7 Adventurous Warm Weather Winter Destinations for When You’re Sick of the Snow

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Winter can be beautiful and adventure filled with so many options for snowboarding, skiing, nordic skiing, and snow shoeing.  But sometimes the winter can drag on too long.  If you get the winter blues, here are seven great [...]

Should I Go To Bali (Part 1): A Lesson in Taking Risks, Hardship, and Appreciation

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  Over and over, before we even set foot on this trip, I wondered, “Should I even go to Bali?” Bali’s just not me. We knew better. I’d already learned this lesson (4 years ago in Nicaragua) and [...]

The Things You Do For Love: How To Find Balance When Your Spouse Doesn’t Like Traveling

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I love everything (at least that’s what Victor will tell you I say). Climb 5000 feet in a hike … love it! Get scared on a rock wall … love it!  A new town to figure out and [...]