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Gift Guide for Adventure Travelers and Outdoor Lovers

gift guide for adventure travelers & outdoor lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the adventure seeker or outdoor lover in your life? We’ve compiled 45 gift ideas varying from cheap to expensive so no matter what the occasion, your adventuring friend, family, or acquaintance will be stoked to open their gift from you.

This blog was updated in November of 2019 for accuracy and the best, new gift ideas for adventurers.

Adventure travelers are a hard breed to shop for. They tend to be less consumeristic so you can’t just get them any gift from the mall. A gift for adventure travelers has to be well thought out based on what they love to do most: adventure in the outdoors and travel.

It can be especially hard to find a gift for outdoorsy or adventurous travelers if you aren’t the exploring type.

We are adventure travelers ourselves and personally, we can tell you that while most outdoorsy people aren’t big on “stuff” in general, there are certain things that are extremely useful or enjoyable to have and receiving these items has been useful for us.

We’ve put together this gift guide to help you give adventure travelers or outdoorsy people a gift they will LOVE and use.

Read on to check out these 45 rad gift ideas of things we always travel with that the adventure traveler on your list will love too.    

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Low Price Gifts – Up to $25

World Travel Outlet Adapter

This is an item every world traveler needs.  It is truly a travel essential.  If you know someone who’s headed out on their first international trip, this gift is exactly what they’ll need.

Packable Travel Umbrella

Plot twist: It rains in other parts of the world.  Being from Southern California, we were not prepared for the weather on our 6-month camping trip to Europe.

I swear it rained more than half the days we were there and we didn’t have an umbrella!  The Norwegian customs officer even warned us, “Buy an umbrella,” but we foolishly ignored that thinking that Europe would be just like a California summer.  Needless to say, it rained a lot.

Meridian Line T-Shirt

I am a huge tank top fan, that was until I discovered Meridian Line’s T-shirts.  These are the most comfortable T-shirts I’ve ever worn.   The rad designs they have on them make them the perfect gift for adventurers or outdoorsy people.  

Meridian Line T Shirts, Gift guide for adventure travelers

National Parks Passport Stamp Book

If your giftee most often takes their adventures into the National Parks of America, this is the perfect gift for them. This gift is a passport but for National Parks, not countries, and you can fill up the pages with stamps from each outdoor destination.

We own one of these and it’s so much fun to go get our stamp at each national park and then look back at all the parks we’ve been to.

National Park Passport, Denali National Park, Hiking and Camping, Alaska
Don’t forget to stamp your national park passport at one of the visitor centers

HydroBlu Water Filtering Water Bottle

We love traveling with our HydroBlu’s.  These water bottles have built-in water filters so whether you filling your water bottle from a river or traveling to a 3rd world country with less than clean water, you can rest easy knowing that these water bottles will filter out all the bacteria from your water.

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Hydro Blu Water Bottles in Descanso, Outdoorsy Holiday Gift Guide
Hydro Blu Water Bottles in Descanso

Jackery Portable Power Bank

This is one of the best, unexpected gifts I’ve ever received. I had no idea this was such a great gift for adventures until I received it. The initial intention for the gift was to use it for everyday life when my phone battery dies but I found it to be my new favorite backpacking companion. This thing has been a lifesaver on so many backpacking trips.

The Jackery Portable Power Bank is perfectly suited for adventurers who like to go off-grid whether that’s for camping, backpacking, or other.

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have so many uses while traveling. They are therapeutic, smell amazing, and our favorite, can repel insects in the outdoors.  Essential oils are small and take up very little space making them perfect travel companions and a great gift for travelers.

All Good Sunscreen

Adventure travelers spend a lot of their days outside exploring nature.  Sunscreen is an essential item for travelers and if you’re looking to get someone a cheap and useful gift, go with All Good Sunscreen.  We love this brand of sunscreen because it’s thin and non-greasy, sustainably made, and reef-safe.

4-in-1 Camping Utensil

Another super useful gift you could get an adventurer is a multi-use camping tool.  No need to pack a spoon, fork, knife, and bottle opener.  This tool comes with all of those items in one.  Perfect for adventurers who will spend their travels camping or backpacking.

Kuju Coffee Packets

Because who doesn’t love coffee, right? This is the perfect gift for the coffee-loving adventurer. Ya know, the one who wakes up before everyone else in the campsite to brew up a small batch, of fresh ground coffee with a French press.

These Kuju Coffee packets are delicious, single-serve pour-over coffee packets that will satiate even the snobbiest coffee drinker’s cravings.

Vagabonding, An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term Travel

This is likely the most inspiring travel book of all time.  Even the most well-traveled people will find amazement in these poetic truths of long-term travel.  Travelers of all ages will love this book.  It’s a perfect travel gift for relaxing on the beach, in the forest, or on long planes, buses, or car rides.

How To Travel The World On $50 A Day

The author of this book, Nomadic Matt, is one of the original travel bloggers and was one of the first to create a complete system for traveling the world on an extremely small budget. This is a perfect gift for adventurers who don’t think they can travel because they don’t have enough money or for travel lovers who are looking for more ways to travel more for less.  

