs big. Small waistband buttons may bother some.

I’ve personally tested these climbing pants out on dozens of routes and never have they disappointed. To be honest, I was hesitant to first climb in these. They seemed so heavy and the open leg cuffs seemed like they’d get in my way on footwork.

Kuhl TREKR Women's Rock Climbign Pant

Turns out, they’re way lighter than expected and they have an amazing lower leg cinch that allows you to quickly convert your pants to capris. P.S. The cinch stays put!

They’re my top pick when it comes to either alpine weather (cold & windy) and/or mountain climbing.

Of course, the durability makes them a great choice for sharp rock (especially on vertical to slightly less than vertical terrain. crack climbing

Keep in mind that the Kuhl TREKR Pants run a little bit on the big side. If I had bought 1 size smaller, I would love these pants even more now. That being said, I love that Kuhl offers different inseam options so you can print the perfect length pants.

Kuhl TREKR Specs:

  • Price: $90
  • Fabric: 57% Polyester, 43% Nylon
  • Weight: 400g
  • Waist Opening: Button & Fly with Elastic Drawstring
  • Leg Opening: Straight, 15 ½” bottom opening

Black Diamond Women Levitation Capri – Best Summer Rock Climbing Pant

Rating: 4.7

Pros: My favorite warm-weather climbing pants. Soft, stretchy, strong waistband. Capri cut to stay cool.

Cons: Not designed to keep you warm. Leaves the ankles exposed to rope burn.

After putting these women’s climbing pants through the ringer, I think it’s safe to say that these are the perfect climbing leggings for any summer send.

During summers of sport climbing from Tensleep to Red River Gorge, these were my trusty SEND-pants. What are send pants? You know, that outfit you always choose when you’re going be trying a hard new route or project.

Even though leggings are classically assumed to rip easily, not with the Levitation capris thanks to the durable nylon and elastane fabrics.

Black Diamond Levitation Capri

In terms of fit, the waistband is sturdy and stays put. In 3 years, these leggings have impressively managed to not rip at all despite the money knee scraped against sharp limestone.

These pants are best suited for summer climbing, and more particularly summer sport climbing. The mid-weight fabric and Capri-cut make for the perfect balance of compression and breathability when it comes to staying cool amid summer.

Black Diamond Capri Specs:

  • Price: $75
  • Fabric: 87% Nylon, 13% Elastane
  • Weight: 210g
  • Waist Opening: Elastic
  • Leg Opening: Fitted

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La Sportiva Womens Mantra Pant – Best Climbing Pant for Projects & Alpine

Rating: 4.7

Pros: Articulated knee. Stylish and cool looking. Big pockets but flat, seamless waistband w/ reinforced drawstring. Sweat-wicking.

Cons: Price.

When you imagine yourself wearing the La Sportiva Mantra Pant, it seems that in a daydream you’re suddenly able to climb cave overhangs on mini-crimps with elaborate toe hooks like Margo Jain.

Unfortunately, pro-level climbing will remain a dream for many of us, HOWEVER, we can still dress the part with these high-performance women’s climbing pants.

In all seriousness, the Mantra pant is a fantastic companion for your hardest sends and you’re long days on the mountain.

La Sportiva Mantra Women's Climbing Pant

With function, you don’t sacrifice style with these climbing pants. Unlike some baggy-styled cowmen’s climbing pants, these pants give you room to move but also maintain a flattering appearance due to the narrowing leg and elastic cuff.

Dozens of reviews mention love for the hard-to-find feature of big pockets that aren’t too bulky. And last but not least, the waistband has everything you could want, with a strong, flat elastic that also reinforced with a drawstring.

LS Mantra Specs:

  • Price: $100
  • Fabric: 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex
  • Weight: 420g
  • Waist Opening: Fitted elastic with drawstring
  • Leg Opening: Elastic cuff

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Black Diamond Notion SP – Best All-Around Rope Climbing Pant

Rating: 4.7

Pros: Comfortable. Though cotton, thick material makes them fairly durable. Fantastic fit from the waistband (w/ drawstring) to the cuff. Reinforced knees. Harness-friendly.

Cons: Mostly cotton. Not sweat-wicking and may rip more easily. Not great for curvier thighs.

The Black Diamond Notion SP pants are a radical balance of soft and durable, warm and breathable, cute and comfortable.

Revamped from the classic Notion pant, the elastic waistband has been improved with an additional reinforced inner drawstring making sure they stay put. The Notion SP includes favorite features for climbers including reinforced knees, harness-friendly pockets, and of course, elastic cuffs to keep the pants out of your way.

Black Diamond Notion SP, climbing pant

With a jogger style fit, these pants are cute but also breathable and are a bit slimmer fit than the other jogger styles on this list.

Considered by many to be the perfect climbing pants, there’s not much to complain about with the Notion SP. The only cons come from the cotton material that will absorb sweat and won’t dry fast. Cotton may also make them prone to ripping on extra sharp rock.

These are best compared to the Prana Kanab Pant. The key differences are only the slightly different fit. Prana Kanab is best suited to curvier thighs while these pants don’t provide as much thigh space.

Notion SP Specs:

  • Price: $85
  • Fabric: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Weight: 354 g
  • Waist Opening: Elastic waistband w/ reinforced drawstring
  • Leg Opening: Elastic cuff

Prana Summit Pant – Best Climbing Pant for Versatility

Rating: 4.5

Pros: A unique combo of cozy and durable. Great for all-day comfort or versatile use from campground to crag. Great lower leg cinch to convert to a capri jogger.

Cons: Some may feel the straight style makes them too casual for climbing. Not designed or warmth.

