Best Women’s Hiking Shorts: Lululemon Speed Up Shorts Review

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In this blog we are excited to share with you why we think Lululemon Speed Up shorts are the best women's hiking shorts. Plus, they are the perfect shorts for hiking, as well as, many other types of adventures. We are very active women. Every day we [...]

Têra Kaia (Aret Basewear) Review: Best Sports Bra for Hiking + Outdoor Adventure

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The Têra Kaia TOURA is by far the best sports bra for hiking and outdoor adventure. Basewear is fashion and function at its finest and once you go Tera Kaia, you never go back The Têra Kaia TOURA is by far the best sports bra [...]

Best Travel Yoga Mat: 2019 Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat Review

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I love yoga! See way back ever since I was only 12 years old, my mom made me go to yoga classes with her on a regular basis and inevitably it it planted the seeds of self love, self care, and self awareness in me [...]

Wildbird Threads Review: 6 Reasons I Love This Small Outdoor Brand

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I have no idea how this small outdoor brand has managed to stay small. wildbird threads creates some of the most amazing apparel in the outdoor industry and it’s all produced by one family and a few talented artists. What I love about wildbird threads [...]