Life Changing Books

On the subject of books, if the adventurer you know loves self-growth, be sure to check out the 25 Books That Will Change Your Life. These 25 books are what initially inspired us to start adventuring and if you know someone who seems to want more out of life, this gift will help them get started.

books that will change your life-3

J.R. Ligget Traveler Shampoo Bar Pack

Another super helpful gift for the adventure traveler in your life is a travel shampoo pack.  This travel shampoo pack comes with a variety of different types of soap suitable for hair, body, shaving, and even washing your clothing. This is a great, helpful gift for someone with trips on the way.

Matador Toiletry Case + Soap Bar Case

Following up on the previous gift idea, put the icing on the cake with these awesome travel toiletry cases.  They are perfect for storing toothpaste, shampoo, or bar soap.  Matador built these specifically for adventure travel so they are light, durable, and functional.

Toiletry Case by Matador, Gift guide for adventure travelers
Photo via

Matador Packable Travel Towel

One often overlooked item of importance when traveling adventurously is a towel and a light one at that.  If a traveler is going to be camping, backpacking, or hostel-traveling through a country, they will need a good, light, packable towel.

Matador delivers top-of-the-line packability with vents to let your damp towel breathe, a silicone case to make it easy to find, and a carabiner to clip onto any bag.

Packable Travel Towel by Matador, Gift guide for adventure travelers
Photo via

Passport Wallet

Those who travel internationally will love this passport wallet.  This wallet makes for quick and easy access to your passport on travel days.

Travel Journal or One Line A Day

It can be a bit of a drag to make the time to journal on your travels but any traveler will love looking back through a journal later on.  I like the One Line A Day travel journal because it’s a simple way to journal, you don’t have to write entire pages but it’s not very durable.  A leather-bound travel journal is a bit more durable for adventure travel plus there’s more age room to write locations, sketches, and more.

Petzl Headlamp

Whether you’re camping, backpacking, or just exploring a city, we love having a headlamp.  It’s the only light you’ll ever need on your travel.  The Petzl light is extremely bright and lasts up to 220 hours.  You can even buy a rechargeable Petxl battery to go with and you’ll never have to buy a new headlamp ever again.

Petzl Headlamp, Gift guide for adventure travelers

UST Mini Flashlight

A mini flashlight is not a travel necessity but it’s a nice thing to have. With a handy carabiner, you can attach this flashlight to anything like a backpack, tent, or keychain.

UST mini Flashlight, Gift guide for adventure travelers

JBL Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Hooking your friend/acquaintance up with a rad dust and dirt-proof Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This speaker isn’t like your typical Bluetooth speaker because it fits in your pocket and is perfectly portable. It can easily fit in a jacket pocket, it has a lanyard so you can hook it to your backpack, and with long battery life, it’s perfect for on-the-go adventure. (But please, blasting music in the trail is not cool.)

Audible Membership by Amazon

With how long most travelers spend TRAVELING, an Audible membership is a nice way to entertain yourself on a long train, bus, car, or plane ride.  While a classic book is good too, an Audible membership gives travelers access to a huge library of books to choose from and takes up no space in your backpack. Audible memberships cost $15 per month so gift an amazing gift card for however many months your giftee is traveling.

Mid Price Gifts – $25 to $50

ENO Hammock

Some would argue a hammock is unessential travel but any adventurer would tell you that traveling with a hammock is the best. This is the perfect fun gift for an adventurous person you know.

A hammock is perfect for spontaneous relaxation. Pretty park with trees, and hammock time.  Beautiful alpine lake, hammock time. Lush forest, hammock time. ENO hammocks pack down to the size of a grapefruit, are very light, and are one of the most comfortable hammocks on the market.  

Best Hikes in the World- Alice Lake

Outdoor Hat

Anyone who spends time exploring the outdoors relies on a good hat to keep them stylish and safe from the sun.  If you’re shopping for an adventure traveler, get them a hat that speaks to their passion for the outdoors.


We don’t go anywhere without it.  The ukulele is quite easy to learn how to play and it can keep travelers of all ages entertained for all occasions from long airport waits to chilling around the campfire. Ukuleles are super travel-friendly as they are small and light.


Everyone loves HydroFlasks and while most adventure men and women already have a trusty water bottle bedazzled with all their favorite stickers, any adventurer would be super stoked to receive a wine tumbler, mug, or cup for versatile drinking opportunities.

As a huge fan of hazy IPAs, my top pick would be the brew bundle so that I knew I had cold beer ready after my latest adventure. Check out HydroFlask’s entire line of barware here.

Wise Owl Outfitters Dry Bag

Whether you’re kayaking, canyoneering, or paddle boarding, these waterproof bags are designed to keep your gear safe and dry, no matter the activity. Keep your valuables dry, protected, and accessible at all times with our roll-top waterproof river bags that safely seal your equipment away with a D-ring clip.

