How to Hike the Tour Du Mont Blanc Self Guided

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The 105 mile Tour du Mont Blanc hike is one of the most renowned, prestigious, and extraordinary backpacking trips in the world. While challenging, this trek doesn’t require any special expertise and hiring a guide isn’t necessary. This guide will help you plan your very [...]

How to Hike The Tour Du Mont Blanc In 7 Days: Fastpacking Guide

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Want to hike the world famous Tour du Motn Blanc trail but only got a week? By fastpacking you’ll be able to finish this trail in only 7 days, here’s how…No time? save this post for later by Pinning it! The Tour du Mont Blanc [...]

Tour du Mont Blanc Camping Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Want to save money and pitch a tent in stunning locations? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Camping on the Tour Du Mont Blanc for everything you need to know about camping on this iconic trek Camping on the Tour du Mont Blanc is a [...]

35 Photos To Inspire You To Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc

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These 35 will inspire you to hop on a plane and go tackle the Tour du Mont Blanc trek The Tour du Mont Blanc is an iconic backpacking trip that every experienced hiker dreams of tackling. Located at the crossroads between France, Italy, and Switzerland [...]

La Folie Douce Hotel: The Perfect Destination in Chamonix, France

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Our Review of La Folie Douce Hotel, the top place to stay in Chamonix, France…Want to save this for later? PIN IT! I didn’t know it was possible for a hotel to be badass, but after visiting La Folie Douce at the end of our [...]

Hossegor Surf Guide: Which Break is Right for You?

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Hossegor is one of the most famous surf destinations in the world.  It’s got culture, community, and best of all, really good surf (and lots of it).  The surf in Hossegor can vary a lot from north to south especially given the crazy tide swings [...]

Hiking the Chemin de la Mature, French Pyrenees

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You can’t go wrong with any hike in the Pyrenees.  There’s just something special about small villages, the good food, and the untouched nature.  It’s all magical but the Chemin de la Mature is something extraordinary.  The Chemin de la Mature is a 4,000 foot [...]

Outdoor Adventure Road Trip Through France

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France’s gorgeous mountains of the Pyrenees and the beautiful Basque coastline lend itself to numerous adventures including cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and surfing.  Besides finding an abundance of adventures and great food, you will love taking a road trip through France just to experience the [...]

Best Day Hike French Pyrenees: Cirque de Gavarnie

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Hidden among the many villages of the French Pyrenees is an amazing region of hiking trails, the most popular sight including the largest waterfall in Europe in a crescent-like shelter of gray, purple, and green rock faces—a cirque.  […]