Wildbird Threads Review: 6 Reasons I Love This Small Outdoor Brand

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I have no idea how this small outdoor brand has managed to stay small. wildbird threads creates some of the most amazing apparel in the outdoor industry and it’s all produced by one family and a few talented artists. What I love about wildbird threads [...]

4 Reasons Trekz Air Wireless Headphones are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

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The first thing I thought when I tried Aftershokz Trekz air headphones was, “THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO EXPERIENCE MUSIC.”  Imagine a combination of earbuds and headphones. Headphones usually have high sound quality and earbuds are lightweight for being active. With the Trekz Air [...]

Gift Guide for Adventure Travelers and Outdoor Lovers

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Adventure travelers tend to be extremely minimalistic in their travels.  We are adventure travelers ourselves and we usually only carry 1 backpack so we are not big on “stuff” in general.  However when adventuring abroad or exploring the outdoors, there are certain things that have [...]

Best Women’s Wetsuits for Surfing: Comparing Warmth, Comfort, and Price

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There are so many different types of women’s wetsuits on the market, it’s practically impossible to know which one to buy. I’ve tried all sorts of wetsuits from all sorts of brands.  Call me a wetsuit snob, but when it comes to a good wetsuit [...]

Backpacking Pack List: Gear Essentials For Beginners

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Being prepared and comfortable on a backpacking trip makes all the difference in getting to enjoy your expereince. This is the essential gear you need, and that we carry with us, on a backpacking trip. Backpacking Essentials Backpacking Packs Having a good backpack is essential when backpacking. [...]

Best Trail Running Shoes for Hiking: La Sportiva Bushido Review

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We first discovered La Sportiva Bushido in a search for cheap hiking shoes. It was during REI’s semi-annual sale and we really weren’t ready for the constricting feeling of hiking boots. Ever since then, we’ve been hooked on these trail shoes and have only bought [...]