epic Hikes on the East Coast

Every year I say, “This is the year we will finally make it to the East Coast!” but it never happens.  We’ve become so obsessed with sharp jagged mountains and hikes to alpine lakes that every summer we end up getting stuck playing in the Rockies or end up flying to the Pyrenees.  So to help boost my motivation to get to the east coast, I’ve asked some fellow bloggers what their favorite epic hikes are on the East Coast of the U.S. and added the ones that are on my bucket list to help fuel our motivation to get out east and to hopefully inspire your wanderlust.

Here are 11 adventurous hikes that you should check out on the East Coast.  Let us know in the comments if you’ve done one or if there is another one we should add to this list.

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Best Hikes on the East Coast in Maine

1 | Precipice, Orange and Black and Champlain North Ridge Trail Loop, Acadia NP

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