30 Healthy Habits You Can Do With Your Kids

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We want to inspire you to make health something that your family values too and what better way to integrate new healthy habits than by making them fun! From handstands to journaling, from building forts to kombucha, you and your kids will LOVE these 30 healthy habits are easy and fun!

5 Life Changing Attitudes I Learned from 5 Years of Nomadic Living

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April Fools Day is a monumental day in our family. I am fortunate enough to say that today on April 1, 2020, my family and I are officially 5 years nomadic. But what does that mean? Why should we celebrate? Nomadic is a soft term.  [...]

10 Reasons People Don’t Travel Full Time with Teenagers

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By now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the new lifestyle trend, full time travel. Over the last few years, this form of long term travel has gone from being practically unheard of to a community of hundreds of people ditching their old lifestyle [...]

Ultimate Guide To Roadschooling: How To Start + What To Teach

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Are you ready to hit the road and explore but you’re worried about taking on the responsibility of educating your child? Or do you know you can do it but you aren’t sure where to start?  I’ve been homeschooling my kids for 15 years and [...]

What To Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Hike

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I love hiking.  My oldest three kids love hiking. My fourth child likes to hike half the time.  But my fifth child…well, she’s a whole different story.  If it’s more than two miles, has any sort of elevation gain, or if the weather isn’t between [...]

How We’ve Traveled the World Full Time for 3 Years with 5 Kids

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3 years ago when we started this journey, "full time travel" was barely a thing.  We simply saw that life was flying by too quickly and we wanted to find a way to create more experiences.  Nowadays, a bunch of families are wanting to hop on the [...]

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing To Homeschool Your Kids

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I started writing a homeschool book years ago, way before we jumped into full time traveling, and I called it It's Not About The Curriculum. To be honest, I put it on the side burner because of doubt and fear. I strongly believe in my approach to [...]

How We Made The Jump From Resortist to Adventure Traveler

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a resortist.  High thread counts, a treadmill in an air-conditioned room, and fruity drinks by the pool are a great way to vacation.  But what if you want to venture into the unknown?  What if you want to [...]

Should I Go To Bali (Part 2): A Lesson in Taking Risks, Hardship, and Appreciation

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  Over and over, before we even set foot on this trip, I wondered, “Should I even go to Bali? Bali’s just not me.” I’m so stoked that you stuck around for part 2 of this blog because part 2 is so much better than [...]