5 Best Myofascial Release Tools + How To Use Them

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There are a wide array of myofascial release tools on the market today. This blog is designed to help you decide which myofascial tool is best for you and to provide tips on which muscles you should target with each myofascial release tool. Myofascial release [...]

Myofascial Release: What Is MFR + Why You Should Do It

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Myofascial release is a core part of an active lifestyle. If you'd consider yourself an avid athlete, an adventurer, or even a stressed out person, check out this blog and find out why you need to incorparate myofascial release into your recovery

Best Travel Yoga Mat: 2019 Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat Review

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I love yoga! See way back ever since I was only 12 years old, my mom made me go to yoga classes with her on a regular basis and inevitably it it planted the seeds of self love, self care, and self awareness in me [...]

6 Insanely Easy Ways To Stay Lean + Healthy During The Holidays

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Today started with a donut and ended with a glass of wine and zero guilt.  I don’t believe in depriving yourself and I have absolutely no willpower.  Instead, I rely on my passion for movement and love of the outdoors to keep me motivated to do what [...]

Best Yoga Poses For Hikers: Feel Stronger & Recover Faster

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Practicing yoga helps me so much in feeling good and strong when I go hike and backpack.  Even more, it helps me recover faster so that I can get out on the trail more often.  Personally, when I hike, I like to be on the [...]