Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, or just to show appreciation for the adventure/wellness mama in your life, these are my favorite things that all adventure and wellness mamas should have. They are the things I miss the most when we are abroad and what I look forward to using again when I walk back into my RV life.

When we downsized to our thirty foot RV I had to be very selective about what type of stuff I chose to surround myself with.  And when we step on a plane with only our prized possessions in our backpacks ready to spend six months in Europe or three months seeking waves, I’m even more conscientious of what I truly need to be adventurous and still live a healthy lifestyle. While some days I choose adventure over wellness, healthy eating and nurturing my body and my mind are still my top priorities.  I love being able to play hard and live well and I am very thankful for the few possessions I have that help me on my adventures and in living a healthy lifestyle.  

They are the things that spark the most joy for me and allow me to live an adventurous and healthy life.    Click To TweetI’ve also included things I wish I had that I’d love to hear your recommendations for in the comments below.

Gift Ideas To Create an Adventure Lifestyle:

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For me, adventure comes in five forms…surfing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and the open road.  While there are many things you could buy for these sports and road trips, these are the ones that spark the most joy for me and I think will too for your adventure and wellness mama.

Patagonia Wetsuit  

I love to surf, but I hate being cold.  For years I was cheap and had mediocre wetsuits and spent two months a year shivering in the ocean.  Trust me, it’s hard to catch waves when your feet are numb and the hours it takes to warm up afterward sucks.  So this year I broke down and paid the big bucks for a Patagonia wetsuit.  This wetsuit set us back a lot, but I am so happy to not be cold.  While it was a really big expenditure for us, it brings me daily joy when we are living in San Diego for the winter.  My only recommendation with this wetsuit is to surf with a friend because it is hard to take off.  I have the R2 which says it’s good for 55-60F, but I am such a baby and need it when the water is in the mid-sixties too.  Grab some gloves and booties too if she surfs in cold water in the winters. 

Foam Surf Board

I have three custom boards that I love to surf in 4-8 foot waves.  But spending months at a time in San Diego where the surf is typically 1-3 foot means I am so thankful to have my foam board as a backup.  My kids have a blast learning to surf on our foam board and I worry less about them getting hurt on it than I do on a fiberglass or epoxy board.  We’ve used this board for many years and it’s held up great.

Naked Viking Fins

I bought these two years ago and they have sparked a ton of joy for me.  These fins shred!  Be careful at first because they are razor sharp, but with that sharpness comes great performance capability.  Cool fins are a great gift for any surfer on your list.  You may want to check if your surfer uses FCS or Futures compatible fins and if they prefer a quad set up or thruster. 

Coffin Surf Board Bag

We’ve use this bag to fuel our adventure all over the world.  When we fly abroad, it’s our only checked bag and I love that it fits three boards up to 7’2’’ or if we only take two boards it allows us a little room to pack climbing gear.   

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax

Have you smelled surf wax? It’s heavenly.  But Mr. Zogs is the heavenliest.  It’s also not the cheapest so I tend to not buy it.  If you want the surf mama in your life to feel spoiled, buy her a large supply of wax.  Even better, get her this great wax and Solarex ding repair combo. 

Rock Climbing Draws

For two years we used hand-me-down gear.  I was grateful for not having to make the expenditure when we first got into climbing, but then we wanted to lead multiple routes at the same time and so we bought our first set of draws.  They are beautiful.  So beautiful that I always let my daughter use them when we lead at the same time.  I am so excited to have my own set of new, shiny, and perfectly matching draws one day.  There’s nothing like the feel of being fifty feet in the air and having a gorgeous draw be the only thing between you and the ground.  I also wish I had an awesome chalk bag like the monster chalk bag my daughter has.

My Mountain Bike

Okay, it’s actually Victor’s but I steal it all the time because I love it so much.  We have the Novara 29 and while it isn’t the most nimble for fast and windy downhilling, it climbs like a beast.  Seriously, the 29-inch tires roll over everything with ease and allow me to get a great workout uphill.  REI doesn’t sell this exact bike anymore, but I highly recommend buying a 29-inch mountain bike like this one if your adventure mama is comfortable with trail riding and looking to get onto some intermediate trail.  Don’t forget to buy a good bike lock too.  We’ve never had one until my brother gave us a heavy duty U lock like this one.  I use it all the time because even though I prefer to mountain bike, I constantly find myself riding this bike to run errands around town and am glad I can lock it up safely now.

ISLE Surf Inflatable SUP

We were on so many gorgeous glassy bodies of water on our past summer road trip and had no means to explore them.  We are too limited on space to carry a full-size SUP that’s why I have my eye on this.  It packs down to a suitcase size and can even be carried on a plane.  


Gift Ideas To Create Wellness:

In order to live a life full of adventure, you must practice self-care.  Ask the greatest athletes in the world and they will tell you it’s what they do in the off season that allows them to excel in their sport.  Taking care of your physical body as well as your mental state of being requires effort and mindfulness.  These are my favorite possessions that help me nurture my mind and body and allow me to adventure often and play better.  Spoil your adventure/wellness mama and set aside a corner of your house for her to rejuvenate in and fill it with these great gifts.

Manduka Yoga Mat

I’ve had many yoga mats in my life, but this one is the best.  It’s hard to focus on your breath when you are slipping and sliding while holding poses.  I love how sticky this mat feels and the thickness adds tons of comfort for kneeling poses.  

