I Am Not A City Girl: Figuring Out What I Like When I Travel

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  November 2, 2017… I have a motto (one of many)… “Wake up excited to start each day.” Today, I didn’t abide by that motto because we were headed to Barcelona. I know what you are thinking, Who wouldn’t be excited to see Barcelona?  Well, [...]

The Things You Do For Love: How To Find Balance When Your Spouse Doesn’t Like Traveling

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I love everything (at least that’s what Victor will tell you I say). Climb 5000 feet in a hike … love it! Get scared on a rock wall … love it!  A new town to figure out and learn … love it!  A bottle of [...]

Western USA and Canada 11-Week Adventure Road Trip

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The U.S. and Canada have some pretty amazing mountain ranges to explore. Whether we were hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking, it seemed like we were always trying to reach the summit of some glorious peak, see another alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, follow [...]

The Best Sport Climbing Destinations to Take Your Kids

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  When we first started traveling in search of sport climbing destinations, my youngest two kids were four and six years old. Old enough that they no longer required being carried in a backpack but not old enough to hike up steep hills or hike [...]

Living in an RV and Traveling (with 5 kids) is Freaking Awesome

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It’s been over three years and I still love living in an RV with my five kids. I realize living in an RV and traveling with kids is not on most people’s bucket list and for good reason.  It’s challenging and requires a great deal [...]