Tips for Planning a Trip to Costa Rica: How to Get Cheap Flights + Rental Cars, and Other Travel Tips

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If you decide to make the investment in both time, money, and yourself (because going here will change you), here are some helpful tips to help you plan your trip to Costa Rica.  […]

Guide to Surfing + Traveling to the World’s Longest Lefts

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You know those videos you see of people riding waves, throwing hacks, and getting tubes for like a minute straight? There are waves out there where 1 single wave will provide the same amount of time standing up as every wave you’ve ever ridden in [...]

Where To Surf In Costa Rica: 4 Best Surfing Beaches

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Our family went on a twenty-five day surfing trip to Costa Rica.  We explored four different Costa Rica surfing beaches- Pavones, Nosara/Playa Guiones, Playa Negra, and Punta Uva. I’ve broken down each spot based on wave quality, accommodations, and foodto help you decide where to go on your next surfing [...]