Denali National Park: Hiking, Camping, and Wildlife

Denali can provide a unique and memorable experience for all types of adventurers. 

Consisting of 6 million acres, Denali National Park is huge and the only way to access this wilderness is through one entrace and one very long dead end road.  Denali is located in the heart of Alaska, 237 miles north of Anchorage and 120 miles south of Fairbanks.   Despite the abundance of large wildlife and raw nature, in many ways Denali feels a lot like most National Parks and you have to remind yourself that you are actually standing in the Last Frontier.

There are a lot of great parts to Denali such as an abundance of space, large mammals, the boreal forest, which most of us don’t see everyday, and very few rules on how to explore its backcountry.

It also has a lot of negatives like not many trails, being far from any real city, and unpredictable, harsh weather.

Parks Road, Denali National Park, Hiking and Camping, Alaska
The iconic and elusive Mount McKinley is one the biggest draws of visiting Denali National Park

While there are exceptions to this, it felt like there were only two ways to explore Denali: tour bus style or backcountry explorer.  Hopefully the knowledge I provide in this blog can help you find a balance between the two and make your trip to Denali a very memorable one.