5 Life Changing Attitudes I Learned from 5 Years of Nomadic Living

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April Fools Day is a monumental day in our family. I am fortunate enough to say that today on April 1, 2020, my family and I are officially 5 years nomadic. But what does that mean? Why should we celebrate? Nomadic is a soft term.  [...]

10 Reasons People Don’t Travel Full Time with Teenagers

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By now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the new lifestyle trend, full time travel. Over the last few years, this form of long term travel has gone from being practically unheard of to a community of hundreds of people ditching their old lifestyle [...]

Ultimate Guide To Roadschooling: How To Start + What To Teach

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Are you ready to hit the road and explore but you’re worried about taking on the responsibility of educating your child? Or do you know you can do it but you aren’t sure where to start?  I’ve been homeschooling my kids for 15 years and [...]

How We’ve Traveled the World Full Time for 3 Years with 5 Kids

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3 years ago when we started this journey, "full time travel" was barely a thing.  We simply saw that life was flying by too quickly and we wanted to find a way to create more experiences.  Nowadays, a bunch of families are wanting to hop on the [...]

What To Pack For Long Term Travel and Camping Abroad

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Backpacking the world isn't just for 20-somethings. Our family of seven loves to long term travel with just backpacks and a tent. Besides being an extremely affordable way to travel, it takes us to the most incredible locations in new countries. This blog includes everything we packed [...]

The Things You Do For Love: How To Find Balance When Your Spouse Doesn’t Like Traveling

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I love everything (at least that’s what Victor will tell you I say). Climb 5000 feet in a hike … love it! Get scared on a rock wall … love it!  A new town to figure out and learn … love it!  A bottle of [...]

Living in an RV and Traveling (with 5 kids) is Freaking Awesome

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It’s been over three years and I still love living in an RV with my five kids. I realize living in an RV and traveling with kids is not on most people’s bucket list and for good reason.  It’s challenging and requires a great deal [...]