Best Women’s Hiking Shorts: Lululemon Speed Up Shorts Review

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In this blog we are excited to share with you why we think Lululemon Speed Up shorts are the best women's hiking shorts. Plus, they are the perfect shorts for hiking, as well as, many other types of adventures. We are very active women. Every day we [...]

Hawaii Pack List: Minimalist Packing Guide For Adventurers

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Don’t know what to pack for your next trip to Hawaii? This Hawaii pack list covers all the essentials including what clothes to bring, gear you’ll need to adventure, camp, surf, and more. We’ve been traveling to Hawaii for years. Seriously, for 10+ years we [...]

Têra Kaia (Aret Basewear) Review: Best Sports Bra for Hiking + Outdoor Adventure

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The Têra Kaia TOURA is by far the best sports bra for hiking and outdoor adventure. Basewear is fashion and function at its finest and once you go Tera Kaia, you never go back The Têra Kaia TOURA is by far the best sports bra [...]