Best Places To Go Rock Climbing In Europe With Beginner Friendly Routes

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I love Europe.  I know it’s expensive and Southeast Asia is so much more trendy these days, but there’s just something about the food and architecture that draws me to it again and again.  On our first 6 month road trip through Europe we discovered [...]

The Best Hikes to Epic Glaciers Around the World

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Does the thought of massive glaciers towering above you make you giddy with excitement? Glaciers are truly one of nature’s most mind blowing sights.  All across the world there are epic glaciers to be found. Get inspired for your next glacier hike with our top [...]

Best Day Hikes In The World To Add To Your Bucket List

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We’ve hiked over a thousand miles in the past three years of our nomadic lifestyle and have seen some incredible views.  It’s impossible to pick a single favorite hike but I can give you a few.  These are our all time favorite day hikes in [...]

How to Use Your Smartphone as a GPS on the Trail: Using Google Maps for Hiking

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While there are dozens of rad GPS devices on the market, they are expensive and bit excessive for basic hiking and backpacking.  Instead of investing in one of these pricey pieces of gear, use your handy smartphone and never get lost in the wilderness.  Google [...]

4 Best Campgrounds To Stay At In Central Norway

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  Visiting Norway is incredible in itself but if you feel a little adventurous and want even more amazing experiences, camping in Norway is the way to go.  We loved using these campgrounds as our home base between days of hiking, climbing, and surfing in [...]

15 Best Adventures in Northern Spain

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Northern Spain is Europe's best-kept secret.  You could spend your whole life here and never experience every adventure. Everywhere you look, there's a new trail to hike, a new rock to climb, a new forest to mountain bike, and a new cove to surf. Unlike what many [...]

Best Day Hike French Pyrenees: Cirque de Gavarnie

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Hidden among the many villages of the French Pyrenees is an amazing region of hiking trails, the most popular sight including the largest waterfall in Europe in a crescent-like shelter of gray, purple, and green rock faces—a cirque.  […]

Best Surf Spots in Europe (For Intermediates & For Beginners)

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Coming from Southern California, we had pretty high standards when it came to looking for awesome waves to surf.  After traveling through 15 countries on our road trip through Europe, these were our favorite surf destinations.  Each one offers a unique experience both in the [...]

Arco, Italy: The Best Climbing Destination

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Hidden beneath Italian tourist traps like Lake Como, Milan, and Venice lies the Italian Alps’ greatest treasure. . . Arco: a climber’s paradise. Past Lake Garda, in between a gorgeous intersection of the Alps, is a gem that holds adventure, beauty, and fun. With more [...]

Two Week Road Trip UK: For Hikers and Nature Lovers

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If you have only 2 weeks for your road trip in the UK, these are the best places we visited and highly recommend.  These off-the-beaten-path towns will give you an opportunity to see frist hand some impressive history and do a few great hikes, some of [...]

5 Great Family Friendly Hikes In Ireland

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We loved our travels Ireland.  Besides the beautiful hikes to do in Ireland, the delicious food and warm, happy people, will create a memory you will never forget. We geared our hiking in Ireland towards family fun.  We wanted to make sure our two youngest [...]

Best Hikes To Do In Norway: And The Kids Can Do Them!

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There are so many hikes to do in Norway.  The best way to immerse yourself in the incredible scenery of fjords, snow-capped mountains, and thousand foot waterfalls is via trails.  Norway is one of the best places to hike and takes you to some amazing [...]