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We’ve jumped on a plane and traveled to 26 different countries with our five kiddos.  Traveling with kids is incredible expereince and the right gear and gadgets can make it super easy.  These are some of the best things we’ve used or wish we had used when we traveled with our kids and will make great gifts for a travel kid in your life.

Stocking Stuffers

Our Favorite Card Game: Monopoly Deal

We have killed hours and hours of waiting in an airport by playing this game.  It’s hard to find a board or card game that everyone enjoys, but this one, my seven year old loves just as much as my teenagers do.



Even if you aren’t camping, kids love having thier own stuff and there have been many occasions during our travels where it’s been great for our kids to have thier own headlamp.  From walking to the bathroom in a campground to reading a book at night  When you start traveling, electricity often becomes a luxury not a necessity and a rad headlamp is always appreciated.


Mensa Games Calendar

Got older kids on your gift list? My teenagers love doing these Mensa puzzles as we travel.  It keeps us busy and engaged for hours!


Low Price Gifts – Up to $25

Kid’s Travel Journal

I wish so much that I had bought this for each one of my kids when we traveled through Europe for six months.  This is a fun way for kids to track their journey and creates a memory that they will cherish in the future.


Durable, Packable Headphones

A high quality headphone is a must for kids traveling.  My kids spend all their time on an airplane watching movies and when we are driving long distances in a car or RV, they are usually listening to music.  We’ve bought cheap ones in the past and they always break.  These ones are foldable and highly durable so they can hold up to the demands of travel.


Headphones For Young Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to find headphones that stay on younger kids’ heads.  This is a cool new design that I wish we had when our kiddos were younger.  


Lightweight Packable Backpack

I like each of my kids to have a lightweight backpack that they can carry on a plane as their personal item so that they can quickly access their phones, iPads, Kindles, or laptops.  I also throw a few snacks in there, their headphones, packable jacket, and an electronic device.  These backpacks are nice because even if you don’t use it on the plane, they pack down so small that you can throw it in your suitcase and use it for hiking or to walk through the city.  Be creative and give this gift filled with yummy snacks, bars, and gum for the plane.


Kindle Case or iPad Case

Traveling with some form of electronic device is kind of a must these days (see below for kindles and iPads).  For most young kids, having an iPad or Kindle is essential for keeping them entertained during long flights and drives.  Protecting their kindle with these cute cases are fun and practical.


Packable Umbrella

My youngest kids hate to share.  She would love if she had her own umbrella while we traveled!  I like that this one has a travel case to protect it and that it packs down so small that she can carry it in her own backpack.


Travel Legos

Electronics have their time and place, but my kids still prefer to play with things they can touch.  This travel lego set is great for entertaining kids 10 and under while traveling.


Travel Pillow

If kids are traveling on a red eye flight, a sleep pillow is a must to help them be comfortable overnight.


Mid Price Gifts – $25 to $50

Packable Down Jacket

We use our Patagonia Down Jackets everywhere we go, but they are expensive and the kids versions don’t pack down.  I love that these ones cost half the price, have a hood, and pack down very small.


High Price Gifts – $50 and up

Rolling Luggage

I made the mistake of not having rolling luggage for my youngest two kids when we travel and Victor and I ended up carrying two bags each through the airport.  It’s better to have a soft luggage because often when we land in a new country, our rental car doesn’t have enough space and we can smoosh backpacks and soft luggage down by kid’s feet.  This first luggage is cute and stylish, making it great for a girl age 10 and under.  The second luggage is more practical for a boy.  With so many pockets and zippers in both, these pieces of luggage are highly functional making getting through airport security quick and easy (something all travel families can appreciate).


Kindle Fire

The all new Kindle Fire 8 has a ten hour battery life making it perfect for long haul flights.  Plus it has twice the storage as Kindle Fire 7 which means they can download so many more movies for when they are away from wifi on a plane or road trip.  For more fun, throw in a $10 Amazon gift card so they can buy a few apps right away!


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