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2020 Gift Guide For Mindfulness + Health

Wow! What a year 2020 has been for us and I’m sure for you too. We’ve always been proactive about taking care of our health and our physical bodies. But over the past few years through our travels, we’ve become very in tune with our spiritual well being and looking at our health and wellness from the mind, spirit, and body perspective.

I hope you too find hope and vibrancy in nurturing your body and spirit. We put together this gift guide to help you and those you love practice more health and mindfulness in 2021.

These are our favorite items that help us to nurture our mind, body, and spirit and make practicing mindfulness and creating more health so much fun.  If you have a hippie, yogi, or any other spiritually obsessed, mindfully driven, health-loving human being on your holiday gift list this year, give them one of these great mindfulness and health gifts.

1 | Crystals

Crystals are a great gift for anyone who is into mindfulness. Getting a crystal to hold during meditation, a large crystal to put in a room in your house, or a crystal necklace to wear with you at all times is an amazing way to empower a loved one to harness their gifts and talents.

Kids love crystals!

Our 10-year-old has been having trouble with nightmares and started sleeping with Black Amber, which is said to prevent psychic attacks.

2 | Chakra Healing

Chakra flags, gift for mindfulness
Give chakra flags as a gift for mindfulness

Healing the chakras is a wonderful way to live your purpose and make the world a better place. We love having our chakra flag hanging in our RV where we can see it daily.

Just like the flag, a chakra bracelet is a good reminder of keeping equal energy flowing through all the chakras.


Heal your chakras and empower your life through our 7 Day Chakra Balancing course

3 | Sound Healing

Gabi just published a course Brainwave Mastery that explains why sound is such a powerful tool in unleashing your potential and the accessing the energy field around you.

Tibetian singing bowls are very affordable and provide a nice touch to your yoga and meditation practice.

I personally love the sound that comes from the crystal sound bowls. Another great way to heal the body is by using Solfeggio Tones.

4 | Yoga Mats

Our family practices yoga together daily and we love having all the gadgets when we sit down to our practice. I don’t know anyone who practices yoga that wouldn’t absolutely love a new yoga mat, especially one of the Gaiam ones that have such cool designs.

Does your yogi sweat a lot? These towels are super absorbent and prevent slipping on your mat especially helpful during hot yoga classes.

You could make your yogi feel really spoiled with a yoga rug. We’ve had our yoga rugs for years and love that the thickness of the cotton makes it a comfortable way to do yoga indoors and outdoors.

Last, we use our YOGO travel mats when we travel or do yoga outdoors. These mats fold up really small so they are easy to take everywhere.

5 | Yoga Props

Having yoga blocks and a strap is great for anyone who practices yoga. Another way to spoil your yogi is with different shape bolsters. These are great for practicing yin yoga at home and make it easier to hold poses for a long duration.  We also have these Mexican blankets that are nice for yoga or to use while stretching.

6 | Yoga Inspired

Yoga cards help your yogi plan out their own yoga class and are great for beginners looking to learn more about yoga.

We hold so much tension in our feet and may not realize how many nerves run through your toes until you put on these yoga toes. Using these helps offset the beating I put my feet through when I run and climb, plus it feels really good and helps me relax.

7 | Massage Tools

These lacrosse massage balls make great stocking stuffers and are great for releasing tension and improving your sports performance.  We always travel with some form of myofascial release balls.

tools for myofascial release
Our top 5 tools for myofascial release

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8 | Meditation Tools

Mindfulness is even easier to practice when you have a comfy meditation pillow like the one below.

Make it a wonderful gift basket by throwing in a new inspirational meditation book or a meditation journal.

9 | Essential Oils

I love how essential oils help me smile, relax, and breathe deeply. I use lemongrass as perfume and splash some lavender on my pillow for a restful night’s sleep. My kids use tea tree oil for their skin. I’ve yet to ingest Frankensesnce for health, but I’m sure it’s coming.  Essential oils are a perfect gift because you can never have too much of it.  Spoil your loved ones in your life with the wonderful scents of essential oils.

Make it a gift basket with a diffuser!

I never thought I’d love having an essential oil diffuser but I do. It’s so relaxing walking into the room and breathing in the aroma of citrus or lavender. Even if they have one already, it’s nice to have one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom.

10 | Massage Table

My favorite thing about living in a house was owning a massage table. We even bought one for the house we are renting for the winter.

Add this massage oil and candle to make it extra special.

11 | Easy to Grow Microgreens

Another thing we did when we settled into a house for this winter was to start growing microgreens and wheatgrass. With such uncertain times, we wanted to have a way of harvesting our own greens in case grocery stores closed down or we got tired of lines to get in the stores.

Get all your microgreens products at True Leaf Market!

Did you know microgreens only take about 10 days to grow, you can grow them on a windowsill, and they have more concentrated nutrient content than their full-grown version?

Check out our Microgreens at True Leaf Market

12 | Wheatgrass + Juicer

Juicing wheatgrass is one of the healthiest things you can do right now to boost your immune system and help rid your body of harmful toxins. It’s easy to grow your own wheatgrass with this kit from True Leaf Market.


There are many ways to juice wheatgrass. We use the Omega 8003 and love it.

Check out our wheatgrass products at True Leaf Market

13 | Kombucha Scoby

We have our own kombucha factory going on in our RV! Did you know Kombucha is a great probiotic and antioxidant? It has been proven to reduce inflammation, lower your risk of cancer, and help balance insulin levels. Check out Kombucha America for more info on the health benefits of Kombucha and buy your Kombucha Starter below.

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14 | ONNIT Total Human Supplement

Onnit Total Human Supplement
Optimize your life with TOTAL HUMAN

I personally think this is the BEST supplement on the market. While there are great magnesium, zinc, essential vitamins, spirulina, fish oils, and more supplements on the market, this has EVERYTHING you need for both mind and body support.

When you order Total Human, you may want to also try their Total Gut Health which is also an amazing supplement.

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15 | Espresso Machine

I’ve been a huge proponent of drinking organic, black coffee for as long as I can remember. Coffee is one of the best antioxidants IF and only IF you are getting a pure organic whole bean coffee. If you buy your coffee pre-ground, you’re losing a lot of the health benefits. We love our coffee so much and splurged on this espresso machine and let me just say, our coffee is the BEST! I love the cream that it creates and that it automatically grinds the beans.

16 | VitaClay Slow Cooker

Cooking with a VitaClay slow cooker is one of the healthiest ways to cook. Clay is naturally alkaline and slow heat allows a full bouquet of flavors to develop. Plus, using the VitaClay means no aluminum, lead, or non-stick chemical coating contacting your food.

17 | Alkaline Recipe Book

One of the healthiest things you can do is to eat a more alkaline diet. This recipe book is filled with delicious meal ideas.

Hope this provided you with some great mindfulness and healthy gift ideas. For more gift ideas check out our other gift guides:

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