Snow, Bike, or Climbing Helmet

For the safety-conscious gift giver, get your outdoor adventure a helmet for their top outdoor sports. Almost every adventure sport out there can involve a helmet but most of the time, it’s optional. It could be because your adventurer is a daredevil but more likely, they just haven’t prioritized the expenditure of a helmet.

Shop REI for climbing helmets, snow helmets, and bike helmets.

High Price Gifts – $50 and up

Native Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great useful and stylish gift for someone with a spark of wanderlust.  From the wilderness to the city, sunglasses are of course always useful.

Native Sunglasses, Gift guide for adventure travelers

Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Messanger

Ever worry about the adventurer in your life getting lost in the wilderness?   Get them this radical GPS messenger so they can stay in touch with someone even if they don’t have cell service on a hike or adventure.  With this device, you can track and share your location online with friends and family, exchange texts or emails even when there’s no cell service, and in case of an emergency, send an emergency SOS call.

Garmin inReach Mini Satellite messenger, Gift guide for adventure travelers

Push Pin Travel Maps

These travel maps are one of the coolest things you could gift a traveler in your life.  These beautiful maps come in a variety of styles (framed, canvas wrapped, or paper maps) and colors (black and white, teal, colorful, earthy).  They also come as World Maps or Country maps, making it a perfect gift no matter how far your friend has traveled.

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Push Pin Travel Maps, Gift guide for adventure travelers

Ecuadane Blanket

Want to give a gift with a little more artistic flair? Or maybe the adventurer you know has an affinity for cozy things even though they rough it all the time (I know one of those people). This blanket is great for snuggling up on a long road trip, cold mornings watching the sunrise, chilling on the couch, and an extra layer on nights when you’re camping below freezing, and honestly…it’s the most photogenic blanket ever. The blanket comes in many beautiful designs as well.

IceMule Classic Cooler

This is a great gift for the more casual adventurer: the ones who like camping on the weekend, lake days, beach, and picnics. It’s also great for the avid car camper who primarily lives off of ramen noodles but keeps a small supply of fresh, cold goods stocked up (so basically beer). Either way, what makes this cooler so awesome is that it keeps things super cold, it’s compact and less bulky than a regular cooler, and it’s also a backpack making it great for those short strolls between adventures.

GoPro Hero 7 with SD card and Mounts

The GoPro Hero 7 is better than ever. With a GoPro, you can truly capture the epic moments on your travels.  From hiking to mountain biking to skydiving to exploring cities, GoPro’s capture it all and it’s the ultimate adventure gift.

Point and Shoot Camera

Even those who have little interest in photography will want to document their adventures around the world.  The Canon SX420 is a low-cost, quality point-and-shoot camera perfect for amateur photographers who just want to capture their journey. Click here to see the top point and shoot cameras for travelers.

Sony MDR-7506 Noise Canceling Headphones

Earbuds are not the most ideal for long-haul flights where you’ll pretty much have music, movies, or audio playing at all times. On top of that, it’s nice to have comfortable headphones that you can sleep in to block out the noise and maybe even listen to some soothing music to fall asleep.

Jetboil Flash + Coffee Press Attachment + GSI Manual Coffee Grinder

While many travelers eat most of their meals at restaurants, coffee is a morning must-have for many.  We like brewing our coffee on the road.  It’s much cheaper, faster, and tastes way better.  The Jet Boil Flash is lightweight making it a great travel companion for even the most minimalist travelers. You will of course need a grinder for your coffee and we love that the GSI manual coffee grinder is super light.

gear guide, best gear to travel with, favorite gear, gear for camping, patagonia gear, rei, la sportiva gear, long term travel gear, cold weather camping gear, best gear for climbers, gear for hikers, jetboil, coffee for camping
Many times on our trips the words, ‘I don’t know what we would’ve done without the Jet Boil’ have been spoken.  Whether we’re in the mountains or by the sea, in a motorhome or in a tent we don’t go a day without using our water boiler/coffee press.

Matador Beast 28 Packable Daypack

Adventure travel usually means complete minimalism of 1 (or maybe 2) bags.  We tend to travel with just 1 large backpacking backpack but those bags aren’t very suitable for the day-to-day life of travel.

When hiking the trail or exploring the city, a small daypack is awesome to have and that’s why we love the Beast 28.  This backpack packs down SUPER small and is very light to throw in your bag on travel days but is the perfect size for all your daily adventures.

Beast 28 Packable Backpack by Matador, Gift guide for adventure travelers

Matador Camera Base Layer

Every traveling photographer needs this product.  Think, a waterproof jacket for your camera. Adventure travel is rough on your camera and this protective, waterproof cushion is the perfect gift for adventurers who are seeking the perfect shot.

Camera Base Layer by Matador, Gift guide for adventure travelers

XeroShoes Sandals

2 pairs of shoes are all you need when you’re an adventure traveler. A warm, rugged, durable pair (AKA hiking boots or tennis shoes) and a pair of shoes to chill, stroll through cities or relax in.  XeroShoes sandals are just that. These sandals are comfortable for walking for long periods and they’re also great for just chilling around the campsite.

Thanks for reading and hope this helped you find the perfect gift for and outdoorsmen/women in your life! If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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