The Prana Summit Pant is a great choice for versatile climbing and stylish comfort anywhere you go. Upon first glance, you’d think that flowy leg cuffs would get in your way on the way but fortunately, there’s an adjustable elastic lower leg cinch that transforms them into a versatile jogger-capri.

Prana Summit Pant

Thanks to the versatile style of the Summit Pant, you can take these climbing pants anywhere — whether that’s lounging around at a bouldering crag, trad climbing in City of Rocks, or sport climbing in Red River Gorge.

Prana Summit Specs:

  • Price: $90
  • Fabric: 95% Recycled Nylon, 5% Elastane
  • Weight: 250g
  • Waist Opening: Fitted stretch-jersey
  • Leg Opening: Straight cuff

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Black Diamond Womens Forged Denim – Best Climbing Pant for Durability with Style

Rating: 4.4

Pros: A unique combo of durable, stretchy, and light. Stylish and breathable. Great for digging your knees into cracks or protecting your legs on a sharp rock.

Cons: Pricey. Some may consider them restrictive in comparison to relaxed cargo pants or stretchy leggings. Not great for warm weather climbing.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of climbing-style denim. I would rather climb in something super stretchy like leggings or super durable like cargo pants.

The BD Forged Denim Pant is best suited for someone who is looking for high-level durability but doesn’t want to sacrifice a slim fit. When it comes to climbing denim, you get a balanced combo of breathability and warmth, durability and soft material, fitted fit, and mobility.

Black Diamond Forged Denim

As mentioned earlier, these women’s climbing pants have a low-profile waistband making it great for roped climbing.

Due to the durable material, the BD Forged Denim is great for digging your knees into cracks or protecting your legs on a sharp rock.

These pants are best for someone who wants durability but also wants to stay in style if they roll into a cute town after a long day at the crag.

BD Denim Specs:

  • Price: $120
  • Fabric: 75% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 13% Polyester, 2% Elastane
  • Weight: 210g
  • Waist Opening: Button & Fly
  • Leg Opening: Fitted

Kuhl Splash Roll-Up – Best Climbing Pant for Trad & Crack Climbing

Rating: 4.3

Pros: Roll-up conversion to capris. Great pockets. As good as it gets with durability.

Cons: Open leg cuffs may get in the way while climbing (even when rolled up)

Though the Kuhl Trekr pants have made nearly the top of our list, Kuhl has another fantastic pair of pants for any woman who climbs. The Splash roll-up is much like the Trekr except for 3 key features.

First, the Splash roll-up has great thigh pockets that don’t get in the way of your harness. The Splash Roll-Up is designed with a relaxed fit, which is something purely up to personal preference.

Unlike the Trekr which has a cinch that converts the full-length into a Capri, the Splash is (like the name says) a roll-up conversion instead.

Kuhl Splash Roll-Up Climbing Pant

It can feel like the cuff gets in your way of seeing your feet while climbing, which is why we rate the Trekr higher. However, the pros of these pants outweigh that feature.

These pants are as durable as they get, perfect for long multi-pitch, trad routes, crack climbing, and sometimes even alpine climbing.

The waistband isn’t elastic, but the button-up FreeRyde™ Waistband with an elastic drawstring is yet to disappoint me in its performance. And just like the Trekr, you can pick your chosen inseam length to fit yourself just right.

Kuhl Splash Specs:

  • Price: $85
  • Fabric: 68% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Weight: 400g
  • Waist Opening: Button & Fly with Elastic Drawstring
  • Leg Opening: Relaxed, 16 ½” bottom opening

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Prana Becksa 7/8 Leggings – Best Women’s Gym Climbing Pant

Rating: 4.1

Pros: Stylish ribbed fit, strong elastic, and good compression. Small side pockets.

Cons: Price. Some breathability but not a ton. May be prone to ripping due to softer Polyester material.

I love Prana Leggings. Prana merges a great balance between rugged climbing apparel and a minimalistic style that’s soft and comfortable. The Bekcsa 7/8 Leggings are just that and combine fashion and function for your casual climbing at the gym or sports crag.

The Becksa leggings are 7/8 in length which I prefer for style.

Prana leggings, climbing pants 2023
The Prana Becksa 7/8 Leggings

When comparing these climbing leggings to the Black Diamond climbing leggings, the key difference is really just in the material. The main fabric on the Becksa pants is polyester as opposed to nylon on the BD Levitation Capri. It makes for a softer and warmer fit but not quite as breathable or tight fitting.

With these leggings, you get to choose the inseam length for a perfect fit.

Prana Becksa Specs:

  • Price: $45-$70
  • Fabric: 42% Recycled Polyester, 42% Polyester, 16% Elastane
  • Weight: 300g
  • Waist Opening: Elastic
  • Leg Opening: Fitted

Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant – Best Bouldering & Casual Climbing Pant

Rating: 4.0

Pros: Comfortable. Suitable for any sort of lowkey climbing. Very soft and breathable.

Cons: Waistband isn’t functional for some builds

If you thought the Prana Summit pants looked cozy, look again. The Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant is about as cozy as it gets. The hemp and polyester combo makes for a hyper-soft material.

While these may look like just a pair of sweatpants that aren’t suitable for climbing, dozens of reviews say otherwise. People love the Hampi Rock Pant for indoor and outdoor climbing alike.

These are a great choice for indoor climbing, casual outdoor climbing, bouldering, and particularly warm desert climbing due to their relaxed fit and great breathability.

Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant

The tapered fit is similar to many other pants on this list and keeps your sight clear when looking down at your footwork. These pants half just a partially fitted cuff though and this allows room for you to pull them up a bit for additional breathability

Hampi Specs:

  • Price: $80
  • Fabric: 53% Hemp, 44% Recycled Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Weight: 240g
  • Waist Opening: Elastic
  • Leg Opening: Partially fitted


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