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Feeling Overwhelmed? Read This.

Last night, Victor said to me, “I was not meant for this time on Earth.” It’s not the first time he’s said that. What he means is that, in order to be “successful” and to feel like he is “enough”, he has to be someone he isn’t.

It’s not enough to just be a caring husband. It’s not enough to be a present father who makes time to listen and play with his kids. It’s not enough to be disciplined to workout daily and eat healthy. No, all he has heard from me since we moved our family into an RV to travel the world is… You need a brand. You need a voice. You need a marketing plan. You need to drive traffic. You need to network. You need to learn more, learn faster, and create 100x more content than you currently do. My stomach turns just writing these words. What a b*tch I’ve been!

I was sitting down with a client yesterday and said, “You need to ask yourself what you actually believe in terms of the quantum field, manifestation, and the law of attraction.” She’s so worried about losing her job, stock options, and in turn, her home, that she is constantly stressed, emotionally distraught, and damaging her health through weekend parties to escape the fear inside. 

These two independent events collided in my dreams, waking me with a startle at 4am. Who have I become? I too find myself reaching for a glass of wine earlier and earlier in the day. My own internal dialogue of, “You need to (insert everything I was telling Victor) plus, be a better mom, go to the gym, go to yoga, go climb, go hike, go, go, go… has left me exhausted.”

And now, I feel stuck. I feel as if I’m so in it, that my list of expectations I have for myself is so long, that grabbing beer and heading to the hot tub at 2pm feels like my only solution. To actually sit down and edit the 300 blogs here, move blogs over from our old websites, help with our Making Mindfulness Fun blog, create new pins, create new landing pages, workbooks, and sales offers, edit my old books, write my new book, fix all our quiz email funnels, write better email funnels, organize my photos so I can create better reels, write captions, market my own coaching programs, help Gabi launch her fitness coaching brand, show up more on Be The Hero and help people more, go through my 22,000 unread emails, all feels so overwhelming.

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Not to mention all the things I’m not doing but telling myself, I “should be doing” — try to get backlinks, collaborate with other bloggers, go live, record new content on nomads YouTube, record on Be The Hero YouTube, record new podcast episodes on Defy the Norm, get on other people’s podcasts, post on Tik Tok… I could keep going. It’s no wonder a need a beer at 2 pm.

In my Jerry Maguire moment, I also realized that my life is so incredibly perfect. Our entire family is together right now. All my kids are thriving (which isn’t always the case, nor do I expect it to last). Without the brand and the marketing and all the other bullsh*t that people like Alex Hormozi and Russell Brunson make me feel guilty for not living up to, Victor has always provided for us. We always have exactly the amount of money when we need it.

family travel, rv living, camping, hiking, parenting, vagabonding, lifestyle

When we started this adventure in 2015, I was so simple and so happy. There was no Instagram to keep up with. I wasn’t thinking about sales funnels or trying to be an influencer. I would just play with my kids, surf, and write. I do miss those days.

But it was also hard on Victor. It’s not now. He loves our lifestyle and it’s me, with all the unrealistic pressure of who I’m supposed to be and what success should look like for “someone like me who’s been doing this for 9 years” that causes so much stress and conflict.

family travel, vagabonding, rv living, family travel, camping

The point is, even with the best intentions, we all get caught up in the “we should” story and forget that in the quantum field thoughts create matter. It’s not a matter of thinking harder, faster, or smarter. The quantum field operates through frequency and the vibration is a direct correlation to the quantity and quality of our emotions.

I know this. I’ve lived it for so long. And yet, I lost it too. My enneagram 8 tried to use force instead of staying in the pocket of flow. Luckily, it’s easy to reset. You just wake up one day and choose to be your higher self. You trust and you take action without allowing yourself to lose the vibration of joy, gratitude, and excitement.

We have a great life. We have an amazing summer planned. But because we now travel in a 43’ fifth wheel, I had to plan ahead and book all our campgrounds so that I knew Victor would always have a place to work. Winging it, hoping to find good boondocking, would be a surefire path to divorce.

But I’m also committed to a lot of things in the next 2 weeks. Drive to SLC for a breathwork event and Limitless conference. Drive to Colorado to pick up the new RV. Tow it to St George. Fly to San Diego for another breathwork event and my mom’s 70th. I’m tired just thinking of it. But I’ve committed and with a slight paradigm shift, I will do it with joy & gratitude.

family travel, camping, vagabonding, rv living, lifestyle

We get to do this!” is what Victor and I say to each other when we have to squeeze in a 6 hour drive and barely get set up at a campsite for his next client. Or on a long hike when our feet are tired and everyone is starving.

Suffering only exists in the mind. Like guilt, fear, and shame, these low frequency emotions are just choices we make based on our beliefs.

And while I do believe in the quantum and that Victor and I were brought together by design to have a massive impact on the shift that is occurring in the world, I also recognize that my expectations of myself, Victor, and the world needed to be reset.

Like full-time RVing, we are just a little ahead of where most people are in their belief of what is possible. To remember that in 2015, full-time RVing wasn’t a “thing” and now look at how it’s grown, reminds me to stand firm in my belief that we are creators of a New Earth Era and leaders in healing the collective consciousness of the world is a big part of that journey.

So whether you join us for one of our LIVE events or inside Be The Hero Academy, I hope my failures are a reminder that you too can change. You can wake up one day and decide to hit the reset button. You are under no obligation to be the person you were yesterday and every day can be an opportunity to be the change.

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