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I don’t think it’s a random coincidence that the coffee shop I’m sitting at right this moment while updating this page has a huge wall covered in gallery with pictures of a person playing volleyball, skating, surfing, doing yoga, and a dancer and above these 5 poster sized portraits is a quote that says,

“After health, everything is profit.”

Health, fitness and nutrition were Victor and my first passion.  When we started dating in 1994, we went to Gold’s Gym every day.  To all our family and friends we’ve been labeled “the healthy people” and before we started on this nomadic adventure I wrote a book A Playful Life: Think, Move, and Eat your way to more fun.

Because adventure and travel is my main focus, “selling” health and fitness has taken a huge back seat for me.  My own, and my family’s, health still is 100% a personal focus, but since I don’t have the time to fully market personal training, I’ve tried to do the next best thing here, which is to deliver as much of my knowledge and experience when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness, here on our adventure travel blog website.

Why? Because, like the quote in the coffee shop, I believe everything starts with great health

“I believe in enjoying your travel, jumping into new adventures, and simplifying your life but you will be able to enjoy those things so much more when you feel amazing.  When you have an abundance of energy, mental acuity, and a sense of purpose that carries you through your day.”

fitness family

When I wrote A Playful Life…

My goal was to help others balance the three aspects of health:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • & Create a Motivated Mindset

In order to pursue their dreams and contribute to the world in a positive way.

Creating a body that is physically capable to chase those dreams, which means preventing and healing aches and pains or injuries, plus a strength training, prehab, and flexibility program the helps you excel in your sports and adventures.

Last, a solid nutrition program that not only prevents disease and helps ou maintain a healthy body weight, but also gives you the energy to enjoy your day to day life so you don’t battle with blood sugar issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. 

If you’d like a hard copy of my book, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to mail it to you for $10.

If your body feels physically awesome but you feel “stuck” in life, then head over to the badassery section

Creating a motivated mindset is often the first step in getting “unstuck” whether it’s weight loss, a career change, ending a relationship, finding what makes you excited to jump out of bed, or just trying to get through your day, I’ve got a ton of resources and inspiration for you.  I strongly believe that manifestation works and you can have everything you want in life.  Not that it will be handed to you on a silver platter, but you should never feel hopeless.  There is a way to fulfillment, it’s just going to take intention, focus, and hard work.  Click here to learn more about badassery or join my free 7-day Reset Your Life course and work on mindset with health and nutrition at the same time.

fitness family

So without further ado, let’s talk health and see where we can help you enjoy your life more. The first thing you may want to consider is…

How to live the good life, Fitness + Nutrition

Do you want to live “The Good Life”?

In this blog I talk about that secret formula for finding balance between eat well, exercising, practicing gratitude, and managing your stress.

Life is hard.  It’s busy and there are so many demands on us that squeezing in enough time to food prep and stretch, let alone just go for a walk or breathe deeply, is hard.  Time management is easy in theory but super difficult in actuality.  Read How to Live The Good Life if you think you need some inspiration of how to tie all the elements of health and happiness together. 

Do you workout but just can’t lose weight? 

This is a very common issue for many people and that’s why I wrote 5 Reasons Fitness Makes You Fatter.  One of the biggest reasons working out might not be “working” for you is that your adrenals might be shot.  Adrenal Fatigue ruins your metabolism and until you get them functioning optimally, you can sweat til you are blue in the face and it won’t do you much good.  

why fitness is making you fatter, Fitness + Nutrition
tips to improve adrenal function, Fitness + Nutrition

Are you wired & tired?

But how do you know if your adrenals are functioning well?  One clue is if you are wired and tired.  Ya know that bug eyed feeling of always being ready to pounce but then not having enough energy to really get anything done?  Or another clue is blood sugar management.  Do you get hangry throughout the day?  Yep, adrenal repair could easily change that.  One last clue is where you carry those extra 10+ pounds.  If they are all around the mid section, it might be time for some adrenal love.  

I swear by a beer every day.

