Kalalau Trail: Guide to Backpacking the Na Pali Coast

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The Kalalau Trail has grown to become a world famous backpacking trip. The trail traverses the untouched, rugged Na Pali Coastline in Kauai and gives access to Kalalau Beach, often said to be the number 1 beach in the world. Here's everything you need to know about hiking or backpacking the Kalalau Trail.

How to Hike the Tour Du Mont Blanc Self Guided

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The 105 mile Tour du Mont Blanc hike is one of the most renowned, prestigious, and extraordinary backpacking trips in the world. While challenging, this trek doesn’t require any special expertise and hiring a guide isn’t necessary. This guide will help you plan your very [...]

How to Hike The Tour Du Mont Blanc In 7 Days: Fastpacking Guide

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Want to hike the world famous Tour du Motn Blanc trail but only got a week? By fastpacking you’ll be able to finish this trail in only 7 days, here’s how…No time? save this post for later by Pinning it! The Tour du Mont Blanc [...]

Best Yoga Poses For Hikers: Feel Stronger & Recover Faster

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Practicing yoga helps me so much in feeling good and strong when I go hike and backpack.  Even more, it helps me recover faster so that I can get out on the trail more often.  Personally, when I hike, I like to be on the [...]

Backpacking Pack List: Gear Essentials For Beginners

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We've backpacked all over the world. In Europe, we backpacked the Tour du Mont Blanc last year. Earlier this year, we backpacked the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. In New Zealand, our entire family backpacked for 4 days and 3 nights in Abel Tasman. Backpacking can take you [...]

How to Backpack Abel Tasman: 3-4 Day Backpacking Itinerary

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When I was first planning our road trip through New Zealand, hiking Abel Tasman wasn’t even on my list. I had read in other blogs that it took a long time to drive into the National Park and being from Southern California I figured I’ve [...]