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6 Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

So you’ve decided to commit to the radical sport of rock climbing. Maybe you’ve already gotten a small taste of these painful ballerina shoes with your local climbing gym’s shoe rentals or maybe you haven’t and if so you’re in for a treat. Truth be told, climbing shoes are not and should not be painfully tight …

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Best Exercises for Skiers

Want to get fit for skiing season? This strength training wokrout program includes the best exercises to build strength, power, and knee stability so you can ski longer, with less fatigue, and prevent injuries. Get fit for skiing season with this strength training program that builds power and endurance in the legs and prevents ski injuries.

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29 Last Minute Camping Gifts You Can Order From Amazon

Did you forget to shop for that someone special until the last minute? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! Luckily, with Amazon Prime, you can get a special gift for that camping fanatic in your life in less than 2 days. Here are some of our favorite camping gifts from Amazon broken down by …

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