Lovely!  Everything about Ireland is just lovely.  From it’s trickling waterfalls to its rolling hills, the scenery is so pleasant to the eye.  In fact, as the Irish say, if it weren’t for the rain, there’d be standing room only in Ireland.

Compared to Norway’s fjords or Switzerland’s peaks, Ireland may be lacking in grandioseness when it comes to nature, but what you will find when you step foot on the Green Isle is the happiest, nicest folks you will ever meet.  I love the Irish and I’m convinced the reason they are so happy, despite the incessant showers (which they will apologize for profusely), is because they have happy bellies.  The food in Ireland never ceased to put a smile on my face and add warmth to my soul.

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Ireland People who love to eat are the best people


I know this sounds a bit weird coming from me considering I’m the nutrition freak who is always telling people how to eat healthier in my books and blogs, but when we travel I’m all about “when in Rome.”  After all, half of the experience of traveling and learning about other cultures is tasting their food.  Here are four foods I couldn’t stop eating (or drinking) while in Ireland.

drink Guinness in Ireland


Supposedly it’s the water, but for whatever reason, it tastes much better here. I don’t even like Guinness and I couldn’t stop drinking it. It’s incredibly smooth and goes down like water.  Nothing makes you more welcomed by locals than sharing stories over a Guinness.

Nothing makes you more welcomed by locals than sharing stories over a Guinness.Click To Tweet



I blame Irish scones to the few extra pounds I gained while in Ireland. They are perfectly sweet and crumbly and can be found everywhere. The scones in the UK were good, but nowhere near as good as the ones in Ireland. They are served with butter, jam, and cream, but I personally prefer them plain with a cup of coffee (sorry, I’m American and love my coffee!).

delicious soda bread in Ireland

Soda bread

If you haven’t had your fill of carbs with scones there’s always soda bread.

Soda bread is a traditional Irish bread that is made with only flour, baking soda, which is used instead of yeast due to times of poverty in Ireland and giving it its name, salt, and soured milk to activate in the baking soda.

It sounds weird but it is delicious. We fell in love with this when we were up north on Ballina and it became a staple part of our daily diet along with a warm bowl of homemade soup.



At home in America, we always buy Kerry Gold butter for a reason. Irish butter is just better (okay I love French butter too, but that’s another post). Drive around the country and you’ll know why. Happy cows! Pasturelands of cows are everywhere grazing on so much lush green grass it would be hard for them to not produce perfect cream.

Ireland Milk Market Cheese


Farmer’s Markets

When I’m not indulging in beer, bread, and butter, I am on the lookout for artisan foods and local markets. Two of the best ones we found while in Ireland were in Clonakilty and Limerick. I’m not sure how we ended up in the small Irish town of Clonakilty but I was very glad we did. The farmers market had a little bit of everything we love, organic sourdough, coffee, marinated olives, hummus, pesto, tabouli, as well as all our fresh produce. There were two markets here in town that sold healthy sauces and organic peanut butter, which we had been missing dearly for the past few weeks.  

Ireland Milk Market Cheese

In Limerick, there is a large warehouse size farmers market called The Milk Market and it is a foodie’s dream come true.  One of our favorite finds here was the fresh raw milk, which the kids loved.  They also sell incredible breakfast sandwiches filled with eggs, bacon, sausage, and onions.

Raw milk and strawberries at Ireland Milk Market

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My recommendation if you are planning a trip to Ireland, buy a good rain jacket and eat extra healthy the month before you go (click here to see Eat to Play, a complete meal plan and course to eat right so you can enjoy your life).  Then go hog wild and indulge in their culinary bliss.

Ireland Milk Market salami

Comment your favorite thing to eat in Ireland or what Irish food sounds best to you!

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