Yoga Toes

Sometimes I forget I own these until a kid pulls them out of the drawer next to my bed.  You don’t even realize how many nerves run through your toes and how much tension we hold in our feet until you start using these.  It may sound crazy, but I swear the more I use these, the more patience I have with my children.  Using these also helps offset the beating I put my feet through when I run and climb.  These massage balls make great stocking stuffers and are great for releasing tension and improving your sports performance.  We always travel with some form of myofascial release balls.


I’ve talked about buying a bolster for years and someday I will have one.  Every time I go to a yin yoga class I wish I had bolsters at home.  Bolsters make it so enjoyable to hold poses for long duration.  While a bunch of folded blankets can do the same thing, bolsters are great to use to stretch with while unwinding at night in front of the TV.

Foam Roller 

I miss our foam roller a lot when we travel abroad.  Every adventure mama needs a foam roller to offset her sports.  I know it’s crazy that I don’t love to weight train considering who I’m married to, but when I walk into a gym to weight train, it’s the first thing I grab.  It’s kinda like eating broccoli.  It doesn’t taste good, but it makes me feel good and accomplish great things.  When we lived in a house and had floor space I would foam roll all the time.  Now that we are in a motorhome, I have to consciously make time for it.  Adventure mamas know that to feel good and adventure better, foam rolling is key.


There is some serious magic in getting horizontal.  There is even more magic in getting horizontal between two trees.  I’ve started hiking with my ENO hammock and some webbing so that when we reach those gorgeous alpine lakes, I can take in the views while fully relaxing.  The ENO is great because it packs down so small that I carry it all over the world with me.  

Essential Oils

Nothing makes me smile, relax, and breathe deeply like lemongrass oil.  My kids use tea tree oil like it’s going out of style.  Splash some lavender on my pillow and I’m out for the night.  I’ve yet to ingest Frankensesnce for health, but I’m sure it’s coming.  Essential oils are a wonderful gift.  Spoil the wellness mama in your life with wonderful scents.



Gifts For The Adventure/Wellness Mama For Her Kitchen:

This past Black Friday I opted outside to surf and bike ride, but I still went shopping…to Trader Joe’s that is.  I love good quality food and I rely on Trader Joe’s a lot to feed my large family.  It seems like there is a new hipster restaurant opening up every day and while it sounds fun, exciting, and “adventurous”—it’s not our cup of tea.  We prefer to buy real ingredients and make gourmet meals ourselves.  But in order to do this, there are a few appliances that I rely heavily on (and I miss tremendously when we travel abroad).  


There is nothing better for wellness than fresh greens juice.  I feel it on a daily basis when we travel abroad and when we are off-grid (you need electricity for a juicer). Sure, it costs a bit to buy the ingredients and there is a lot of waste, but if you can get over this fact, juicing might be the best thing your adventure mama could do for wellness.  We use to have a centrifuge juicer and it was okay, but I love our Omega Juicer because it does a better job of extracting the juice from the greens and is really fast to clean.

Standing Mixer

We bake a lot.  I distinctly remember the Christmas ten years ago when Victor bought me my standing mixer.  Even though it was the wrong color to match our kitchen 😉 I use it all the time, even in a motorhome.  We bake a lot and having a standing mixer makes everything come out better.  Someday, when we stop living nomadically and raise our own pigs, I know I’ll be using this to case sausage.

Food Processor

One of our family’s favorite meals is Spaghetti.  But not the spaghetti you are used to.  We make ours with beets, cauliflower, broccoli, and zucchini.  I shred it up and mix it with sauce and grass-fed beef.  It’s so delicious we don’t even eat it with pasta!  When we are abroad, we grate it all by hand— it teaches my kids hard work, persistence, and discipline if they want to eat.  But when we are in our RV (and have electricity) we use our food processor and the job is done in a fraction of the time.  I also use it a lot to make date balls and energy bars, as well as for many other recipes.

Nutri Bullet

While I am a huge proponent of juicing, we do also make smoothies and having a good blender makes such a difference.  Cheap blenders don’t tend to work as well as the Nutri Bullet does.  Victor uses our Nutri Bullet every day to make his protein shakes with our favorite Biotrust Low Carb protein powder.

Crock Pot

I use my lead-free crock pot every day when we are stationary (and have electricity).  If your adventure mama already has a crock pot, consider getting her my book, A Playful Life, which has a bunch of recipes and tips on how to use the crock pot to eat more healthfully.

Pressure Cooker

I’m hoping Santa brings me this one this year.  I use my crock pot daily (if we have electricity) and I need to get on the “pressure cooker” bandwagon because it sounds fantastic.  

French Press or Pour Over

If your adventure mama is still making her coffee with a coffeemaker, I envy her because I just can’t do it.  I’ve gone to the dark side and life will never be the same.  For a long time we only drank coffee if we made it ourselves via a pour over, but them my two teenage daughters loved our black coffee so much that it took a long time to make 4 cups of pour over that we went back to our french press.  Regardless if you press or pour, grind your beans right before.  I’ve even become so particular that I only use my hand grinder, but a good electric coffee grinder should work just fine.  I also love when we have electricity and can use an electric tea kettle to heat the water to the perfect pour over temperature of 202F.


Gifs Your Adventure & Wellness Mama Can Use All Year Long:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE high quality coffee, beer, wine, chocolate, olive oil, and vinegars.  If I ever make money I would join a monthly club for all of these things.  Our family jokes that we wish there was a French Butter of the Month Club.  If you are looking for a unique gift to give your adventure/wellness mama, try one of these:

Coffee of the Month Club, 

Craft Beer of the Month Club,

Martha Stewart Wine of the Month Club

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Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope your adventure mama has a Playful 2018!