Arco, Italy: The Best Climbing Destination

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Hidden beneath Italian tourist traps like Lake Como, Milan, and Venice lies the Italian Alps’ greatest treasure. . . Arco: a climber’s paradise. Past Lake Garda, in between a gorgeous intersection of the Alps, is a gem that holds adventure, beauty, and fun. With more [...]

Eating Your Way Through Ireland: The Best Foodie Spots

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 Lovely!  Everything about Ireland is just lovely.  From it’s trickling waterfalls to its rolling hills, the scenery is so pleasant to the eye.  In fact, as the Irish say, if it weren’t for the rain, there’d be standing room only in Ireland. […]

3 Reasons To Visit Interlaken, Switzerland + How To Do It Cheaply

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    Majestic.  Baffling.  Vibrant.  Moving.  Breathtaking.  Incomparable.  All words people may use to describe this noteworthy place.  For some, it’s a yearly vacation to this safe haven of sorts; to others, a once in a lifetime chance to see it. Surely you’ve heard of [...]

Two Week Road Trip UK: For Hikers and Nature Lovers

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If you have only 2 weeks for your road trip in the UK, these are the best places we visited and highly recommend.  These off-the-beaten-path towns will give you an opportunity to see frist hand some impressive history and do a few great hikes, some of [...]

Things To Know Before Planning A Trip To Croatia

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  After visiting 13 other European countries before arriving here, I now know what all the hype is behind Croatia.  Besides the physical warmth of the sun and the locally grown food that replenishes your cells, Croatia is like the Caribbean of Europe.  A tropical [...]

5 Great Family Friendly Hikes In Ireland

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We loved our travels Ireland.  Besides the beautiful hikes to do in Ireland, the delicious food and warm, happy people, will create a memory you will never forget. We geared our hiking in Ireland towards family fun.  We wanted to make sure our two youngest [...]

Best Hikes To Do In Norway: And The Kids Can Do Them!

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There are so many hikes to do in Norway.  The best way to immerse yourself in the incredible scenery of fjords, snow-capped mountains, and thousand foot waterfalls is via trails.  Norway is one of the best places to hike and takes you to some amazing [...]