50 Things To Know When Planning Your First Trip to Europe

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When compared to America, Europe is a land of cobblestone streets, weird customs, good food, throaty languages, and gorgeous nature. For most, it will come as a surprise to see the differences in traditions, infrastructures, and social systems [...]

15 Best Adventures in Northern Spain

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Northern Spain is Europe's best-kept secret.  You could spend your whole life here and never experience every adventure. Everywhere you look, there's a new trail to hike, a new rock to climb, a new forest to mountain bike, and a new cove to surf. Unlike what many [...]

Best Day Hike French Pyrenees: Cirque de Gavarnie

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Hidden among the many villages of the French Pyrenees is an amazing region of hiking trails, the most popular sight including the largest waterfall in Europe in a crescent-like shelter of gray, purple, and green rock faces—a cirque.  [...]

Best Surf Spots in Europe (For Intermediates & For Beginners)

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Coming from Southern California, we had pretty high standards when it came to looking for awesome waves to surf.  After traveling through 15 countries on our road trip through Europe, these were our favorite surf destinations.  Each one [...]

Surfing Portugal: For Intermediate Surfers, Adventurers, and Campers

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Pipeline.  Tea’hapoo.  Cloudbreak.  These are just a few world class breaks that I will never be able to surf.  But just because I’m not a world-class surfer, doesn’t mean I can’t roam the globe looking for really good [...]

How To Hike The Cinque Terre, Italy: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

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It’s hard to beleive places like this still exist in the world.  A place that can only be reached by foot– a place that has stood untouched for centuries– a place that contains more beauty than any traveller [...]