Learn How to Rock Climb: Complete Guide To Getting on the Wall

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What was once considered a dangerous sport reserved only for elite athletes is quickly becoming a broadly known activity to do your spare time, even if if you’re not an elite athlete. Rock climbing is not hard to get started with due to it’s increasing [...]

6 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Adventure Mindset

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Adventure is about creating new experiences. Adventure is about putting yourself in a situation where you are forced to be challenged, where you are forced to learn, and where you are forced to grow.  And commiting to adventure requires the right mindset. An open mindset. A positive [...]

How to Use Your Smartphone as a GPS on the Trail: Using Google Maps for Hiking

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While there are dozens of rad GPS devices on the market, they are expensive and bit excessive for basic hiking and backpacking.  Instead of investing in one of these pricey pieces of gear, use your handy smartphone and never get lost in the wilderness.  Google [...]

How We Made The Jump From Resortist to Adventure Traveler

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a resortist.  High thread counts, a treadmill in an air-conditioned room, and fruity drinks by the pool are a great way to vacation.  But what if you want to venture into the unknown?  What if you want to [...]

Intro To Rock Climbing: 3 Ways To Find Out If Rock Climbing Is For You?

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When you jump into rock climbing, you’ll either be scared to death and love it … or scared to death and hate it. Before you deal with those fears firsthand on the wall, try these 3 introductions to rock climbing first.  Find out if you [...]

9 Reasons You Need to Adventure More & Bigger

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Do you enjoy a spending time exploring and adventuring in the outdoors?  Um yeah, that why you’re here.  But technically, adventure is only adventure if you’re trying something new.  So really, adventure is is only adventure if you’re adventuring bigger, right? If you are hiker, [...]

Adventure Bigger University: What It Is & Why You Should Join

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What if there was a school for those of us who love nature and the outdoors and want to take the next step in adventure?  A school designed to teach us new sports.  A university that pushed you to live more adventurously—that provided easy solutions [...]

Family Adventure Travel: Going From Resortist to Adrenaline Junkie

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  When you plan your family vacations, what are you looking for?  Do you need rest and relaxation?  Do you search out the best food?  Do you need pampering?  Are you looking for new experiences?  What type of memories do you want to create? [...]

Health Benefits of Nature: Tips for Getting Outdoors in Your Everyday Life

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Sure, getting fresh air is good for your health, but how important is it really?  Actually, there is a ton of science behind the health benefits of nature.  But life is busy and finding time to get outdoors and plan camping trips can be challenging. [...]