It’s true. Although, only one and I’d compromise with a glass of really good, dry red wine too.  Gluten intolerances are totally a thing, but with good functioning adrenals combined with a great wellness plan, a beer a day can totally keep the doctor away.  Curious how?  Read Drink Beer & Lose Weight to find out.

drink beer and lose weight, Fitness + Nutrition
stay healthy during the holidays, Fitness + Nutrition

Do you love to party?

Or maybe you have a busy social life?  Do you eat great Monday through Thursday but when the weekend comes around, its game time? Hey, it’s fun to let loose and have a good time but it makes it hard to achieve that level of health you may be striving for. I wrote a blog on 6 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy & Lean During the Holidays but the same principals in it can be applied year round if you have a busy social calendar and like to have fun on the weekends.

Do you struggle to stick with a plan?

And while we are at it, don’t wait until January 1st to implement healthy habits and more importantly, to keep them.  Check out these 5 simple steps to achieve your New Years resolution

simple steps to achieve your resolutions, Fitness + Nutrition

Playful Living

Did you notice I called my book A Playful Life and not Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass and Start Working Out and Eating Right?

Here’s the truth: I hate the gym.

Before 2012, I didn’t know any better and all I did for fitness was workout or run.  It was boring but effective and considering I was pregnant or breast feeding for over a decade, it worked with my life at the time.  But in 2012 I was finally done having kids and I turned my attention to sports.

I played soccer again but tore my ACL and my ortho said “We can fix it, but you’ll probably tear it again OR you can switch sports.” I had recently just started surfing and BAM! Just like that my life went in a totally different trajectory. Today, hiking, surfing, rock climbing, and mountain biking rule my days.

Working out is only a function of keeping my body ready to play and play well.  You don’t have to play the same way as I do, but there are many benefits to play that Victor outlines here in his blog The Benefits of Play.  If you are like me and thinking, play sounds way more fun than lifting dumbbells and counting reps, then check out my 30 Ways to Get Fit Without A Gym.

Explore Your Yoga Practice

You don’t have to do yoga, but it’s such an easy and easily accessible way to kill 2 (or 4) birds with one stone.  Yes yoga will help you get more flexible but you don’t need to be flexible to do yoga.  Trust me, I’m stiff as a board.

Yoga prevents injuries by improving your joint mobility, but it also helps improve wellness through deep breathing, improves your stress management, and boosts your happiness with endorphins.

Besides yoga improving your physical well being, the principals behind yoga, or what is referred to as the Yamas, can help you soften to life and become a more self aware and kind human being. And don’t ya think that’s a good thing for this world?

Nutrition Tips

Starving yourself is rarely the answer and personally, I have no willpower so it’s much better for me to just plan ahead and have the right things in my fridge and prepared ahead of time so that I can just make the good choice also the easy one.  This is just 1 of the 10 Essential Habits you should follow if you want to achieve optimal health and wellness. 

You are what you eat and so there is no magic formula or pill to take to allow you to skip this step.  These are the 25 foods you should try to prioritize eating throughout the week if you want to get leaner or just feel better.  Our blog 21 Healthy Dinner Recipes has some easy meals you can make.  When you are ready to take your nutrition to the next level, start adding more superfoods and supplements to your diet.  And if you shop at Costco, this is what you should buy at Costco to eat healthy,

fitness family
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Ready to Reset Your Life?

Need more help? You can also join my 7-day Recode Your Life mini course.

The secret to health and happiness should not be a secret, that’s why I spent hours taking as much of the knowledge and inspiration as I could and put it into a course!

Yes, I’m ready live healthier, have more energy, to create the life of my dreams

Need More Help?

We have tons of resources to help you create health and wellness in your life all by yourself…but that might not be enough.  Sometimes you just need somewhere there to guide you through what step comes next.  That’s why you might want to talk to Victor about coaching.  He’s an amazing personal trainer and if you aren’t making the progress you need to get healthier, stringer, and injury free, he’s the man to talk to.

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