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Want to find out how to teach entrepreneurship to teens? Do your teens want to start a business and be their own boss? As someone who was unschooled throughout high school, was raised to be an entrepreneur, and now runs 3 successful businesses at the age of 21, I’m sharing everything you need to know …

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In this guide, I am sharing with you how to get started roadschooling, what to teach, and how to overcome some of the fears you might have about not being qualified enough to teach your kids. Are you ready to hit the road and explore but you’re worried about taking on the responsibility of educating …

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5 Tips You Need To Know Before Homeschooling Your Kids. I absolutely love that I homeschool my kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s not for everyone. Homeschooling can be really hard, but also really rewarding. I want to help you decide if this is something that would benefit you and your family.Homeschooling your kids is a HUGE decision and it’s not something to take lightly. Before jumping into you should consider these five things.

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