Learn How to Rock Climb: Complete Guide To Getting on the Wall

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What was once considered a dangerous sport reserved only for elite athletes is quickly becoming a broadly known activity to do your spare time, even if if you’re not an elite athlete. Rock climbing is not hard to get started with due to it’s increasing [...]

Best Places To Go Rock Climbing In Europe With Beginner Friendly Routes

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I love Europe.  I know it’s expensive and Southeast Asia is so much more trendy these days, but there’s just something about the food and architecture that draws me to it again and again.  On our first 6 month road trip through Europe we discovered [...]

Intro To Rock Climbing: 3 Ways To Find Out If Rock Climbing Is For You?

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When you jump into rock climbing, you’ll either be scared to death and love it … or scared to death and hate it. Before you deal with those fears firsthand on the wall, try these 3 introductions to rock climbing first.  Find out if you [...]

Climbing City of Rocks: Climbers Guide to 5.8 Routes

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  City of Rocks is a must do for any rock climber.  Since we climb at new locations on a regular basis, we are always scouting out good 5.8s to warm up on in order to feel out the rock and style of bolting so [...]

Family Rock Climbing Trail Creek Road: Sun Valley, Idaho

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It’s amazing how much wilderness Idaho has that doesn’t get used! This local secret is a perfect rock climbing adventure for your whole family.  The routes are easy, top-roped, and have some of the most incredible views in the Valley.  Plus it has amazing free [...]

The Best Sport Climbing Destinations to Take Your Kids

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When we first started traveling in search of sport climbing destinations, my youngest two kids were four and six years old. Old enough that they no longer required being carried in a backpack but not old enough to hike up steep hills or hike an [...]

Arco, Italy: The Best Climbing Destination

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Hidden beneath Italian tourist traps like Lake Como, Milan, and Venice lies the Italian Alps’ greatest treasure. . . Arco: a climber’s paradise. Past Lake Garda, in between a gorgeous intersection of the Alps, is a gem that holds adventure, beauty, and fun. With more [...]

Rock Climbing Destinations in Colorado: 3 Great Spots for Families

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We love rock climbing!  It’s a great family activity that we can all do together, it puts you in some of the most beautiful scenery, and we love how friendly and helpful the community of fellow rock climbers is. While we still love surfing, we can’t [...]