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Best Women’s Hiking Shorts: Lululemon Speed Up Shorts Review

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In this blog we are excited to share with you why we think Lululemon Speed Up shorts are the best women’s hiking shorts. Plus, they are the perfect shorts for hiking, as well as, many other types of adventures.

We are very active women. Every day we are hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, doing yoga, working out, or running. This means we need shorts that can keep up with our activity level. This hasn’t been a problem for us though! We discovered Lululemon’s Speed Up shorts years ago and since then, they are the only shorts we wear.

Disclosure: We are affiliates for Lululemon which means, we do get a small percentage of the purchase price at no cost to you. However, this is not a sponsored post, meaning Lululemon didn’t pay us to write this post. We truly are passionate about these hiking shorts and wanted to share our love for them with you. If you do decide to purchase a pair, it would be great if you clicked through one of our links!

We’ve tested Lululemon’s Speed Up shorts in over 30 countries all over the world and on hundreds of epic outdoor adventures. They are absolutely the best women’s hiking shorts we’ve ever owned!

In 2016, we spent 6 months traveling through Europe with only a backpack each, and these were our go-to shorts for the trip. Since then, we’ve backpacked in many destinations all over the world and these are still the only shorts we pack for our adventure travel.

Whether it’s hiking, biking, exploring, climbing, acro yoga, trail running, adventuring, city touring, yoga, or working out, the Lululemon Speed Up Shorts are the best shorts for active women and adventure enthusiasts.

These shorts are versatile and durable while being comfortable and light making them perfect for anything!

The activewear industry is huge in this day and age and when the time comes that your trusty pair of running or hiking shorts need to be retired, it seems just so overwhelming to pick a new pair that’ll be just as good. 

There are just so many factors to consider when buying new shorts such as functionality, comfort, durability, fit, and, of course, price. It almost makes you want to go dig your old pair of shorts out of the trash and give up, right?

Finding the Best Women’s Hiking Shorts can be frustrating

Don’t be overwhelmed. If you’re looking for a new pair of active shorts for hiking and adventuring, you need to get your hands on a pair of the Lululemon Speed Up shorts.

Lululemons Shorts Were Made For Play

My daughters and I have sworn by Lululemon Speed Up shorts for a long time. At first, we were very reluctant to get a pair because the brand’s clothes are so expensive and seemingly overrated, but now I see why they’re so worth having.

Lululemon Speed Up shorts are amazing! And they’re WORTH the price! If my praise isn’t enough to convince you, here are our top 5 reasons the Lululemon Speed Up Shorts are the best shorts for hiking and adventurous women!

Lululemon speed up shorts
Lululemon Speed Up shorts are great for when you reach that alpine lake and want to jump in. because they dry quickly.

5 Reasons Lululemon Speed Up Shorts are the Best Women’s Hiking Shorts

1 | They Fit Muscular Builds Well 

What I really like about these shorts is that they fit muscular builds. Where most brands fit less athletic builds or more curvy builds, these shorts fit muscular builds comfortably.

They are made with a soft, thick waistband that makes them stay in place on all your adventures while also allowing free movement for your legs. So whether its a multi-day backpacking trip or working from home, these shorts are the comfiest all-around shorts ever!

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2 | Light Fabric

I love how these shorts are made with simple, light fabric that dries quickly. These shorts sit firmly on your hips and feel light on the thighs. There are no thick layers of fabric getting in the way of your adventures and they’re super small and packable making them great for backpacking/traveling. 

3 | Two Lengths

I love that Lululemon Speed Up shorts come in two lengths, 2.5 inch or 4 inch. Personally, I love the longer length because I have more developed quads and the shorter ones ride up too much. My mom and sister, Gabi, love the shorter ones.

The Best ShortS For Active Women, Speed UP Shorts by Lululemon
The Lululemon shorts are perfect for everything from hiking to yoga

4 | Durable Stretchy Material

These shorts are super durable and ready to take on anything. I kid you not, I’ve had some of my Lululemon Speed Up shorts for 5 years and they still work like a charm. And I wear them almost every day! They’re made of durable, stretchy fabric that was made for exploring and will last you a long time.

The Best Shorts For Hiking, Backpacking, and any other sport.

5 | The Secret Pockets

As small as it sounds I love that these shorts have two small pockets in them, one on the back with a zipper, and one of the front without a zipper where I can throw any small items I need to get by for the day whether its a credit card, a couple of bucks, or a key to the house. Best of all, the pockets aren’t bulky at all.

The Price

The only negative of Lululemon Speed Up shorts is the price tag. At $58 for one pair of shorts, these can be a hard expenditure to justify especially if you are a “more is better” type of shopper.

For us, we are the “less is more” mentality and prefer having a few high quality pieces of clothing that we can depend on for our lifestyle and adventures.

Overall Lululemon Speed Up Shorts Review

Overall, the Lululemon Speed Up shorts are perfect for hiking because they are:

  • Light
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • And come with 2 secret pockets

While they are expensive, they are well worth the price tag in our opinion and if you have a strong, muscular build, similar to the 3 of us, I think you too will love them!

What Size Lululemon Speed Up is Right for You

If you aren’t sure what size Lululemon shorts you are, check out the size guide below.

If you have more muscular things or wider hips, you may want to size up. I’d use the waist and hip measurements below to help you choose.

Size Chart for Lululemon

Lululemon didn’t sponsor us to write this post. We truly love these shorts and would love if you do decide to purchase a pair for yourself, shop through our affiliate link! This really helps support our blog so we can keep delivering adventure content to you.


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