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29 Last Minute Camping Gifts You Can Order From Amazon

Did you forget to shop for that someone special until the last minute? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! Luckily, with Amazon Prime, you can get a special gift for that camping fanatic in your life in less than 2 days. Here are some of our favorite camping gifts from Amazon broken down by price range.

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Camping Gifts on Amazon for Under $50

Hammock $28

My favorite part of camping is lying in my hammock.  We love our Eno Hammock, but if you are looking for a more affordable last-minute gift from Amazon, this hammock by Wise Owl makes a great gift for campers.

Bonus: Add in Hammock Straps and a magazine subscription⬇️⬇️⬇️

Magazine Subscription $25

How nice is it to read on paper? I stare way too long at my phone or computer and love having an actual book or magazine to look at when I’m chilling in the hammock. Get your camping buddy a year of Outside Magazine or another favorite.

Do you have a national parks fanatic you are buying a gift for? They would love this gift basket with a passport book, coffee table book, and national parks T. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

National Parks Passport Book $24

If the camper in your life loves visiting national parks, get them a national park passport stamp book.

Moon USA National Parks Picture Book $13

Or inspire your national parks lover with the Moon Guide Picture Book of all 59 National Parks.

National Parks T

These national park T’s come in women’s, men’s, and kid sizes and are a great gift for campers and park lovers.

Free camping Stanley, Idaho
Free dispersed camping in the region of Stanley, Idaho

Make it a gift basket by combining the coffee pod, a bag of beans, a coffee grinder, and a mug ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Kuju Pour Over Coffee Pods $22

Are you too tired to grind that first cup of coffee when you walk out of your tent? Kuju has you covered! With preground coffee pods, just heat water and pour over the ready-made packs, the caffeine will be running through your veins in minutes.

Manual Coffee Grinder $44

Time for the second cup. Now is the time for that perfectly ground fresh cup of Joe. We use our hand grinder to make fresh coffee regularly and know that there’s nothing quite as great as a freshly ground cup of coffee.

Camping Mug $12-19

There are so many great camping mugs it was hard to choose which one to feature. If you embrace your RV lifestyle check out this mug “I’m sexy and I tow it” 🤣. There is also a simple Happy Camper one in black that most would love.

Make it a gift basket by combing the shower caddy, quick dry towel, shampoo bar, and tin ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Shower Caddy $13

I love this 2 pack shower caddy. When we camp there are always two people needing to shower at the same time and having two sets of shampoo, etc is very helpful when camping.

Quick Dry Towel $13

We use these quick dry towels everywhere we go. They pack down super small and are so great for after showering or surfing. Plus, they dry super fast! I like that these Wolfyok ones come with a big towel and also a face towel.

All Natural Shampoo Bars $13-22

These are so great for when you are camping. We regularly travel to Hawaii to camp and love taking these easy-to-carry shampoo bars with us. Your camper will love them and appreciate it if you get them this tin to go with it.

Set the theme to PARTY MODE for the campers in your life with a gift basket of a Bluetooth speaker and solar-powered light that changes colors⬇️⬇️⬇️

BioLite Solar Lantern $25

Does your camper love to party? My kids love it when we play music and turn on the “Party Mode” on Biolite’s Solar Powered Lantern. These mini lanterns are great because they can either be charged by sunlight or plugged in to charge quickly.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker $26

Who doesn’t love blasting Taylor Swift in the campground? Okay, me neither 😂 but music at the campsite creates a wonderful ambiance. This inexpensive speaker allows the camper in your life to chill to their favorite bands.

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String Solar Lights $45

Creating the perfect ambiance is crucial when camping. Having a string of solar lights makes your campsite not only look rad but is extremely functional when trying to play board games or chill outside at night.

Camping Board Game $13-45

Our go-to games for camping are Settlers of Catan, Cribbage, Bananagrams, and my personal favorite to play with a lot of people, Codenames.

Make campfire time perfect with a gift basket including a new hatchet, fire starters, a Ukulele, and a Beer Growler ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Hatchet $49

Nothing is worse than trying to get a campfire going with huge chunks of wood. All campers love having a sharp axe to break up those big pieces of firewood that come in the bundles. Add these fire starter sticks and they’ll have their campfire a blazin’ in no time.

Ukulele $44

Nothing brings family and friends together quite like sitting around the campfire playing the ukulele or guitar.

Hydroflask Beer Growler $45

While sitting by the campfire singing to the Eagles, your camper will want cold beer from their favorite brewery so get them this growler to satisfy their primal urges.

Does your camper love beach camping? Then a Playmate Cooler, Beach Blanket, Canopy Umbrella, or Sun Bum sunscreen would be a great gift idea for them ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

Beach Blanket $25

A waterproof blanket that can easily be shaken off or thrown in the wash is a great gift for the camper in your life.

Igloo Playmate Cooler $25

Don’t have OP shorts anymore? That’s okay, I understand. But you can still keep the ’80s alive with an Igloo Playmate Cooler. The 7-quart size is perfect for holding 9 drinks.

Camping Gifts on Amazon from $50-99

Canopy Umbrella $56

Keep your loved ones out of the sun with this canopy umbrella with SPF 50+. You can also keep them protected with our absolute favorite sunscreen for the beach Sun Bum.

BioLite Headlamp $60

Having a high-powered headlamp you can depend on while camping is also nice. We’ve tested out a lot of different headlamps and think the BioLite ones are the best. They are super bright and can be recharged which is so nice since who remembers batteries while camping?

Pop-Up Privacy Tent $64

These are so great for taking an outdoor shower or I use it for the kids to change clothes in when we tent camp so they don’t drag sand into the tent. If you are tent camping off-grid, this is great to use as your “bathroom” with a portable camping toilet.

Camping Gifts on Amazon $100+

Blackstone Grill $100

Most campers love to be able to cook outdoors. And while most campers probably already have those small Coleman cookstoves, we wish we had one of these Blackstone Grills to make bacon, eggs, and pancakes on in the morning and grill up delicious burgers for dinner.

ENO Camp Chair $125

These are the absolute most comfy camping chairs ever! They feel almost as good as lying in a hammock and are perfect for sitting by the fire or relaxing.

Screen Tent $110

A screen tent is a great gift for any camping fanatic because everywhere you camp you either have flies or mosquitos on the attack. A screen creates a nice cooking area without worrying about flies and mosquitos.

Sleeping Bag For Two $125

Oh, how I wish Victor and I had a sleeping bag to share. We don’t camp in a tent often enough but I would love having a sleeping bag to snuggle in instead of the tight mummy bags we use for backpacking.

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